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Ransom Riggs lives in Los Angeles, makes movies, writes screenplays and books and loves photography.
John Green had me hooked onto the #1 New York Times Bestselling novel by the first sentence. A ‘depressing as hell’ Support Group for cancer patients are what Hazel’s mother forces her to attend. Another thing I closely noticed in the novels I’d been reading of late was that the central character of every novel had a sidekick (a supporting actor, if you would) and for some strange reason, every sidekick in these novels had a few similar qualities. Long-faced and skinny, Isaac’s blond hair could not hide the fact that his eyes know they are going blind in a few days’ time.
With its movie version releasing on the 6th of June this year, readers worldwide have one more reason to read this masterpiece again. One of the best things about The Jungle Book is that it makes use of the 1967 animated version to feel familiar to older viewers as well as tweak parts of the story to introduce younger viewers to the iconic Mowgli. Farid has a Masters in Psychology and is the author of numerous books including Arousing the Legacy, Missing in Somerville, The Game Master of Somerville, and The Escaped Murderer of Somerville. Stay tuned for more details on where and when you can purchase all the new Hobbit LEGO Sets. James lives in California, but grew up on the East Coast where he received a BS and an MBA with specialization in Financial Management.
There is some magic in that first sentence of the first chapter whose essence never leaves you till the very end. With that shocking realization, we meet a sidekick who stays just for the first half of the novel. This is a book that you won’t want to share with anyone, but keep on reading over and over again.
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The young actor Neel Sethi shines as Mowgli, and the voice actors bring character and depth to the computer-generated animals in order to make a Disney film that resonates with viewers of all ages.

When I started watching, I wasn’t expecting it to hold such an emotional punch, because I thought it was going to a fun film for kids. The Jungle Book is about living in peace with one another, harnessing your talents to help others, and understanding each other’s differences and respecting them. There were a lot of scenes where the animals interacted with each other and it helped teach viewers the laws of the jungle.
Shere Khan is pure terror and you can feel the whole jungle come to a stop whenever he appears onscreen. With every animal being CG-rendered, it is impressive how effortlessly Neel interacted with his surroundings. He still has to go back to the man village, and I think we will get to see that in the upcoming sequel.
Yesterday GeekAlerts informed you about the LEGO Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Set that was revealed at Comic-Con New York and earlier this year we showed you the cool LEGO Lord of the Rings Minifigures and LEGO Lord of the Rings Shelob Attacks set. Prior to joining GeekAlerts, he worked as a financial manager for a high-end estate planning firm. If Looking for Alaska was something you could identify yourself with, ‘The Fault in Our Stars’ would be something whose world you’d want to live in! Gus, as we all fondly come to call him later, suffers from Osteosarcoma – which is cancer in the bones for dummies. However, right off the bat you’ll come to realize that director Jon Favreau and screenwriter Justin Marks are going for something completely different.
While Mowgli was raised by a pack of wolves, they realize that he is a human and one day he would have to leave them. While Ben Kingsley (as the wise and aged Bagheera) and Bill Murray (as the friendly Baloo) have the most to do in the film as they help Mowgli along his journey, it is definitely Lupita Nyong’o as Raksha that stands out the most. It also helped make the characters seem real, which led to viewers feeling sorry for them once Shere Khan started his hunt.
King Louie (Christopher Walken) is horrifyingly gigantic, and Kaa (Scarlett Johansson) is dangerous.

It baffles the mind to realize that the young talent has been acting alone during the entire movie and the rest of the characters were added later on.
Now we just got wind of Five New Hobbit Related LEGO Sets: Riddles for The Ring, The Goblin King Battle, Escape from Mirkwood Spiders, Attack of the Wargs and Barrel Escape. The characters and their respective scenes make it clear that even though the jungle has its beauty, it is fatal to the unwise. However, it is entertaining to see the whole jungle come to a mutual understanding and allowing Mowgli to express his true self.
What I noticed while rereading it was that Green wrote that kind of English that we all are familiar with.
The pack is his family and he does his best to hide his natural ability to invent things (his ‘tricks’ in the film) in order to feel part of the jungle. He brought everyone together in order to get rid of a dangerous threat and for now that’s all that matters.
There’s a conflict inside the young child, and with the introduction of Shere Khan (Idris Elba), Mowgli decides to go to the man village in order to keep his pack safe. All that matters to her is that he is her son and she will do anything in her power to protect him. Rather, his words are simple- so simple that one wonders how he has managed to stitch a story so delightful with them. The reader can’t help but feel bouts of glee as he goes over certain sentences again and again.

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