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Highly Sensitive and Creative - is about exploring the personal side of being a creative and highly sensitive person. On order from our USA supplier to our Sydney distribution centreOnce received into our distribution centre, we will despatch and inform you via email.Arrives in 2-4 days after despatch for most Australian capitals.
Highly sensitive people (HSPs), who make up some 20 per cent of the population , are individuals who both enjoy and suffer from a finely tuned neurological system. Angus & Robertson Bookworld is one of Australia's oldest and most iconic bookstores and since 1886 has been dedicated to delivering quality entertainment to the Australian public. Mesich says that being empathic is a way of communicating emotionally and that the solar plexus is the location where we can tap into this communication center.
Even when we know that we get easily overwhelmed, it’s easy to get sucked into the idea of how we are supposed to enjoy the holidays, instead of treating ourselves lovingly too. If the idea of an activity immediately results in you holding your breath or a knot in your stomach, consider whether it’s something you can skip. I used to feel like I needed to have some sort of excuse if I was going to say no to something.
Okay, I know asking most people to skip caffeine, sugar and alcohol completely during the holidays will get a big eye roll and many readers skipping to the next item on the list. If you know you want to have a martini at a party on Saturday, skip the wine at dinner Friday night. Ginger and sweet orange essential oils diffused together smell like Christmas to me, and both oils are good mood boosters. The pace of the holiday season can feel frenetic, even if you aren’t highly sensitive. The highlight reel of Facebook and Instagram can quickly make us feel like we aren’t doing something right if this time of year makes us anxious instead of elated.
She also writes for Huffington Post, Yoga International, Mantra Yoga+ Health, a beauty full mind, The Good Men Project, The Green Divas, The Body Project, Project Eve, Thought Catalog and Soulseeds.
Your morning routine will set the tone for your day while your evening routine will influence the quality of your sleep. Spend at least 15 minutes centering yourself through meditation, progressive relaxation or listening to a meditation tape. Your evening activities should consist of calming endeavors such as reading uplifting books, writing, meditating, taking a bath or having light discussions. For 30 minutes prior to going to sleep, turn off the day and go inward by meditating, listening to a relaxation tape or whatever helps you make the transition to a restful sleep. Reduce the time you are sitting in front of a television or computer screen and gaze at beautiful pictures or nature frequently.

There is also some material on shyness and introversion - which are not the same, but can interact with high sensitivity. This condition can be a gift, but until HSPs master their sensitive nervous systems, they operate in a constant state of over stimulation. Our range includes millions of books, CDs, DVDs, audio books, gifts, stationery, games, eBooks and eReaders with fast delivery Australia wide and FREE standard delivery on orders $80 and over. If December is supposed to be focused on comfort and joy, it’s hard to do that if we are alternating between panic and exhaustion. I like to think of it this way: if I ate every treat that was offered to me during the holidays, I would feel ill most of the time, not to mention over-stuffed and uncomfortable. A big part of our holiday celebrating includes this stuff, so instead of trying to skip all of it or eat all of it and deal with the consequences later, it helps if we can be intentional about it. Taking five to 10 minutes to sit somewhere in silence is a huge help for both our bodies and our minds when much of this season is incredibly loud and crowded. Whether you have allergies or are just sensitive in general, they can end up feeling like an assault after a while. When I notice physical sensations of anxiety in response to the demands, the crowds, the noise, etc., I stop and remind myself that I have complete control over the pace of my breath.
When I find that I’m starting to feel overwhelmed, after paying attention to my breath, the next thing I do is add water. As much as I love the rhythm of my Ashtanga practice, Yin (and especially heated Yin this time of year) grounds me and makes me be still—inside and out—in a totally different way.
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She suggests the use of flower essences (vibrational remedies that heal the emotional body) and meditation.Many empathic people are drawn to the healing profession.
All three of these can contribute to feelings of anxiety, or exacerbate anxiety if it’s already an issue. Enjoying these parts of the holidays can be wonderfully fun, or they can leave us feeling edgy, itchy and in a perpetual state of anxiety hangover if we overdo it.
Still, the right scents can make us feel more relaxed, joyful, peaceful and generally in a holiday mood.
Half a lemon and some rosemary or mulling spices in a small pot of water on the stove top make the whole house smell delicious without a barrage of chemicals. December in America is going to continue to be a busy, crowded, frenzied time, but we do not have to raise our internal pace to match it. Julie Bernier’s piece on the Ayurvedic perspective on drinking water is full of the specifics on how often, how much and what temperature water will help us feel our best.

Whether it means finding the type of yoga that fits for you, or simply making time for a quiet walk, taking time to pay attention to what your body needs in response to a busy time is important.
If you must have a holiday-themed latte when you meet a friend to hang out in the morning, have water or tea in the afternoon instead of another coffee while you’re out shopping. If used effectively, scent can help us feel calmer instead of being the last straw in a long line of things that overwhelm. What I have found that helps is letting unplugged time creep in more and more—instead of the reverse.
They will still be there when we get up in the morning, so all the better to get a good night’s sleep so we can deal with them head on when we get up. The work environment in healing careers can be especially draining as there is great risk of vulnerability of the emotional energies. We wouldn’t allow others to have the final say about our financial budgets, and the same should be true of our time and energy budgets.
Wednesday nights, I unplug super early, and it feels so good that it makes it easier to want to unplug a little earlier other nights too. Mesich's epilogue is a message for counselors, therapists and all helping and healing professionals to protect themselves and create balanced boundaries. Mesich teaches our greatest obstacle in learning empathy is our habit of thinking intellectually in our heads. For those of us who tend toward introversion, social time can be depleting rather than energizing.
Making bedtime a ritual instead of an exhausted collapse goes a long way towards having a great morning the next day.
As an empathic consultant I certainly recognize this risk and applaud Kyra Mesich for her care and concern for all of us in the healing field.
She received her doctorate degree in clinical psychology from the Florida Institute of Technology.
She has also been trained in alternative health (flower essences, herbalogy, energy healing).

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