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The Forest is an all new survival horror game currently being created for the PC and Oculus Rift – for those of you that have never heard of the Oculus Rift before, it’s an awesome device that puts gamers inside the game itself via a headset that creates a visual 3D world unlike any other. Following a plane crash, the player must scavenge, build items and find resources to survive, all seems normal until the coming of the night and the creatures that dwell within the forest come for a closer look. In an interview with the creator of the game, Ben Falcone revealed to Joystiq that he has taken heavy inspiration from well-known film titles such as Cannibal Holocaust and The Descent, whilst he takes inspiration from games like Minecraft and Tresspasser.
Ben wants to deliver many elements to the game including changing weather, tides, and a day and night cycle for gamers to contend with amongst all the other threats the island has in store. Expect an alpha version later in 2013, or head over to Steam right now to vote for The Forest on Greenlight. Bmw 3 series floor mats – best floor mats for bmw 3-series, Bmw 328i floor mats are available in an variety of functions and styles.
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The 50th Hunger Games' arena was a big, beautiful meadow, with flowers, streams, pools, birds and a picturesque mountain and sharp, jagged rocks.
The 70th Hunger Games' arena included a dam that was broken during the games by an earthquake made to wipe out many of the tributes. This is shown in The Hunger Games film, with the arena being mainly a ruined city, having since fallen to pieces.
In the movie, the arena is mostly a wooded forest, with mountainous higher areas to the south flat plains to the west. This arena was very small, and circular in shape, which tipped Wiress off to the set-up of the clock mechanism.
This arena appears to be made of a series of hexagonal screens mounted to a girder system with a force field on the inside that prevents damage from occurring.

Without taking my eyes off the trees, I reached down and snatched a pinch of last autumn’s leaves.
Dan Smith: writing tipsTo celebrate the publication of the thrilling, edge-of-your-seat adventure Boy X, author Dan Smith shares his tips for aspiring writers! New February Books!This month, we have strange islands, invisible animals and tantalising mysteries abound! By venturing through the terrain, you discover skeletons deep within a cave and other mysterious things, before finally being attacked by cannibals that inhabit the island. Following his first game, End Night, which was available on the iPad, and was a similar open-world horror experience. Building a safe area and protecting it with traps will be a priority, but doing so will require players to chop down trees for firewood and building materials, as well as scavenging food and plants whenever possible. In the center around the Cornucopia where the tributes launch was a plain of hard packed dirt.
A single large river runs through the east of the arena that feeds the large lake by the Cornucopia. The 12 to 1 wedge consisted of the tall tree that was periodically struck by lightning during the 12th hour, which proved to be a very important factor later on in the novel.
A powerful force-field surrounded it, and the Cornucopia lay in the middle of the arena, its tail pointing in the direction of the 12th hour, and was surrounded by water and spokes that held the tributes as they are first raised into the arena. The earthy musk of damp moss and soil filled my nostrils, but there was a hint of something else; something warm and wild.
Brown and dusty, they blew towards me when I sprinkled them in the air, and I knew that whatever was out there would not be able to smell me. It could be anything from dense forest to an open meadow, a frozen wasteland to a scorched desert, etc. The Gamemakers plant traps and cunning ideas into the arena, to entertain the people of Panem. In one direction, there was a wheat field which was not visible from the Cornucopia, because there was a steep downward slope and this area was a lot lower down than the rest of the arena.

The other sections of the "clock" each had a tall tree identical to the 12 to 1 tree to throw tributes off, and were made up of different "horrors" that were unleashed by the hour.
The trees contained in the arena were full of the only water that can be consumed safely, which had to be extracted by a spile, or by hacking at the bark. In another direction there was a large lake, next to which the Careers set up camp and used as their main source of water. The horrors consisted of an acid fog, blood rain, an unknown beast, a tidal wave, carnivorous monkeys, jabberjays that repeat the sounds of loved ones screaming in terror, unknown species of insects that emit loud clicking noises, and more which are not mentioned.
Also, all the arenas have force fields around them that will bounce back anything that hits it.
The arenas were considered important historical landmarks and were preserved after the conclusion of the Games.
TThis wood contained a stream that lead to the lake, several ponds, a variety of different trees, a marshy area, and a rocky area with numerous caves that was next to the stream. The arenas were also a popular tourist destination for many Capitol citizens who would spend a vacation visiting the arena from their favorite games, where they would be able to rewatch the Games, visit the sites of the deaths, and even take part in reenactments. After the end of the Second Rebellion, all the arenas were destroyed, and memorials to the hundreds of teenagers, and adult victors from the 75th Hunger Games, killed within their confines were constructed in their place.
The stream was evaporated by the high daytime temperatures, as Katniss later describes a flat expanse of dry mud as what used to be the stream. The Gamemakers changed the temperatures in the arena so that it was hot during the day and freezing during the night.

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