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However, there are some people who have such a saint-like reputation that it is almost unbelievable for them to be anything other than good. Roald Dahl is one of the most popular and best selling British authors of all time, writing many classic children’s books such as Charlie and the Chocolate FactoryA and Matilda.
General Patton was a great military leader, who won several major victories against theA Axis forces.
But while those killings may be a result of the chaos of war, his treatment of his own soldiers was not.A During the Campaign in Sicily, Patton visited a soldier suffering from shell shock, and hisA response was to slap him twice. Abraham Lincoln was the 16th President of the USA, and is seen by many as one of theA best to ever hold the office. Winston Churchill is often viewed as the best UK Prime Minister in history, and his legacy is well deserved. With that aim, he ordered the attack at Mers-el Kebir in North Africa.A Over 1200 Frenchmen were killed, and the attack caused distrust between the two nations.
However, his image as a cool inventor who gives gifts to humanity is beyond misleading.A Apple is a business and, like any business, aims to make a profit. Mahatma Gandhi is well known for his belief in non-violence resistance and his pacifist nature. While this act could be passed off as a difference in culture, there is another side to Gandhi which has even less in common with his popular image.
Despite a view that, at the very least, condoned the Holocaust, Gandhi was not a Nazi and actively opposed Nazi plans.
The prophet Mohammad lived in the Middle East during the 6th and 7th centuries, and fromA his work grew the world’s second largest religion, Islam. Jimmy Savile was one of Britaina€™s favorite and most successful radio and TV broadcasters, with a career that lasted for over 30 years.
However, what the public didna€™t know was that Savile was using his influences as a celebrity for a much darker purpose. Most people who knew Walt Disney claimed that he really wasn’t aggressive in his racism, certainly in comparison with the times he lived in, but it does call into question some of his motivations for his decisions. The first 2 points are actually known historical record and are pretty much part and parcel of what any kind of 7th-century leader would do at the time.
It’s a bit silly to include God Who, in definition, is impossible to be comprehended as well as His actions. One of the reason Islamic sect – Ahmediyas are not considered as Muslim in Islamic countries is because they believe that there was one more messenger after Muhammed. Faith that is only had because one fears an eternity in Hell is a forged and terrible faith that isn’t perfect before God. It would make no sense for Jews to invent a story, based on astronomy, because their Law forbids astronomy specifically because it was used by the pagan nations. This states that nothing can be moved unless something moves it, therefore God must be the sole mover. This states that every effect has a cause and everything that exists, exists because something caused it to be.
This states that every contingent being (one who lives and dies) is created by one whom is infinite.
Basically, it’s not just some religious deciding God is perfect and absolute because He is God, rather it is the only logical understanding and the highest we could attain to. That being said, you clearly did not understand what I was presenting with my previous comment.
For some reason I couldn’t directly reply to your latest comment so allow me to do it here. Anyhow, you argue that any number of gods should be able to fulfill the prescriptions he laid out. If anyone gives you his proofs as evidence as the God understood by faith by Christianity then he is mistaken.
I don’t personally believe it to be any of those that I mentioned, including Zeus, I was just making a point.
The reason believers find the reason that God created the universe compelling by using the Big Bang is partly because science cannot truly ever know what is before Creation because all that we know and understand would be reserved to what we already participate in. I’ve been following this website for at least 5 years now, this is the only time I felt that I should comment.

1-ur claim is a recreation of attributing the spread of Islam to the sword and it is not new at all, ever since medieval times the different christian kingdoms had to give an explanation about how they were not able to hold the east. As for the Jews of Medina, research constitution of Medina and marvel around the fact that 1500 years old constitution in a Muslim governed city gave the Jews the freedom to be judged by their own laws.
You are right about Virgin Marys age, it can only be speculated, but the same for Aisha(there actually are sources which claim she was 16 u know, only these sources are not interesting to the muslim hating westerner). The verse seems to be that Muhammad had made an alliance with a group of polytheists so God charges him that once the terms of alliance are fulfilled he is to kill them until they either start believe or have a willingness to start hearing his word.
The tax was mentioned to answer your question how Christians could survive the sword of Islam. These are just a few examples of the best-of-the best experts from past Impact, jvAlert Live and One Day Intensive Events. Whether ita€™s TV chefs spitting out racial slurs or actors trying to be world record drug-takers, ita€™s not really a surprise when they misbehave. However, though he brought joy to many children with his books, he did not start out writing stories for kids. Victories come at a cost though, and there are claims that Patton ordered the killingA of captive Germans and Italians. In defense of Patton, some say PTSD was not yet recognized and in a war situation, a general has to be tough to keep order.
Preserving the Union and freeing the slaves earned Lincoln hisA place in history, though emancipation was little more than a politicalA trick. Many credit Churchill’s strong leadership for Britaina€™s continued resistance to Germany, which may have stopped them from winning World War II.
The French troops that fought the Americans in North Africa were likely influenced by Mers-el-Kebir to fight the Allies.
This new war would have killed more people than the war in Europe, but was worth it to Churchill to stop what he saw as a worse regime than Hitlera€™s. His forgiveness of Apartheid leaders and his overall peaceful outlook on life, gave the impression of a wise and caring leader. Not only did he lead Apple in its revolution of mobile technology, but he also played a part in the growth of Pixar as a film company. Unlike other rich people, such as Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg, Steve Jobs did not donate his vast wealth to good causes, and when Jobs regained control of Apple, he shut down Apple’s charity programs. However, what is less well known is his devotion to his vow of celibacy and the lengths he would go to confirm it. However, while many Muslims today follow a peaceful brand of Islam, as practiced by Mohammad it was far from civil. During that time, he was well known for his charity work and often raised large amounts of money, as well as hosting a TV show where kids (and some adults) could have their dreams come true. A year after he died, it was revealed that Savile had sexually abused over 100 underage victims, many times offering them a place on his show in return for sexual favors. According to Islamic traditions, she was 6 when they got married, however, the marriage wasn’t consummated until 3 years later. Saying He has a dark-side would suggest He isn’t fully good, despite being Goodness itself.
This, of course, and the fact that Jesus, as a historical person, is accepted by historians to be true whether or not one believes what His disciples say about Him. He creates a rule and assigns God as the only exception to each rule, thereby proving he exists.
We cannot immediately understand this same Creator-God is the same that died for our sins, that takes faith which is separate from the logic to understand that a God exists. Thomas’ proofs were based on logic, of course we do not (and probably cannot) have scientific proof of the Deity. Even if Dahl was against it for the wrong reasons, just being against Israel doesn’t make someone bad. I am asking for your sources, and I am challenging you that I will bring you more credible sources on aliens living among us. In other words: while it is violent and merciless, it is not intended to be a general order of the Islamic faith.
Because of the lack of a central theological authority within the Islamic faith, there are many, many possible interpretations, some of which line up with Logan’s claims.

His early works include stories involving seven-foot penises, and even in the children’s books, there are themes of violence and horror. Following his belief in non-violent resistance, Gandhi claimed that the Jews would be better off killing themselves.
During the faith’s early years, Mohammad often spread Islam by ways of force and, when not spreading theA word, would often raid trade routes that other groups relied on, just to get revenge. After conquering tribes, Mohammad often allowed his men to rape the women that were captured, as long as they weren’t Muslims.
To add to his dark nature, the UK police have looked into claims that Savile abused young patients at a hospital he was a volunteer at. If he lived in modern-day America, he’d be arrested, tried, convicted, and imprisoned for life.
Since Absolute Zero (0 degrees Kelvin) is the absolute coldest temperature, that means that the temperature of everything is compared to how much warmer it is than Absolute Zero. From a purely naturally logic standpoint that which was before time, before Creation, is the closest we can have at understanding what it is and the proofs of St. Because if the closest we can understand the closest thing to the initiator of our Universe (God) we could never, through pure logic or anything else, understand anything before that because we could never see beyond the initial thing of causing what is, to us, above our natural universe as it is only in our natural universe our senses and minds work correctly. I was merely pointing out that Aquinas’s arguments (while very good and valid arguments) are not at all proof of the existence of God, but rather speculation.
Even the mongols who actually invaded and brutally exterminated Muslim cities ended up accepting Islam.
And Scripture doesn’t say she ever had relations after she had birthed the Lord Jesus hence the early Christian belief of her perpetual virginity. After the British evacuation at Dunkirk, Churchill was worried that the French Fleet would fall into German hands.
While it is not known whether or not Gandhi engaged in sexual acts with the young girls, he certainly slept naked with them, which is seen as child abuse by both the UK and US Governments. You HAVE FAITH that he is real because the book tells you that if you do not have faith, you will spend an eternity in a torturous underworld. So the argument is that God is the epitome of perfection in every sense and therefore God must exist otherwise we would have nothing to compare perfection to.
By saying that God is the exception to the rule, it fully nullifies the rule as being absolute. As a result, other Arab groups felt that Mohammed’s army was more powerful than the absent Byzantines and joined up with his group, and set the stage for 350+ years of war between the Muslim tribes and the Byzantine Empire.
A joint French-German Fleet would be a serious threat to the Royal Navy, and Churchill thought the risk should be dealt with.
Your entire religion is based on the idea of having faith in something that cannot be proven.
Therefore, if God is the exception to the rule, the rule is not a rule and therefore the rule does not exist and this list is basically void.
Aquinas presents questions that could have any number of answers but he chooses the answer he wants it be. I am Syrian, and even though you would guess it that I am Muslim because of my name ( even though ‘Khaled’ is actually not a muslim name, many christians also carry it) but if Islam was spread by the sword, these christian Khaleds in Syria wouldnt have existed today dont you think? The answer could be anything from God to Krishna to Gaia to Zeus to The Flying Spaghetti Monster.
Simply stating that the idea of a personification of perfection blinking everything into existence does not makes sense to ME. So by presenting these unanswered questions as definitive evidence of the existence of God is not only wrong, it is foolish and damaging. Humans were trying to understand the Sun, the moon and the stars and what their effect on our world was.
However, I do not share your belief, and I do not agree with your assertions of speculation as hard evidence.
This is why the story of Jesus is so similar to the stories of dozens of other pagan deities.

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