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To gain a good understanding of western philosophy, you have to cover the basic teachings of some of the most influential philosophers. In the Nicomachean Ethics, Aristotle’s guiding question is: what is the best thing for a human being?
Since its first publication in 1945 Lord Russell’s A History of Western Philosophy has been universally acclaimed as the outstanding one-volume work on the subject—unparalleled in its comprehensiveness, its clarity, its erudition, its grace and wit. Beyond Good and Evil confirmed Nietzsche’s position as the towering European philosopher of his age. In his autobiographical first novel, Pirsig wrestles both with the ghost of his past and with the most important philosophical questions of the 20th century–why has technology alienated us from our world? The book is made up of six meditations, in which Descartes first discards all belief in things which are not absolutely certain, and then tries to establish what can be known for sure. If you are clever enough to shave away the nagging scientific details which have expired with time (as they all do), as well as the great philosopher’s personal opinions, you will find this to be one of the greatest works ever written. Written by an intellectual Roman emperor, the Meditations offer a wide range of spiritual reflections developed as the leader struggled to understand himself and the universe. Lao-tzu’s Tao Te Ching, or Book of the Way, is the classic manual on the art of living and one of the wonders of the world. The Brothers Karamazov is a passionate philosophical novel set in 19th century Russia, that enters deeply into the ethical debates of God, free will, and morality. 5 Most Reviewed Philosophy Books 2015Books that get reviewed a lot have either engaged or provoked the reader. Top 10 Modern Philosophy Books of 2015This list of top 10 selling modern philosophy books may seem a little random at times. 10 Life Changing Philosophical Literature BooksPhilosophical Literature Books Fiction can be a great source of philosophical enlightenment. 10 Best Existential Fiction Books That Will Alter Your ExistenceExistentialism is a largely philosophical notion that human existence is more or less, meaningless. 9 Thought Provoking Books Everyone Should ReadWe wanted to find the books that created such an intense feeling in its readers that it left them thinking about it for a long time. 10 Non Fiction Books To Improve Your Reality and Make You SmarterThe non fiction books here are a mix of different genres, but what they all have in common is that they are thought provoking, reality changing, motivating, and inspiring.
Neurologist Oliver Sacks passed away in August 2015, leaving behind the last piece of his literary legacy in the form of a short collection of essays.

In our increasingly fast-paced world, incorporating a little Zen into your daily life will work wonders in finding inner peace amidst daily chaos.
There are plenty of success self-help guides out there, but very few of them give much attention to the elusive aspect that people often assume comes with being successful – happiness. These thinkers affected the course of history with their work, and the legacy of many of their studies are relevant now more than ever.Below we have compiled a list of 10 books everyone must read to gain a better understanding of western philosophy.
While Plato addresses metaphysical issues, he does so with language and analogies that most people can grasp with studious reading. His answer is happiness, but he means, not something we feel, but rather a specially good kind of life.
The work dramatically rejects the tradition of Western thought with its notions of truth and God, good and evil. For me, it was the end of philosophy; good answers to the questions I have always wrestled. Marcus Aurelius covers topics as diverse as the question of virtue, human rationality, the nature of the gods, and his own emotions, spanning from doubt and despair to conviction and exaltation. In eighty-one brief chapters, the Tao Te Ching llods at the basic predicament of being alive and gives advice that imparts balance and perspective, a serene and generous spirit.
It is a spiritual drama of moral struggles concerning faith, doubt, and reason, set against a modernizing Russia.
Its been said you dont read philosophy books, you delve into them to help you answer questions about life, reality, knowledge, values, reason and more.
You don’t have to read non-fiction books written by philosophers to be introduced to new and mind blowing ideas. Soren Kierkegaard, generally considered to have been the first existentialist philosopher, proposed that each individual—not society or religion—is solely responsible for giving meaning to life and living it passionately and sincerely. All You Need To Know About Stoicism in 3 BooksStoicism Definition Stoicism or more appropriately a Stoic is defined as someone who can endure pain or hardship without showing their feelings or complaining. Yet what is more fascinating than a success story is the glimpse into the thought process of a visionary. Written in the last two years of his life, these profound personal essays explore the subject of aging and dying. Brooks explores the subject of character building by looking to some of the most inspiring thinkers and leaders throughout history as example.

This book will introduce you to the fundamental concepts to attain the necessary balance of happiness and success. Neither the service provider nor the domain owner maintain any relationship with the advertisers. Happiness is made up of activities in which we use the best human capacities, both ones that contribute to our flourishing as members of a community, and ones that allow us to engage in god-like contemplation. An important thing to remember about Schopenhauer is that, as far as I know, he is the last great system-builder, the last philosopher in the traditional sense, who set out to create an entire picture of the world. In today’s world, you can be consumed by the monotonous and doing the same things as everyone else, without ever stopping to think about what you want to do. An excellent book for light philosophical reading, Sacks’ perspective will stir a sense of gratitude for all things in your own life. You will learn practical approaches to cultivate more self-awareness, patience and inner calm, which are important factors to being happy.
In case of trademark issues please contact the domain owner directly (contact information can be found in whois). Marriage, music, war, kings, procreation and more are all topics of discussion for Plato’s dialog. It offers plenty of insight into the inventor himself – his grand visions, work ethic, professional network, and how he overcomes setbacks, not just at work but also in his personal life.
Each one will guide you to make positive changes based on Buddhist principles that will improve your life. How things have changed after WWII and the impact technological advances have on the way people think. The book paints an excellent portrait of one of the most intriguing people of our time and clearly details his vision for the future of humanity.
Overall, The Road to Character is an interesting examination of many complex factors that contributes to building a strong individual character.

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