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William Styron’s controversial, Pulitzer Prize-winning novel detailed the slave insurrection led by Virginian Nat Turner, offering a first-person point of view of his memories in the final hours of his life.
In an Election that Pits Inspiration Against Evil, How Should We Treat Political Dissenters? The beloved and oft-banned classic is a hilarious romp down the Mississippi River, featuring Mark Twain’s stellar wit, unparalleled ear for dialect, and social commentary.

The young Laurel McKelva must cope with the death of her father and her complicated relationship with her stepmother and her family in Welty’s autobiographical, Pulitzer Prize-winning novel.
A crowd-pleaser that was turned into a beloved movie (and something of a flop of a Broadway musical), Big Fish is your classic story about a father-son relationship, heightened by its imaginative and fantastical characters — giants, witches, mermaids, and one huge fish.
Walker’s heartbreaking epistolary novel follows a young black woman who struggles to find herself amid much adversity at the hands of her cruel, abusive husband, but whose journey for independence and self-actualization is ultimately rewarded in the (thankfully) happy conclusion.

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