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Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Many artists are able to make a living simply by drawing comic strips involving some nice stick figures. Draw cute characters in minutes!Everything you need to learn how to draw within minutes can be found in this incredible printable collection. Ita€™s back-to-school time, and one thing thata€™s struck me over the past few years is how our kidsa€™ school-supply lists have changed. This isna€™t too surprising, as more and more schools are using iPads and laptops as part of the curriculum, and teachers want students to be able to hear lessons and work on projects without disturbing each other. But after volunteering in my kidsa€™ classrooms over the past three years, I can tell you that when it comes to children, not all headphones are created equal.
Style and fit: Earbuds and in-ear headphones are likely the most popular types of headphones, but they arena€™t always the best for kids. In-ear headphones and earbuds also come with some degree of a€?icka€? factora€”they sit inside your ears, after alla€”and these models tend to get even nastier when used by kids who arena€™t as careful as adults at keeping the things clean: Combine the usual ear detritus with dirty floors and desks, and you get earbuds that no one wants to handle.
Finally, Ia€™ve seen too many earbuds and in-ear headphones get crushed under little feet when theya€™ve fallen on the floor, or been wedged between heavy books in backpacks. For these reasons, I generally recommend on- or over-ear headphones, which are easy to put on and take off, and often more durable.
Durability: In a perfect world, any decent set of headphones would be sturdy enough to withstand a few drops, some cable bends and strain, and the occasional yank-them-out-of-a-backpack headband bending.
Children tend to be even rougher on their gear than adults, and their headphones are often lugged around in backpacks filled with books and other can-crushing items, so kids headphones need to be designed with kid-level abuse in mind.
Volume level Hearing damage from loud volume levels is a risk for anyone listening to headphones, but children are especially susceptible, as theya€™re less aware of the dangers and, in my experience, more willing to put up with too-loud audio rather than turning it down. A better solution is a set of kid-focused headphones that includes circuitry to limit output volume to 85dB, no matter how high the volume is cranked up on the source. I, along with a 1st-grader and a 3rd-grader, tested seven sets of full-size headphones designed specifically for kids.
Sonya€™s $15 MDRa€“222KD, available in pink or black, is essentially a kid-sized version of traditional lightweight, portable headphones. As with some of the other models, the 222KD fits a wide range of head sizes, from toddler to adulta€”you get a whopping four extra inches of headband length with the earpieces fully extended. Its light weight keeps the 222KDa€™s hard-plastic headband from being too uncomfortable on the top of the head, though my kids still wished the headband had some padding.
However, the foam earpads make this a very open designa€”the 222KD doesna€™t block any external noise, and others can hear what youa€™re listening to, even at moderate volume levels. As for sound quality, the 222KD sounds much like an inexpensive, portable headphonea€”the kind that used to ship with Sony Walkman and Discman players.
Thanks to a thin, plastic headband with a split-band design, Kidz Geara€™s $20 KidzControl Volume Limit Headphones is the second-lightest of the headphones I tested, at just 3.6 ounces including the volume-limiting adapter (more on that in a bit). Each earpiece folds into the headband slightly, though not enough to significantly reduce the size of the headphone for travel.
Oddly, instead of incorporating volume-limiting circuitry into the headphone itself, Kidz Gear provides it via a 7-inch adapter cable that you connect in between your volume source and the KidzControla€™s headphone cable.
The KidzControl produces audio thata€™s roughly on a par with the Sony model, above, just with different limitations: The KidzControl sounds more muffled, with less treble detail and more midrange emphasis, similar to that of the JBuddies, below.
Kidz Gear also offers a couple useful accessories: a $6 headphone splitter that lets two kids listen to the same source, and a $6, lightly padded carrying bag. Thanks to big earpieces, available in blue or dark-pink, Griffina€™s $25 Crayola MyPhones is one of the larger models I testeda€”on the youngest of kids, the faux-leather earpads may even surround the ears, rather than sit on them. Each earpiece is connected to the headband by thin, metal railsa€”the only metal on the headphonea€”and tilts up and down a few degrees for a better fit. The outer surface of each earpiece is quite plain, but thata€™s because each package includes roughly 30 stickers: four round ones that each cover the entire outer surface of an earpiece, a sheet of 22 or 24 smaller ones (depending on the model color) that can be applied to the earpieces and headband, and three blanks (two round for covering the earpieces, and one long, thin one for the headband). That said, I can tell you that, before even trying them on, the MyPhones were the headphones my kids were most excited about, thanks to the decorative opportunities.
Griffin claims the volume-limiting circuitry restricts volume levels to approximately 85dBA.
The MyPhones is one of the better-sounding headphones in this group, with good (if a bit too prominent) bass, midrange that doesna€™t sound too hollow or echoey, and okay treble response. Books are an essential tool to designers, it's a source of reference and inspiration and despite the easy access to content through the internet I still believe books are the best medium for inspiration. Costumed Play - A Fine Art Cosplay Book is beautiful representation of both the art of photography and the art of cosplay, hard bound with museum-quality high-resolution prints to show the finest detail of every single exquisite shot.

My name is Joseph Rubinstein, and I have created one successful project on this great platform, and backed many more. I have been a photographer for many years, and have done work for major companies like Warner Bros, Red Bull, Converse, and Coca-Cola. After recently wrapping up a business venture that consumed most of my time over the last few years, I finally have time to dedicate to a project that encompasses a lot of my creative work! Fabio Sasso I'm a Brazilian product designer based in Oakland, California currently working for Google as a Staff Designer. Products, technologies, and workplaces change so quickly today that everyone is continually learning.
These past few months I've read quite a few books of varying topics, from simple fiction to alchemy. Design your ecommerce website and start selling your books online by choosing our E-commerce Website Design Services. Impress friends and family with your new drawing abilities and create adorable cartoon characters and animals today! To acquire the skill in coding HTML elements, you need not really have to a formal classroom instruction in a reputable IT university. Sure, they still include pencils, crayons, and markersa€”though not as many as beforea€”as well as requests for tissues, hand sanitizer, and other classroom sundries. However, youa€™ll find that very few standard models fit younger children well, even at the smallest setting.
But we live in the real world: Raise your hand if youa€™ve ever had a set of headphones break or a cable fail, even though you thought you treated the headphones well. It also doesna€™t account for the varying sensitivity of individual headphonesa€”the optimum volume-level setting for one set of headphones might produce volume thata€™s too loud on another set, and not loud enough on another.
While testing headphones for this review, I used an Ear3 meter to measure actual volume levels at the ear.
My kids helped me evaluate each modela€™s fit, comfort, and ease of use, while I evaluated sound quality and general fit and finish. The thin, plastic headband hosts small earpieces with small, foam earpads; at just under two ounces, the MDRa€“222KD is the lightest of the headphones here. The earpad foam is a bit scratchy, but overall quite comfortable, as the headphone doesna€™t grip the head too tightly, even on large adult heads. The former means that kids will be more likely to turn the volume up, and the 222KDa€™s volume-limiting circuitry doesna€™t actually limit volume to the a€?safea€? limit of 85dBA. The headband is hard and uncomfortable, though the small earpads are soft and pleasant on the ears. The all-plastic design feels a bit flimsy, but I subjected the headband to a good amount of reasonable twisting and bending, and it handled that limited abuse just fine. If your child loses the adaptera€”or purposely removes it to get louder volume levelsa€”youa€™ve lost the ear safety provided by the volume-limited circuitry. The pea-green headband is made of hard plastic with no padding, but the headphones are light enough overall (about five ounces) that neither of my kids complained about comfort, even after a couple hours watching a movie. Though the overall appearance is decidedly kid focused, and the headphone fits children as young as two or three years old, the earpieces extend enough that many adults will be able to wear the headphones, as well. Audio is unquestionably worse than with a decent set of non-volume-limited headphones, but this was one of the two headphones of the bunch (along with the Nabi, below) where I didna€™t feel like my kids were giving up decent audio quality for the sake of ear safety. We usually feature books that are available for purchase but on this post I want to share a really cool Kickstarter project by Joe Rubinstein, it's his book titled Costumed Play - A Fine Art Cosplay Book.
Each character section will feature a minimum of 3 photos, including one detail shot, and a brief story about the shoot, the author's history with the character represented, or how he met the model.
I am coming to Kickstarter again, this time to bring a long time passion project to fruition! In my personal time, I have also been shooting sci-fi, fantasy, and comic-inspired photography for almost 10 years. I am also the founder of Abduzeedo, an award-winning digital publication about design and a personal project that has become the source of inspiration for millions of designers and enthusiasts.
The title is Sketching User Experiences: The Workbook by Saul Greenberg, Sheelagh Carpendale, Nicolai Marquardt and Bill Buxton. Among these books I've read two from Ryan Holiday, his latest I believe, Ego is the Enemy and the most popular The Obstacle is the Way.
And even if you can find in-ear headphones specifically designed for a child, they can be difficult to put in and take out, and they can hamper your son or daughtera€™s ability to hear teachers or classroom volunteers. And, of course, kids are resourceful, and eventually theya€™ll figure out how to get around this setting.

Specifically, treble can sound muffled, bass is sometimes emphasized, and midrange is just a bit off. Unfortunately, I couldna€™t perform long-term tests for what may be the most-common headphone failure: cable and cable-connection issues. Though Sony doesna€™t explicitly state the volume limit of the headphone, instead claiming only a€?low volume levels,a€? my Ear3 meter showed that the headphone regularly reached volumes over 90dBA when connected to an iPhone playing music with the volume level at the maximum. Overall, the 222KDa€™s audio quality was one of the worst of the bunch, befitting the modela€™s budget-minded price tag. The KidzControl fits kids as young as two years, but its earpieces extend far enough to fit my adult head.
Without the adapter, sound levels regularly passed 90dBA, sometimes reaching as high as 100dBA. Interestingly, I didna€™t hear much difference in sound quality between the volume-limiting and non-limiting configurationsa€”just a bit more muffling in the treble with the adapter in place.
And the top hurts my head because ita€™s really hard a€“ it felt like something was digging into the top of my head.a€? Doesna€™t block any sound.
Sound isolation, however, is minimal, despite the large, soft earpads, which means that in loud environments, your kids may have trouble hearing headphone audio. For their part, my kids, who havena€™t yet been cursed with a desire for stellar sound, thought the MyPhones sounded great.
The more comic or fantasy-leaning will love the clever depictions of the characters and the intimate portrait feel, and the casual viewer can't help but be impressed with the technical achievements and boundary pushing concepts, even if they don’t know much about the characters or culture.
Designing user interfaces is much more than just moving pixels in Photoshop or other software. Both books are quite good but I'll focus this book suggestion post solely on The Obstacle is the Way. The second is that in some noisy environments, such as a car, train, or plane, volume-limited headphones may be unusablea€”your kids wona€™t be able to hear the headphone audio because of background noise. The headphone is available in pink, orange, blue, green, purple, and white; the company also offers a $30 wireless version (which I didna€™t test). The blue model includes red, blue, and green markers; the pink model includes pink, purple, and yellow. Creating something requires iteration, especially in the first first phases of the process.
If you have tried, following the online format and find it hard to digest for some reason, why not try basic HTML education by means of books?
The solution, however, isna€™t to use non-limited headphones, which will subject your kidsa€™ ears to potentially damaging sound levels when turned up loud enough to be audible in these environments. For such a 21st-century product, the design and packaging feels decidedly mida€“20th-century. With more than 2000+ cartoon characters drawn over the past 8 years, I can definitely help you create the perfect illustration today!Click here to learn more about my services! Yes, books where you can find illustrations and how-is-it-done examples, in a flip-through-page style as we know it.Here, we are sharing with you some of the HTML books for beginners that we believe are worthy to be considered if you want to learn the ropes of web design and development.
Rather, ita€™s to make the environment quieter, or to use headphones that block external noise or include active noise-canceling circuitry. Also, we are including books for HTML5, the latest and more powerful version of HTML, as it is an increasingly popular language that will surely define the future of the web.
This is where you should direct most of your focus as HTML5 and CSS3 are the standards of the future. One of the latest trends in Web design is the use of media queries to create responsive web site layouts.
HTML5 and CSS3 are at the core of this and we have seen it used a lot and successfully in Responsive WordPress Themes.These books will of course cost you something but it may be a very good investment if you want to have a working knowledge of basic web design and development. If you find any of these books interesting, we encourage you to visit their respective websites to know more about them. They have discussions as to what you will expect from these books should you decide to get yourself a copy. Also, if know of other materials, tools, or anything that can be of use to beginners in making them proficient in HTML, please share your knowledge below in the comments.

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