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Contact us with a description of the clipart you are searching for and we'll help you find it. I have nothing but happy memories of the two weeks of the Games, and the two weeks of the Paralympics afterwards. Earlier in the year when the hoopla was gearing up I thought the best to do would be to escape from Sydney.
An added benefit of holding the Games on the east coast of Australia was that we could watch them on TV in real time without having to stay up all night, and I did more Olympic TV watching than I ever have before.
The atmosphere in Sydney for the few days leading up to the Opening Ceremony and the weeks of the Olympic Games and the Paralympic Games was amazing.
We got 4 tickets to a Volleyball game because my brother-in-law used to play representative volleyball at school. The diving, which is one of the few sports I’d always liked to watch on TV, is better watched on TV. We enjoyed the day we went to the Athletics so much that I had my first experience of eBay looking for more tickets. All I remember about the Closing Ceremony, which we watched on TV, was Peter Garrett and his SORRY T-shirt, and the Greek chorus in Athens.
The Paralympics were famous for the enormous school groups that sang the Australian National Anthem at gold medal ceremonies. My mother won 2 tickets to the same game, so we were able to give my sister ourĀ 4 tickets for 2 of the children to go, and my husband and I used Mum’s 2 tickets. I got 2 tickets to one of the Finals sessions from someone in the United States, and they arrived by courier only that afternoon.

We call it soccer in Australia, and I had never been to a soccer game, or watched one on TV, in my life.
The 1500m Men’s Final was won by Grant Hackett, but I was really hoping that Keiran Perkins would win again. The place was full of tourists and we were happy for them to be here and proud of our city.
I can even understand the attraction to soccer, although I would never admit this to my Rugby League Fan husband. My company gave us a night in the corporate box for the athletics, and we saw Louise Sauvage win a gold medal. The last day of the swimming finals, the football final, some athletics, some volleyball, and some diving. I remember sitting in the computer room with my laptop dialled in to the office with the TV on in the next room. We’d all been a bit appalled by the blow-up kangaroos on bikes at the Closing Ceremony of the Atlanta Games and we were almost holding our breath to see what they would come up with.
When there was a 2-all draw after extra time we were treated to the spectacle of a penalty shootout.

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