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You are a blessing – I have fallen in LOVE with ephemera, thanks to you & your FAV sites in the side bar! Come join 150,000+ followers on my Pinterest Boards, where I pin my favorite creative ideas!
Whether you’re occasionally stopped in the middle of a sea of motorists, or you “enjoy” traffic jams on your daily commute, we’ve got a treat for you.
Get out your hits of the 90s and break loose by singing the lyrics out loud — you can do it alone, with your passengers, or even with the people in the cars around you! You already know that we should all be doing 30 minutes of activity a day … but did you know that facial exercises are also part of a healthy lifestyle? Either by breathing exercises or singing, relaxing your diaphragm is one of the best things you can do to eliminate stress. Now, instead of complaining about all the time you’ve lost in traffic, which of these suggestions will you follow?
The magic of movies, and TV commercials, boils down to the skill and imagination of the people behind the camera. Use these free images for your websites, art projects, reports, and Powerpoint presentations! One of the reasons nutrition facts are not listed on a wine label is to stipulate that booze is not part of a daily diet. Since alcohol is the primary source of calories in wine there can’t be a standard number.
Read about all the interesting additives in wine What You Need To Know About Wine Additives. Find out how beer and wine stack up to each other and the amazing longterm health benefits of wine.
Join thousands of enthusiasts who subscribe to the most entertaining weekly wine newsletter online. Ask, and you shall receive –- in this post, I’ll illustrate some key strategies using items straight from my own closet.
What I’ve done is selected my core, or capsule wardrobe: ten items that can get me through the majority of my daily activities, in every season. Furthermore, these items are particularly tailored to my urban, business-casual lifestyle, and work from office to dinner to weekend.

First row: burgundy sleeveless top, plum ?-sleeve top, slate blue long-sleeve top, black cardigan, black dress.
But for now, I’d love to hear about your capsule wardrobe: if you had to discard everything but ten essentials, what would they be?
Just one question and you may have answered, and I just missed it in all the comments – what about workout clothes? I had a capsule wardrobe after purging my unworn clothes, however after having a baby and being a sahm plus wanting to dress more modestly, i am now struggling to create a wardrobe that suits my lifestyle. This one shows how to Draw some cute Frogs, as well as Tadpoles, and Dragonflies and Lily Pads too! Find over 5,000 FREE Vintage Stock images, Illustrations, Old Pictures, Antique Graphics, Vintage Printables, to MAKE craft projects, collage, DIY, scrapbooking, etc!
Here’s our top 5 list of things to do while you’re stuck in traffic – while respecting the laws, of course!
I really want facial exercises to become a trend for people stuck in traffic — funny faces all around!
Is the latest best-selling book gathering dust on your nightstand because you just don’t have the time to open it? I devoted an entire chapter of my book, The Joy of Less, to the topic; however, some readers have expressed the desire to see my tips in action.
I’ll be exploring some of the specific items in-depth as part of my 100 Possessions series (I’ve already covered my black dress and black bag).
I’ve been on the search for a simple black skirt – do you remember where you got yours? I have eight-month-old Sam, and all of the mess sometimes means that I have to change clothes once or twice per day; so laundry is totally a thing. Love your small wardrobe, but also came across this beautiful mobile wardrobe, which i just had to share.. I’ll be on a month long trip to Europe in April to celebrate my 50th and am using very similar ten items. I would love to do this with my clothes to help me mix and match better when I’m not standing in front of my closet.
Slip a lesson CD in the audio system and prepare to learn something that will help you tremendously on your next travel adventure.

Pick a neutral like black, brown, navy, or khaki for your “foundation” pieces (like pants, skirts, and suits).
I’m accustomed to a four-season climate, hence I’ve included everything from a sleeveless top to a winter coat. You’ll notice that there isn’t anything overly formal or casual about my ten items –- no sequins or sweatpants here.
Avoid anything that’s too trendy or dated, or that calls attention to the outfit rather than you. When you have a minimalist wardrobe, no item can hang around waiting for you to diet into it -– everything should fit now.
Be honest here –- you know in your heart whether or not you look good in skinny jeans, cropped tops, or muumuus. When considering an outfit, question whether you’d feel comfortable being photographed, or running into your ex, while wearing it. I’m starting to wear an apron way more often to compensate for the ooey-gooeyness of babyhood.
As you can see, mine is black –- it works with my skin tone, travels well, and hides stains brilliantly (important if you spend a lot of time on-the-go).
I’ve chosen burgundy, plum, and slate blue, but you have a world of pastels, earth tones, primaries, and jewel tones at your disposal.
I stick to simple, timeless silhouettes: my pants are straight-leg, my skirt is A-line, and my dress is a classic shift. A little trick: choose forgiving fabrics with a little bit of stretch, to accommodate minor weight fluctuations. Stick to the items that complement your figure, and you’ll always feel confident in your clothes. Sure, that may sound a little shallow; but pride in your appearance goes a long way towards minimizing your closet. I find layers to offer much more versatility than heavy sweaters or season-specific clothes.

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