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Count your way from one to ten as this family gets ready for dinner including shopping and cooking the food.
Monkey counts to ten and back as she bravely faces the crocodile infested waters in order to get to a banana tree. It’s not only the kids that get to bring 100 things to school, Miss Bindergarten is getting together 100 things, too.
Learn about odd and even numbers with this silly story about a boy who discovers that everything in his life is ODD! Learn about a boy who loved numbers and was known as The Magician from Budapest in this playful mathematical biography. Learn about the different measurements of time (seconds, minutes), go through a day and take mini-quizzes to figure out how much you’re learning.
Animal stories help kids learn the basics of putting numbers in groups and taking numbers away.
The O’Malleys pass the time on a long car trip by counting up different color cars using tally marks.

An inchworm shows the bird why he shouldn’t be eaten — because he can measure anything!
The king agrees to double the amounts given to a wise man and learns a valuable lesson about multiplication.
To get to the pharaoh’s burial tomb, the kids must decode the geometric hieroglyphics. Sometimes I fantasize about writing the best math book ever written: I would pick my favorite topics that always seem to go missing from the standard curriculum and seamlessly use them to motivate mastery of math skills, but also as a launching point for an exploration of the most beautiful, mind-blowing topics in math. Now here’s a mystery: the book was apparently widely used for some time in the 70s and after. If you’re looking for some other thoughts on the book, here are the reviews on amazon, nearly all gushingly positive.
If you’re involved in mathematics even remotely, and especially if you work at the middle school or high school level, or with gifted younger kids, or have any stake in math or math education whatsoever, get your hands on this book. The MathStart series uses funny stories and colorful art to show kids that they use math every day, even outside of the classroom!

Filled with puzzles and games that teach important concepts, they'll provide hours of educational entertainment for children six and up.
If I had time, I might even throw in some topology and graph theory–real 20th century mathematics in a math course! Each book features an activity guide to have fun with the math concepts presented in the story.
You’ll discover books about counting, addition and subtraction, number sense, the 100th day, sorting, fractions, division, geometry, problem solving, money, telling time, multiplication, and algebra. The book would be well written and engaging, with a real author behind it, not a committee. Not to worry, our pig-tailed narrator gathers data and makes a chart to help determine the perfect vacation destination.

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