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The movie of The Fault in Our Stars is set to come out soon, so DFTBA came out with a TFioS Preparedness Kit, and included in that kit are these TFioS sunglasses which I designed.
When Rosi emailed me asking if I wanted to design the sunglasses, I immediately said yes and mocked up my first idea, which is the one that ended up being used.
One of the perks of working on this project is that they sent me the official TFioS font to work with, so now I can write anything I want and it’ll look official.

I was kind of nervous how these were going to come out since I never got an actual template to put the designs on, so I was afraid the proportions would be wrong when they were printed on the sunglasses. The entire limited-edition pack comes with a backpack, pin, tissues, candy cigarettes, and postcards designed by the incredibly talented Risa Rodil.
I also made these other three options so John and Rosi would have a few to pick from, but they loved the first one which was my favorite as well.

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