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In today’s world, more and more people are beginning to prepare themselves for a disaster. 10#Spare Credit Card without a balance a€“ I carry a spare Visa card, in case I need to quickly rent a car or make an emergency plane flight. Always prefer to carry a Map and a Guide book, even when you’re completely sure of the place and its surroundings. When travelling even for shorter distances prefer to carry a backpack or a daypack as compared to air- bags and other briefcases. Make a washing kit containing soaps, razors, shaving creams, toothpastes, toothbrushes, face washes and your favourite sunscreen lotions too.
Whenever going to a place very wisely choose your footwear since a weak or an unsuitable type shoe take away all the pleasure of roaming around. Yes I know your mommy loves you a lot and so does your daddy, always asking you to take 10 pairs of t-shirts, shirts, under wears, and those bulky sweaters and jackets if you’re going to a cold place like the poles.
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Review how to create a first aid kit so that you are prepared in any emergency in which a family Creating a First Aid Kit First Aid Basics. We have created a special mix of results resources for those looking for answers to the most common questions in life, We hope that our unique service will fill your need to be answered.
Plaster or plastic strips are essential as the most common injuries are smaller cuts and scrapes that require a temporary cover to stop minor bleeding and to keep the wound clean. It doesn’t have to be duct tape, any sticking plaster will do, but duct tape is strong and will be ideal to hold bandages in place on difficult parts of the body like knees and elbows, and it maintains its adhesive quality in water. Chances are any wound that requires a first aid kit is going to need antibiotic protection.
You should wash your hands before touching someone’s wound but soap and water isn’t always easily accessible.
If the injury is a sprain or a pulled muscle, your kit should be stocked with instant hot and cold packs to help reduce swelling and ease pain. Getting dirt or other debris in an eye is common during outdoor activities, so it is important to have some saline solution on hand to prevent a scratched cornea and infection. Keep these 10 important items in your first aid kit and you will always be ready for an emergency.
I have a premade kit from the Red Cross that is awesome but it seems to be missing a few things. Cell Phone — Yes, in a complete societal breakdown, it will be useless, but for almost every bad situation you come across, they are invaluable. Multi-Tool — Usually referred to by their trade name of Leatherman, or Gerber Tool, these tools are invaluable in an emergency. Watch with compass — Essential to survival, as well as proper reporting to the police in an emergency is a watch. Food — Even in a small emergency such as a car accident, having a bite to eat can calm your nerves and help you make better decisions. He served in the Army for 8 years and is a graduate of the US Army Special Operations School and the Ranger Induction Program.
Also take along with yourself extra contact lenses and if possible disposable lenses, which don’t need to be kept safely once used. If you really want to have a briefcase, make sure they have wheels and are easily portable even with heavier loads. Its that important while travelling to have the preliminary supply of Dettol, bandages, blades and antiseptic creams that act as life savers at times. Well I am not asking you to just shun away all the advice they give, but please do away with those extra pairs and redundant items which make your backpack bulky and extra protruding. Danny Boyle’s masterpiece movie which starred James Franco as a real life traveler who goes canyoning to the Grand Canyon and gets stuck between two rocks for 127 hours after which he had to literally cut off his hand with a blunt blade instrument to relieve himself, just because he forgot his Swiss Army Knife which would’ve really helped him out.

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We pride ourselves on always delivering your answer to you if we fail please tell us so that we may improve our service. If you don’t already own one, visit Optomo Australia to check out the wide range of medical aids available. Ointment is perfect for burns and smaller scrapes, while powder is ideal for deeper wounds. More importantly, having a mild pain killer on hand will prove extremely beneficial if the injured person is in agony.
A small bottle of liquid hand sanitizer will ensure you don’t make the injury worse by spreading germs.
Whether you are a full blown prepper, or just looking to be a little more prepared for a situation, this list will give you the essential 10 things to never leave home without. Car accidents or break downs, robberies, getting lost in a new town, any of these things can be easily handled if you always remember your cell phone. You can pick them up at any gas station counter, and they last for years under minimal usage. A small kit that includes antiseptic spray, hydrocortizone, blood clotting powder, and some bandages should do the trick. Like their granddaddy, the Swiss Army Knife, a multi-tool packs a handful of tools into a small and useful package. Knowing what time it is allows you to give accurate information in an emergency, as well as being able to know how long you have until dark in a survival situation.
He served as a Psychological Operations Specialist assigned to 5th and 10th Special Forces Groups. Also such maps let you find and explore new places which are generally ignored by guides and frequent tourists. Since a typical washing kit generally involves so many items, see that you have small (50-100 ml) travel friendly bottles.
Always carry 2-3 pairs of t-shirts, you can always wash and wear them after they get dried up overnight. For those who have a kit but haven’t opened it in a while, let’s do a quick inventory of what should be there before it’s too late. Likewise, tweezers can be useful if you need to carefully adjust dressings, or to remove thorns, splinters, insect stingers and ticks.
Pop a couple of purification tablets in a bottle or cup of the water you have and it will soon be good enough to quench thirst or wash wounds.
Of course, there are more expensive lighters, waterproof matches, and really expensive fire starting kits, but these aren’t completely necessary for most situations.
Whether a folding knife, a fixed blade, or a concealed dagger, make sure you have one at all times. It also keeps track of how long time has elapsed, can provide bearings, and gives you a signalling device by flashing the face in the sun. Having a couple granola bars on you, or some trail mix can make all the difference in the world. Keeping a small bottle on you will extend your life, and can settle nerves just like food in a small situation. When you wear the backpack see that you properly buckle up all its laces and straps which provide extra support and safety. Also make yourself a small medical kit containing medicines for flu, diarrhea, loose motions, mouth ulcers and pain killers. If possible have a sandal or a flip flop when travelling to a beach or a country side farm which make you feel ultra comfortable and carefree.
Having a fire will allow you to stay warm if you are cold, dry if you are wet, can cook food, provide protection from wild animals, and can be used to signal rescue personnel.

These are good in a pinch, but a good quality light should be carried in addition to the one on your phone. Having the bottle will allow you to refill it in a survival situation and can help you to get out alive. Also carry the mosquito repellent creams which can save you from getting malaria and other pathogenic infections.
While travelling to distant countries make sure, you buy their native language to English dictionary. Make sure you make a light daypack which makes you feel less vulnerable, cosy and free to carry around. Low cut light running shoes always come handy while travelling, trekking or if you’re just not into sandals. Also prefer full-sleeve shirts if you want to blend in with the public of the place you’re visiting. For example if you need to open a bottle or when you need to cut off the loose end of a rope or when u need to peel out a fruit before eating it, the SAK is the thing to go for.
They also have a great competition out at the moment for any budding fitness gurus, which you can check out at their Optomo Competitions page. You will find plenty of important things to carry along in this list (just look at the bold words). Small Towels can be easily used and dried while in a trip making them all the more important.
A travel organizer tied on your waist serves as a perfect place to keep your cash, passports, ATM cards and other valuable items safe. Having large backpacks come with their own disadvantage but don’t hesitate if you need to pack all the essentials. If you’re going to a rainy or a wintry place make sure you have one very good sweater or jacket as compared to multiple cheap jackets. Have other important instruments like a nail- cutter or a pair of tweezers if you are going for a lengthy trip. You can also buy a more expensive brand such as SureFire, and get a nearly indestructible tool that doubles as a strike weapon, or as a window breaker. Having the power to protect yourself and your loved ones is the number one thing to being prepared. And as the old saying goes “Everything is essential, only some things more than others”, here is an attempt to mention out all the essential stuff. Go for tablet PCs if you have which may serve as your camera, PC and a mobile phone too, thus saving from excessive packing.
2- Pair of trousers and 3-pairs of underwear also are very comfortable to travel with and pack along. Unless you are willing to spend hundreds of dollars on a SUUNTO or SEAL watch, a separate compass will be necessary.
A watch with hands as opposed to a digital readout can double as a compass if you have the right knowledge. A small calculator, a LED  torchlight or flashlight are also necessary items to carry along.
Don’t forget to carry an International Power Adaptor that will provide a hassle free travel for you.

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