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TAIYO is a balance staple diet for all tropical fish, It is scientifically developed to meet the basic dietary for healthy growth and lustrous skin. This new improved RED PARROT FISH FOOD is formulated by applying the latest genetically developed enzymes to enhance fast growth also contains natural astaxanthin, spirulina, lecithin, multivitamins and minerals which will help to stimulate fast and healthy growth of the fish. This new improved GOLD FISH FOOD is formulated by applying the latest genetically developed enzymes to enhance fast growth & fast colour formation.
Taiyo Humpy Head is a unique formulated fish feed to induce speedy head growth for all Flower Horn Breeds.
Taiyo Fancy Goldfish provides water quality improvement the first day you feed it, translating to reduced stress and fatalities, reduced waste and the associated maintenance headaches, superior growth and coloration and excellent long-term health.
The unique formulation of Chili Series helps to intensify the appearance of sparking colours and dots on your Flower Horn Fish.
TAIYO PROFESSIONAL is formulated by shrimp, spirulina, carotenoid which enhance the natural colour of all tropical fish especially RED. Hi-Red Flower Horn Fish Foos is a floating pellet with natural spirulina, natural carotene and special amino acid added to bring out the red pigment and to enforce the formation of the head part. TAIYO PROFESSIONAL AROWANA the high quality arowana food is carefully formulated to support the growth performance and health status of your precious arowana fish.
TAIYO FLOWERHORN Floating Fish Food is well balanced selection of high quality natural feed stock, the special formulated components essential as daily and supplementary feeding for Flowerhorn.
TAIYO PROFESSIONAL SPIRULINA is a complete diet which contains all essential ingredients for the dietary requirements of tropical fish.

Special Offers for All Dealers Buy any TAIYO Flake Food -100 pieces and get 50 pieces for FREE!
The new improved Gold fish food also contains natural astaanthin, Spirulina, lecithin, multivitamins and minerals which will to stimulate fast and healthy growth of the fish. Latest formulated color enhancing fish food with new genetic enzyme astaxanthin, Spirulina that will increase absorption and enhance color formation, Color will appear in 7 days. Addition of 16 essential vitamins and 10 amino acids provides your fish with balanced nutrition improving its immune system to fight stress and disease, thus helps to prolong its lifespan.
The high portion of fish meal is the main animal protein source which supplies the balance amino acids with high digestibility and high palatability.
Spirulina added to give better colour development, enhance lustrous skin and keep the fish in good body shape. The Super-Gold pellet is made ideal for all Flower Horn to bring out the basic red pigment of the fish, It contains natural astaxanthin, spirulina and other plant algae plankton to stimulate to red pigment to appear. It contains animal and vegetable protein, carbohydrates, fibre, fats, colouring enhancers, vitamins, mineral and trace elements. It’s special formulated components is suitable for daily and supplementary feeding for all types of goldfish and Cichilds. In most case, the red coloration will start to appear within 10 days of feeding of the food.
This fish food is floating which is suitable for Gold fish and will not contaminate the water.

This feed with high protein content and balanced nutrition stimulates the growth of Flower Horn Fish. The special processing of the food will help to maintain the nutritious contents of vitamins B, C, E and digest enzyme. These components guarantee healthy growth, Stronger resistance to disease and develop their full natural colouring especially red.
The consist of animals and vegetable protein, carbohydrates, fibre, fat, vitamins, minerals and trace elements makes it an ideal food for most of the tropical fish. Feed is high in protein so as to help fish grow at a faster rate and improving head growth. Please try Chili Super Red to get brilliant red Colour formation in 2 weeks and Chili Humpy Head which supports the natural growth of the Flower Horn’s head.
It ensures the proper development, growth and color enhancing of the fish but never could the water. Continuous feeding of Chili Royal Red, Chili Super Red and Chili Humpy Head provides your Flower Horn Fish with the best results you would have ever seen on your fish.

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