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KA-BAR had several notable releases at SHOT Show this year including collaborations with noted knife makers like Rick Hinderer and Mike Snody.
This distinctive Tantotian folding knife features a 3 inch black finished 440 stainless steel tanto style blade with a quick opening thumb stud. From the stealth, sleek designs of the katana, to the powerful machete, our sword collection has just what you need.
Information about prices, products, services and merchants is provided by third parties and is for informational purposes only. One of my personal favorite American made survival knives happens to be the ESEE-4 that comes with a removable Micarta handle slab and also features a Kydex sheath with MOLLE locks. Like I’ve mentioned earlier, the gray handle is a removable Micarta slab and this brings the overall knife weight to be just over 7 oz. With a black RC-4 fixed blade (read my post on full tang benefits), the ESEE-4 survival knife comes in two variants – one having a plain edge while the other features a partly serrated edge (personally I prefer the plain edge).
The sheath itself is made of Kydex material and comes with a rawhide cord that ideally should be threaded by the user so make sure to do that once you purchase this knife.
If you’ve been following my posts closely, you’ll notice I’m biased towards full tang knives and that’s one of the reasons why I bought the ESEE-4 in the first place because it’s a fixed blade survival knife. Some of you might find the cost to be on the higher side but with an average price tag of $125.00, I think this is one of the best bush-craft knives in the market at the moment.
Overall, the ESEE-4 knife is a good buy and even though it’s not the most perfect knife in the world, its a pretty damn good one!
A 27-year-old man is recovering from a gunshot wound after he broke into an Ocala, Florida, home Sunday evening and was shot by the homeowner. According to a release from the Marion County Sheriff’s Office, the 54-year-old homeowner, whose name has not been made public, said she was in the kitchen when the suspect began banging on the window, demanding that she let him inside. The suspect, who was later identified as Victor Alex Etherington, kicked in the door and forced his way inside.
But once he opened the closet door, the homeowner fired a single shot from a .22-caliber handgun and struck Etherington in the stomach.

Authorities said they are unclear what Etherington’s intentions were, but noted that he was intoxicated and had previously lived in the victim’s home for more than a decade, although the homeowner was not acquainted with Etherington. Our approach is to explore the topic of guns through the widest lens possible, to deliver these findings as fairly and accurately as possible and to host the opinions and perspectives of our writers and readers as selflessly as possible, trying our best not to get in the way of our contributors. Our headquarters are in Illinois but our contributors submit to us from across the United States — from Maine to California, from Texas to Alaska and every state in between. Guns Ammo Tactical or GAT is your Daily source of news and reviews for everything firearms, gun, weapons or 2nd amendment related.
They released a collaboration knife with someone not necessarily known for their work in the knife world – Mil-Spec Monkey (MSM). It is his personal mission to shine a light on craftsmen and small businesses who are doing great things. The comfortably contoured black steel handle features a brushed metal finish, a heavy duty pivot pin and the liner lock blade locking design. Heavenly Swords does not represent or warrant the accuracy or reliability of the information, and will not be liable for any errors, omissions, or delays in this information or any losses, injuries, or damages arising from its display or use. I’ll try and do justice with this ESEE-4 survival knife review by recounting my personal experiences so that other survival knife enthusiasts can learn from it as well. The ESEE-4 cuts through a lot of materials very easily mainly because it’s made of tough 1095 high carbon 57 RC steel and the experts reading this know high good a material that is! For those of you who love a good sheath along with your knife, you’ll be pleased to know that this one has an additional MOLLE attachment while the sheath itself is held together by adjustable screws.
While the weight of the knife is just over 7 oz, the overall weight including that of the sheath is close to 13 oz which is quite decent for a bush-craft knife.
All in all, I was very satisfied with this wilderness survival knife and have used it for various activities such as hunting and fishing. I also like the fact that this is covered by a lifetime warranty so if you somehow manage to break your knife accidentally, don’t fret because ESEE will send you a new one straight away.
Not only is it easy to sharpen and maintain but its also an extremely rugged knife that holds its edge for a long time. The homeowner did not recognize the man and told him to leave, but he failed to heed her warning.

The homeowner ran to an upstairs bedroom, locked the door, called 911, grabbed a gun and hid in the closet. He again forced his way through the bedroom’s locked door before removing his shorts, which authorities say were filled with human feces. Once inside, they found Etherington, covered in feces and obviously drunk, suffering from a gunshot wound and hiding behind the bedroom door. Our desire is to allow our writers and readers to tell their stories, no matter what the story is, as long as we believe a) it will benefit or interest gun owners and b) conforms to ethical journalistic methods and practices. We are your online source for swords, medieval swords, anime swords, movie replicas and more. Not only is it tough and sharp, I find it to be the perfect length (overall knife length is 9 inches while the blade length is 4.5 inches) and extremely comfortable to use.
And although the blade is coated, you just need to be a little careful to prevent it from rusting.
I don’t know exactly why they didn’t use rivets but one senior camping guide told me this helped on getting a better grip.
Lauren Lettelier with the Marion County Sheriff’s Office told reporters that by the time Etherington forced his way into the closet where the woman was hiding, he was completely naked. What I personally do is that I lubricate the blade with dry film rust and corrosion oil every 5-6 months which helps to keep the ESEE-4 in perfect condition. If you go to Amazon and read some customer reviews, you’ll notice people complaining of rusting but if you try the little trick above, you won’t be disappointed! Having the right tool for the job, and the bonus of a trainer to help hone your skills is mission critical.
Grip position is slightly angled in relation to the blade for maximum energy transfer when in use.
The thermo plastic rubber (TPR) FE9 likeness allows you to go through full physical motions and body maneuvers safely, while still gaining the proper skill level and dexterity wielding a fixed blade fighting knife like this can require.

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