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A Stockton Police officer investigates the scene after a vehicle involved in a suspected bank robbery was stopped on Wednesday, July 16, 2014, in Stockton, Calif. Stockton Police officers investigate the scene after a vehicle involved in a suspected bank robbery was stopped on Wednesday, July 16, 2014, Stockton, Calif. This Bank of the West branch on the 7800 block of Thornton Avenue in Stockton was robbed on Wednesday by the suspects.
Jaime Ramos, the surviving suspect from a a bank robbery, car chase and shootout with Stockton police. The surviving suspect from a Stockton bank robbery, car chase and shootout that left a hostage and two suspects dead is a 19-year-old gang associate, police said Thursday. Jaime Ramos of Stockton was booked into the San Joaquin County Jail on suspicion of homicide, kidnapping, robbery and attempted murder. The men shot at least one of three hostages they seized at a Bank of the West branch, may have pushed hostages from their getaway car, and indiscriminately sprayed gunfire that slammed into homes, other cars and pursuing police vehicles, authorities said. Officers swarmed to the bank as the gunmen took three women hostage, two of them bank employees and the third a customer, said Stockton police Chief Eric Jones.
After driving a couple of blocks, the assailants shot one of the bank employees, police said. Dozens of law enforcement officers joined in the chase as the SUV sped through Stockton, Lodi and Acampo, barreling along Interstate 5, Highway 99 and several neighborhood streets before heading back to Stockton.
An off-duty police officer spotted the vehicle with one gunman “leaning over the back trunk ready to fire upon officers,” Jones said. About an hour into the chase, the second bank-employee hostage was thrown or jumped from the vehicle that was traveling around 50 mph, police said.
Minutes later, the SUV was finally disabled after its tires were shot out by officers near Thornton Road and Otto Drive in north Stockton. Police did not release the name of the slain hostage, but family members told several media outlets that she was Misty Holt-Singh, who was married with children. The FBI joined an investigation into the suspects’ potential connection to other bank robberies. Haron Yaacob lost his way home and was forced to survive on leaves and fruits to stay alive before being found by a search and rescue team. PETALING JAYA: Surviving on wild fruits and leaves to stay alive, a 64-year-old man, who was reported missing by his family, was finally found after nine days in a jungle in Baling, Kedah. According to a report in the News Straits Times, Haron Yaacob was weak from his ordeal but fortunately still alive when found in the hilly jungle by members of a search and rescue team.
Rescue operation commander Mohd Sufian Alias said the man was found at approximately 10.41am today, some 200 metres from the search and rescue operation centre.
According to Haron’s family, who lodged a report with the Fire and Rescue Department on July 31, the elderly man was last seen entering an oil palm and rubber tree plantation close to his home at 4pm on July 27. They said they did not report him missing immediately as Haron often wandered away from home and stayed out for days although he always returned in the end. The case comes as states such as Texas, which had barred same-sex marriage, grapple with changes brought by the landmark U.S.
Texas, where Republican leaders have tried to push back against gay marriage, had balked at recognizing John Stone-Hoskins as the surviving spouse on the death certificate of James Stone-Hoskins, according to court documents. John and James Stone-Hoskins were lawfully married in New Mexico in August 2014 and James died in January 2015.
Texas refused to recognize John as the surviving spouse at the time of the death and he is seeking to have Texas change its ways now that gay marriage is legal in all states.
Prairie Rattlesnake is a venomous species of Pitviper snakes found in certain regions of US, Canada and Mexico. These snakes are mainly found in the western regions of United States, northern areas of Mexico and southeastern Canada.

Like other snakes, their tongues work as a sensory organ helping them to understand the surroundings. These creatures are viviparous giving birth to 1 to 25 young snakes at the time of reproduction. These reptiles become inactive with low metabolic rate and body temperature during the coldest winter months. Recently caught snakes of this species are quite hostile, however, they usually calm down in a few weeks time. Lighting: Using an incandescent light bulb is enough to provide the right kind of lighting. This item has been provided for private study purposes (such as school projects, family and local history research) and any published reproduction (print or electronic) may infringe copyright law. All text licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 New Zealand Licence unless otherwise stated. A unique diversity of wildlife – born out of the Pleistocene and remarkably adapted to the harsh and frigid environment – makes the Himalayan high altitudes a special place. For several millennia, a diversity of pastoral peoples has also inhabited the Indian high altitudes, from the Changpa of Ladakh in the west, to the Monpa of Arunachal in the east. The Indian Government today launched Project Snow Leopard as part of its efforts to conserve the globally endangered species. The project will be operational in five Himalayan states of Jammu and Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Sikkim, and Arunachal Pradesh with active support from the Wildlife Institute of India and the Mysore-based Nature Conservation Foundation.
There are more than 26 protected areas in the Himalayan landscape where snow leopard is reported. Scientists have stumbled upon evidence suggesting the occurrence of the Tibetan macaque (scientific name Macaca thibetana) in India, a species of monkey so far believed to be restricted only to China.
In a paper published in the May 10 issue of the journal Current Science, scientists from the Nature Conservation Foundation and their partners, the National Institute of Advanced Studies, the International Snow Leopard Trust, and the Indian Association for Cultivation of Science, report evidence of the occurrence of the species in the Upper Subansiri district of central Arunachal Pradesh. The finding of the Tibetan macaque adds another species to the growing faunal catalogue of the Eastern Himalayan Arunachal Pradesh, a global biodiversity hotspot.
NCF-India and WFN have teamed up to secure ?60,000 in funding to support conservation of key snow leopard populations across China, India and Mongolia. 26 February, 2013 at 10:18 am Please if u can help me with the volunteering programs on snow leopards. Three women were taken hostage by the robbers and two were thrown from their getaway vehicle.
Police said he was one of three documented Norteno gang members who took part in an hour-long chase and shootout with dozens of officers Wednesday. Wednesday when three armed men walked into a Bank of the West on the 7800 block of Thornton Road.
The suspects shielded themselves from police with the hostages as they left the bank and forced them into one of the employee’s Ford Explorer. The gunmen fired at police with a “high-powered assault rifle” with a seemingly limitless amount of ammunition from magazines strapped to their bodies, Jones said. Officers did not release their names but said the 30-year-old suspect was the driver and the 27-year-old was firing an “AK-47-style” assault rifle from the passenger’s seat. Dozens of friends and family were paying tribute to Holt-Singh on her Facebook page Thursday. More than 20 officers have been put on paid administrative leave, which is standard procedure when an officer fires a weapon. District Judge Orlando Garcia in San Antonio ordered defendants including Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton, a Republican, and the state’s acting health commissioner to appear in his court next week as he considers whether they should be held in contempt. It said Texas has refused to fill in the space on the death certificate for surviving spouse.

They can be of various colors including olive green, grayish brown, tan, straw yellow and orange-brown. The main area of distribution includes Colorado, North and South Dakota, Montana and Idaho. They generally feed on small mammals like mice, ground squirrels, prairie dogs and rabbits.
Most wild animals try to avoid these snakes because they have the ability of striking with a large quantity of lethal poison in a single bite. Having knowledge about taking care of poisonous snakes is important in order to keep these Rattlesnakes in captivity.
The fact that they are fatally poisonous has not stood in the way of people having great interest in them. It is the responsibility of the user of any material to obtain clearance from the copyright holder. Amongst its inhabitants is the endangered snow leopard, an almost mythical cat that has become an international flagship for wildlife conservation. Originally surviving on a simple subsistence existence, today, as local economies become integrated with mainstream markets, excessive livestock grazing and hunting threaten the survival of many Himalayan species. Mishra is also helping to consolidate conservation approaches to the region by working with the state and central governments to formulate a participatory National Conservation Policy for high altitude wildlife.  Complementing these efforts is an education programme aimed at reaching out to a wider audience and creating a constituency for conservation. Launching the project, Minister of State for Environment and Forests S Reghupathy said Snow Leopard has been included in the list of species under Recovery Programme to be funded through the umbrella scheme of integrated Development of Wildlife Habitats. However, areas outside protected areas are equally important for a long-range species like it, he said.
Charu and his research group at the NCF have earlier reported several new large mammal species from Arunachal Pradesh such as the leaf deer and the black barking deer, and more recently, the Arunachal macaque (Macaca munzala), a primate new to science. The grant will be implemented with the help of the Snow Leopard Network, of which Charu is Executive Director. Please follow this link for more information. We want our readers to be responsible while commenting and to consider how their views could be received by others. The US Supreme Court made same-sex marriage legal throughout the nation Friday in a much-awaited landmark decision that triggered wild jubilation and tears of joy across the country. They have many common names including Western Rattlesnake, Western Prairie rattlesnake, Black Rattler and Missouri rattlesnake.
The Prairie Rattlesnakes, especially the juveniles, may prey on amphibians and smaller reptiles. The number of surviving young snakes may vary from 4 to 12 depending on the environment and availability of food. Rocks and pieces of wood should be placed in the tank to provide the snakes with nice basking spots.
There are equally fascinating albeit less celebrated species – Tibetan argali, bharal, ibex, kiang, urial, wolf, and marmots – that share the snow leopard’s home, as well as unique high altitude flora of high medicinal value. Indigenous communities continue to bear the brunt of human-wildlife conflicts, whilst also largely been kept out of conservation efforts, and are fast losing their cultural tolerance towards once revered wildlife.
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