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It was composed in Anglo-Saxon verse early in the eighth century and has come down to just one surviving manuscript. Bee wulf, the Bear of strength, powerful and doughty, came from Nowhere, across the blue to restore order by killing monsters.A very beautiful powerful epic song coming from the dead night of the Middle ages, the sixth or seven centuries but taken down at christian time, by a christian poet, or a scribe, so two values are mixed two worlds, one of pagan universe and furious nature, with dragons and fairies, destines and benignant and malignant sprits that beset men's lives , the other is more civilised christian faith which moralises and speaks of agonised moral and spiritual concern as they are found in religious texts of early Middle Ages.

The epic is about Warriors' society, of traditional kind, extolling past values, past dreams, nostalgically, inevitably, as you can only gain acces to the past by dream.Hierarchic society, that of vassal and liege, that of vast halls where large banquets took place, where mead was drunk gallore, where warriors ate like wolves, laughing, talking, braving in word and deeds, striving to gain immortality and banish the forgetfulness and enter The Memory.

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