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Someone on Twitter asked how people feel about the future, taking climate change into account. According to Johannes Lelieveld, director at the Max Planck Institute for Chemistry, 'the climate in large parts of the Middle East and North Africa could change in such a manner that the very existence of its inhabitants is in jeopardy'. If governments struggle today to respond to the exodus from conflict-ridden areas, how will they cope when climate change further reorganises populations? In this regard, future-proofing seems more precise and salient than Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull's techno-optimism. People understand that some of the solutions for the problems faced by current and coming generations are likely rooted in decisions made now. Plant trees and greenery, insulate your home properly, use natural products, don’t be greedy. The population of the earth is a plague with respected population scientists forcasting 8.5b by 2030 and almost 10b by 2050. Surely any and every way of encouraging birth control, at home and linked to overseas aid would be one of the most important ways to reduce human suffering, from climate change. What is the impact on climate change caused by military activity; bombs, trucks, warships, fighter jets, etc. To attempt an answer to your final question, Fatima, I suggest that you seek political endorsement. As a people we have lost faith in facts, science, experts and our instinct is to trust no one which leaves the field wide open to purveyors of magic, denials and charlatanism.
Eureka Street is completely free of charge - however it costs a significant amount of money to provide our unique content. I’ve spent countless nights out under the stars with little to no shelter, have slept in mud holes with the rain pelting me and woken up with ice on the outside of my sleep system.
Dispersed camping is the term used for camping anywhere in the National Forest OUTSIDE of a designated campground.
In my opinion part of prepping involves training to be out in the woods, maybe for a bugout or just to get in touch with nature. We’ve decided to take our day hikes to another level this year and start incorporating dispersed camping into our routine. All of the above said I developed a sort of generic checklist to follow to prepare us for our trips out into nature. This weekend we took to the trail to check out all the gear, test it for fit and weight distribution. Everything I’ve read says that you have to gradually increase the weight so for this trip we put 1 bottle of water on each side, a bowl and his leash. When we put it on him he gnawed at it for about 10 minutes but eventually figured out it was on there to stay. In a situation where the plants cannot not be manned and reactors have gone into automatic SCRAM mode, how long before decay heat becomes a problem?
According to NRC regulations, if generators have a 30-day fuel supply, what can be expected to happen once the generators quit (barring no natural disasters or malfunctions occur)? Basically, what I want to know is how long nuclear power plants can be unmanned before something catastrophic happens (if at all). Ok this information is from my dad who works at a nuclear plant on the back up diesel generators. If everything goes as according to plan the generators will supply enough power to effectively shut down the nuclear reactor. This may surprise you Liandrin but we've had an incident here in the US before dealing with a reactor meltdown.
If something catastrophic happens nationwide and for whatever reason the nuclear plan is unmanned and everything goes as planned on the reactor side, What about the spent rods that they keep in cooling pools or pool? Of course they did, they had been operating on information passed on by the USAAC from the 1945 Hiroshima and Nagasaki Bombings or controlled tests here in the US or abroad done by the military or DoE. We can't really tell the exact possibilities because we haven't a clue how everything would go about, how does one study the effects of a nuclear plants sustainment in the event of any situation if a situation like what you want to know about hasn't occurred before.
The best idea your going to gain is contingency, what we think might happen and what to do if the plant becomes unstable.

I am speaking from a First Responder POV however, I'm not an Engineer or Scientist, I was just a guy that could go in, rescue people, use radiation detection equipment and protective gear, determine a course of action on decon and distance, then treat for any injure that didn't require EMS or a Hospital. I can say however, plants aren't going to be absent mindedly forgotten and left to destroy themself.
I replied that I don't expect to have grandchildren, but imagine that humanity would remain resilient. It has overlapped the drought in more than 13 states, affecting more than 330 million people. Recent data visualisation of global temperatures from 1850 to 2016 indicates the heat is set to reach levels never seen in all of human civilisation. Heat waves could occur ten times more frequently, and last longer — up to 80 days each year. To what extent would such movements of people shape international alignments and armed conflict? Where do things like food security, trade and technology fit into irrevocably changed climate patterns?
In Australia, as in the United States and elsewhere, we'd be hard pressed to find election campaigns indicating that climate change is a serious issue.
The latest Ipsos study shows that a sizeable majority believe that extreme drought and bushfires, as well as the decline of the Great Barrier Reef, are linked to climate change.
Future-proofing is not merely anticipation, but intervention on a scale that goes beyond households.
Pollution is insidious and it’s effects on marine life for example are profound, to the point where some species will soon be extinct because of tiny plastic pieces polluting the waterways and oceans.
Sadly the 'debate' last night between Malcom and Bill was as boring as watching grass grow! I pointed out at our judgement , which we all face, God will not go through a list of our sins etc.
How much does the destruction and the rebuilding of cities and infrastructure cost in terms of additional energy and resources consumed.
But even among the slippery-tongued ranks of federal parliamentarians, Greg Hunt is in a league of his own. Yet it's becoming horrifyingly clear that the political class is quite willing to let the Great Barrier Reef, one of the natural wonders of the world, slowly die. ABC news has dubbed this whole process the Premier's 'public relations exercise', and surely they're not wrong. No sooner had Labor released its new climate change plan than the Coalition was resuscitating Tony Abbott's 'carbon tax' line.
Enice and the other Adynamathanha Elders had just received the news that former Liberal Senator Grant Chapman's property Bardioota is 'at the top of the list' to be the site of Australia's national radioactive waste dump. Eureka Street relies almost entirely on donations from our readers and organisations that support our endeavours. Dispersed camping means there are no toilets, no picnic tables, no trash cans, no treated water, and no fire grates.
It?s my understanding that the spent rods are hot and when they pull them out of the reactor they are put in those huge pools, and they need to keep the water circulating.
Any time a nuclear incident or accident occurs some regulation, policy or operating procedure is going to change. In the whole spectrum one of a few things can happen if a plant is left unmanned for an extended period.
Please do not respond to this thread anymore if you're just going to be belligerent and condescending.
If you haven't seen the film I Am Legend , but are planning to, these memes contain spoilers.
In this way the scale of casualties, damage and response may be framed in terms of preparedness, something to be managed. Are our roads, rail, ports and buildings engineered to withstand disruptions from extreme heat and inundation? This gap between governments and voters will likely widen as the impacts become more concrete over time. Two-thirds of respondents think that the current federal government is doing 'not very much' or 'not at all' to address it.

Half of the worlds population will come from less than a dozen countries including Pakistan where the governments and the people are ill equipped to deal with the numbers.
Nothing on the biggest single issue facing our grandchildren - an uninhabitable planet, massive overpopulation and civil strife as people try to survive.
The poor can do little to help with climate change, yet it is mainly their children who will pay the price.
So despite all the supposedly catastrophic global warming we've been told has been going on for decades, it took sixty years to break the Indian temperature record by a mere half a degree - a figure which is well within the margin of error! Add to this the post-modern notion that there is no longer truth but simply my truth is as good as your truth, and we have a recipe for chaos.
The Coalition's attempt to revive the defining debate of the 2013 federal election won't work.
Typically, dispersed camping is NOT allowed in the vicinity of developed recreation areas such as campgrounds, boat ramps, picnic areas or trailheads. The generator is always ready to be turned on at a moment?s notice if the reactor is working. If TSHTF at some point the circulation system is going fail and all the water will get evaporate out of the pool which would cause very bad things.
Looking at a map of the US with the 104 Nuclear reactors it seem like there?re not too many places in the U.S. It has no problems and is re-manned, it has a malfunction or accident and proceeds to deteriorate, in an event involving an earthquake or other natural disaster, I would assume I would imagine it'd be not too far off from what is happening in Japan. It was a bleak exchange, hovering between the smallness of our lives and harsher, larger realities. Europe has fences, the US will build fences under Donald Trump, Australia has a mighty fence with its ocean passages and a fail safe via policy of both major political parties. I have commenced a study of temperature stats for my home, Canberra where our weather records start 1939.
The molehill-to-mountain achievement of this post would indeed be something to chuckle about, if not for the fact that millions are being refused cheap fossil fuels and locked into poverty on the basis of this sort of hype. One of the main reasons for stalled action on climate change is the issue has become overly abstract.
The Franklin dam blockade of 1982-1983 transformed the political climate and preserved an iconic river.
As other commentators have noted, Labor's plan has been carefully crafted to avoid the carbon tax sledge. If you are a regular reader and are able to support us financially, please consider making a donation. In nuclear power in the US they spend twice as much time documenting what they do and anticipating future problems than actually working on a problem. Think of it as life without people: what would happen to these reactors (today) should no one be around to man them?
My weather records starting in 1983 tell a story of temperature rising on a trend basis despite yearly fluctuations. Debating technicalities with the Environment Minister just reinforces these ways of viewing climate change. If the workers at the power plant can shut down the reactor and pull the fuel rods and put them in cooling tanks there should be little risk. My dad jokes that one has to fill out a form in triplicate, save a backup, and wait for approval to do anything from tightening a bolt to replace a part on the generator.
The richer western nations will still be compassionate but will keep borders closed in the face of overwhelming and totally unimaginable numbers of poor.
In reality it is just like refueling the reactor, but you are taking out all of the fuel rods and not just a third of them.

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