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The first trailer, Explore, gave fans an idea of just how vast the universe in No Man’s Sky is. The latest trailer named, Survive, showcases on all the threats that players will face while playing No Man’s Sky. Your protective shield will protect you against all of these threats, however, your shields will slowly deplete. Outlast developers, Red Barrels Games, have confirmed they are indeed working on a sequel to the original survival horror title.
After shipping the XB1 version of Outlast, we took some time to analyze our situation and we quickly realized we had at least another horror game in us. This is the fourth and final trailer in a series that showcases the four most important aspects of the game. The planets you explore have millions of different creatures, some of which can be very dangerous.

When exploring these new planets, players will come across rare minerals, plants, and other resources which can be sold to traders. Dangerous creeps, space pirates and deadly robots are not the only dangers players will face while exploring the universe.
The only way to recharge your shield is by taking shelter, or by using your resources to recharge it. In an interview with Bloody Disgusting Outlast co-founder, Philippe Morin spoke a little bit about the development of Outlast 2.
You can also purchase upgrades for your equipment, which will greatly benefit your expeditions to unknown planets. Upgrading your suit will allow you to withstand these harsh conditions for a longer period of time, and you will be able to run fast and jump high, making exploration a lot easier.
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This means the game will not be taking place inside the Mount Massive Asylum from the first one.
The prequel DLC featured a new playable character in the form of the informant who leads the main protagonist to the asylum in the first place. Every second that you spend in a harsh environment, slowly depletes your protective shield. Morin didn’t rule out the possibility of one day returning to the creepy asylum though.

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