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Check out some dandy Brainerd Lakes area lakeshore homes and cabins in Merrifield, Pequot Lakes, Pine River, Baxter, Brainerd, and more. See ALL Brainerd Lakes area lake homes, lakeshore properties, vacation cabins, and other waterfront properties currently available. GREAT LAKES, USA – The Great Lakes Surf Rescue Project (GLSRP) is issuing a Dangerous Currents warning for the start of the 4th of July Holiday Weekend. Since I surf and survived a drowning accident, several people have asked me about this article titled, “Everything You Know About Surviving Rip Currents Is Wrong,” and they were wondering my thoughts and opinions. I never agreed with the age old survival strategy, “If caught in a rip current, Don’t Panic.
DON’T PANIC – If caught in a current or any drowning situation, it is important to know, “Don’t Panic,” because panic can kill you with poor choices or reactions to the event, but ‘don’t panic’ isn’t necessarily a strategy or an action to take to survive.
Imagine if your clothes caught on fire and someone was yelling at you, “Don’t panic!” How well would that work? SWIM PARALLEL – And Swim Parallel… exert your energy possibly in the wrong direction against the current. So if your first instinct in a rip current is to exert your energy possibly in the wrong direction, you’re likely going to drown.
And when someone is doing the Instinctive Drowning Response, its usually less than 60 seconds till final submersion and gravity pulls them under. In addition, a rip current is just one type of “Dangerous Current” that exists when there are waves. Mission: To eradicate drownings by being the leader of Great Lakes water safety by providing training, public preparedness, and public awareness. Vision: Everyone in the Great Lakes region, nationwide and worldwide, is knowledgeable, engaged and proactive in water safety with an emphasis on the Great Lakes region. If you never played Minecraft, I am sure this article will give you an idea of what this popular game is capable of.

Minecraft have gathered millions of people and made them spend many many hours in front of the screen taking part in building a virtual world and protecting it from zombies, skeletons, spiders and of course from creepers!
The fact that Minecraft gives us almost unlimited access to create an virtual model of the ideas we have, makes it ideal and fun for creative people. Architecture, Art, Business, Cocktails, Drinking, Entertaining, Gardens and Green Spaces, L.A. Polynesian pop reaches a new level this weekend as a new collection of tikis is rolled out at Home Depot. The owners of North Hollywood’s Tonga Hut recently hired Gallardo to create a second hut in Palm Springs.
Gallardo worked with Home Depot and Plant Source to come up with long-lasting pieces to complement their summer selection of tropical plants in stores west of the Mississippi. While fishermen flock to tail-races for their cool, oxygen-rich waters in search of big fish, the landscape is often dominated by concrete, cables and fences, not the sort of place you take your family for a weekend barbecue. Major fishing lakes in the Brainerd area include Pelican Lake, Gull Lake, Gull Lake Chain, Whitefish Chain, Lake Edwards, North Long Lake, and a huge selection of other hot spots. In a drowning situation, it’s a marathon for your life (a marathon very few have trained for) and you want to conserve your energy and pace yourself (you wouldn’t sprint a marathon, would you? On the other hand, even if you are an experienced Minecraft player, I’m sure you will be amazed of the creativity and endurance used in these fantastic creations. In addition, going on quests together with friends to find the resources needed and to get some excitement.
It is almost as playing with Lego bricks, but in a world where the environment and the characters is not made of “dead” plastic.  The interest for Minecraft have resulted in an almost endless supply of videos on YouTube with recipes on how to do stuff in the game. Garden stores regularly stocked tikis in their 1960s heyday, but quality tikis at an affordable price are now hard to find. The tikis are made of a mixture of fiberglass and adobe clay that is lighter than concrete and harder to chip.

The people of Boise, Idaho remedied that at the Lucky Peak Lake dam by constructing a beach. And once a rip current pulls out past the sandbar, it can mushroom out and even change directions. It’s important to know that Longshore Currents typically flow parallel to shore and Structural Currents flow parallel to the structure. Then swim perpendicular to the currents flow until you are out of it and then swim toward shore. This collection includes four 4-foot figures ($100), several 10-inch planters ($30) and a complete bamboo bar ($199) that breaks down to fit in the trunk of your car. Your grandchildren are going to be digging these out of the backyard in 40 years to build their own tiki bars. Nestled in Idaho’s Lucky Peak State Park, the beach is an oasis in a barren landscape and it offers picnic tables, barbecue pits, volleyball courts and even a DJ. You have a limited point of view from the surface of the water in the waves and may not be able to tell which way the current is pulling you. Again, you have a chance of swimming (aka exerting all of your energy) against the current. If you are too tired to swim to shore, continue to float and signal someone on shore for help. Los Angeles artist Danny “Tiki Diablo” Gallardo carved the pieces with inspiration from the Maori and the Marquesans as well as their midcentury interpreters.

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