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Camping overnight in the beautiful Breacon Beacon mountain range you will learn how to survive the great outdoors.. Wasabi and honey salmon kebabs with toasted sesame vegetable noodles and a Thai coconut, avocado and cashew dip.
Stag parties looking to up the ante can now be put through their paces on a three-day Bear Grylls Stag Survivors package in the Brecon Beacons – prepare to be pushed to the limit!
The weekend offers stags the chance to face their fears while bonding with their mates before tying the knot – and of course expect plenty of fodder for amusing wedding speech anecdotes. The three-day and two-night package costs ?500 per person including a kit bag with a waterproof rucksack, four seasons sleeping bag, air mat, head torch, water bottle, mug and spoon, and a Bear Grylls Gerber knife. My eight year old daughter has a picture of Bear Grylls on her bedroom wall, which miffs me slightly. And now the Bear Grylls Survival Academy has set up camp in the spectacular Waterfalls Country of the Brecon Beacons National Park.
We arrive at Pontneddfechan Village Hall on a blustery April morning, where five adults and their offspring will spend a day in the wild, being taught the fully monty of survival skills up to and including, we suspect, crossing icy torrents in our pants.
Our fellow adventurers are from London and the Home Counties, with offspring ranging from eight to teens. We’re kitted out in Bear Grylls-branded survival gear, and it’s off into the woods alongside the fast-flowing waters of the Nedd Fechan, or Neath River.
Back down at the river, we’re taught how to filter water into our canteens, which we’ll purify later. Instructor Owen is about to hurdle the rotten carcass of a fallen tree when he calls us to an abrupt halt. Then we’re summoned back to the lower swamp for a lessons in knot-tying and knife skills, and scour the surrounding woodland for timber to stoke the fire before supper.
We lie in absolute darkness, listening to the sounds of the Brecon Beacons on a rainy night.
After an army-ration breakfast, Jeff takes us for a lesson in setting traps and snares, before we hoist our backpacks on and head off on the last leg of our journey.
There are just three hours to go now, and we all sense that the weekend has been building to something.
We wade into knee-deep icy water, edging out onto a rock shelf until it plummets into the brown, fast-flowing depths.
By the time we reach a bunkhouse, a little more than 24 hours after we’d set off, we’re exhausted but elated. Follow this stretch of The Severn Way and discover the history of a working canal and river. Children are fascinated by all creatures great and small: the creepier and crawlier the better.
Manager for Dark Sky Wales, Allan Trow, shows us the best spots for some Brecon stargazing.
The temperate rainforests of Mid Wales are a golden haven for wildlife as the nights draw in.
Discover more about holidays, places to visit and events in Mid Wales & Brecon Beacons.
Writer Charles Williams reveals the delights you can find for free on a guided foraging trip.
And don't forget about Wales’ Medieval and Victorian fayres that bring to life the many charms and traditions of Christmases past. The Llandudno Christmas Fayre has a Dickensian atmosphere and is one of Wales' largest Christmas markets.
To get into the festive spirit the Aberglasney Winter Fair offers all visitors a free mince pie and mulled wine to enjoy as you stroll around the fair.
From riverside rides to thrilling forest trails, Wales is a great place to bring your bike.

Ghost-haunted lakes, defeated giants and wizards: myths and legends await you around every corner. Ten great places to sample Welsh produce and buy oddments you won’t find anywhere else.
Half an hour later, Scott Heffield, Bear’s right-hand man (Bear’s away filming), is ordering us to daub mud all over our faces and arms to block out our natural smells. Then there’s knife skills conducted by John, a former Parachute Regiment sniper, who will later reveal the secret of his job is “patience and control. He sharpens a stick, cutting away from his hip, explaining about the “triangle of death” between the knees and groin that could result in a “bleed out” if the femoral artery is nicked.
While the bunny cooks, we don head-torches and go for a Blair Witch Project-style tramp through the woods to master astral navigation.
After our rabbit dinner and chicken stew, eaten from a ration mug, we retire to our shelters at 1am.
After an army ration breakfast that is less appetising than the mealworms, John gathers us in a circle. At StagWeb we never like to rest on our laurels and finding you the biggest and best adventures is what makes us tick.
Bear Grylls is quintessentially British, a little bit posh, a little bit eccentric, jolly intelligent and tougher than Vinnie Jones’ shin pads.
You'll join Bear Grylls’ training team in the Brecon Beacons for this action packed 3 days of full on adventure. After waking up relaxed and refreshed (we hope) you will be straight out into the Brecon Beacons, the playground of the SAS, to climb a peak and make the most of your spectacular surroundings. Having made it this far you'll now face your final survival challenge, working as a team to build a raft to get the stag safely to the wedding, making sure not to drown, damage or mark the groom in any way, shape or form for fear of incurring the wrath of Bridezilla ahead of the big day (and wedding photos that she wants him in one piece for, without any bandages). If three days of adventure aren’t enough you can take our 4 day ultimate survival stag party. After 3 days of intense sessions your final day will kick off with an early morning lesson in self-defence and primal instinct training you will then be taken straight out onto the Moors for an extreme mountain day and taught how to cross difficult and dangerous ground quickly and efficiently-Bear Grylls style. Our instructors, meanwhile, are friendly local lads led by Jeff, a tough ex-Royal Marine Commando who appears to have been hewn out of boulders. On tonight’s menu: a one-pot slop of chicken legs boiled up on the fire with hacked up veg and foraged greens, a gourmet feast when you’re this hungry. We duck into our shelters, making the children as comfortable as possible given that they’re effectively sleeping in a chilly bog with a few microns of nylon and some rotten bracken for protection.
As we rappel down into the steep gorge of the River Mellte, there’s an ominous pile of buoyancy aids waiting for us.
Located throughout the pedestrianised streets of Cardiff city centre, including St John Street, St John's Church Area, Working Street, The Hayes, Hills Street and Trinity Street. Over 100 stalls will line Modoc Street selling a feast of local food, handmade gifts and arts along with craft demonstrations and a Santa's grotto for the children to enjoy. The grounds of the mansion are filled with stalls selling handmade Welsh gifts, crafts and Christmas decorations. We’re in the car park – the Bear Grylls family survival course hasn’t even started and children are already volunteering to eat insects. Soon we’re crossing a river on a commando rope (my chest a week later is still – I kid you not – hot to the touch from rope burn).
And escape in the ensuing panic when the high-value target goes down.” On similar courses, he says, children aren’t permitted hunting knives for insurance reasons.
I’m the sort of man who takes his favourite pillow with him whenever he sleeps away from home. Phoebe and I desperately gather bracken to soften the hard earth and cover the frame to keep out the rain. Each is limited to 12 places (six pairs), although one place per course can be reserved for an adult with two children.

We have tanks, zombies, high ropes, rocks, cliffs and white water rafting but we wanted something even more hardcore.
And now you can learn some of his survival techniques on our ultimate tough guy stag weekends. From the word 'Go!' you will be straight into the action, with an afternoon of rock climbing, before you get to some 'interesting' dinner options you'll need to make sure you have somewhere to sleep by building your own shelter.
Set in the scenic Dartmoor National Park, the home of the world famous Royal Marine Commandos, you’ll face four days intense training covering military fitness, first aid, navigation, snares, traps and drop lines. If weather conditions allow and you make the RV point in time, there may be a low level helicopter flight over the Moors then it will be time to put your new found survival skills to the ultimate test, a 24 hour exercise where we’ll push your new found skills, your teamwork and determination, to the limit. We gather ransoms (wild garlic) for our supper, and nibble at wood sorrel and hawthorn leaves. It's perfect for present hunting and is also only a short stroll from Cardiff’s Winter Wonderland. Enter the Castle's mighty walls and enjoy the festive atmosphere with stalls selling unusual gifts and crafts, tasty food and delicious drinks. The Fine Food and Drinks Hall will be filled with seasonal foods, perfect to stock up on for the holiday season. I had agreed to this commission on a boat in the Mediterranean without the Wi-Fi to research it.
Children must be aged between 10 and 17 years, and both parent and child must be physically active. After a quick Bear Grylls style ‘gross eat’ the evening will be yours to spend in a bunk house relaxing after a pretty tough day! The final day is all about reaching safety and you will have to run, jump, swim and use any other method possible to make it. UK Christmas markets are popping up across the country so get in the mood for Christmas by visiting a Christmas market in Wales. I had some dim idea Bear Grylls was a slightly cooler version of Terry Nutkins and I knew the course was set on the 500-acre Whithorn Estate in Brook, Surrey.
I fell off the commando rope (the only dad to do so), I tangled our net up fishing and, right now, I can’t follow Scott’s instructions. Who could help us arrange a stag weekend of such epic proportions it needs its own commentary? We’re given three tarpaulins, a reel of paracord, and an hour to make somewhere dry to sleep. Phoebe’s head-torch breaks when I panic and thrash about at the sight of a giant millipede in my sleeping bag.
We’d maybe cook sausages on an open fire, I thought, whittle pointed sticks and learn how to find the North Star. Barely an hour into the adventure, and we’re already turning into something else, something other than our usual urban selves. A lot of sawing, sweating, swearing and knot-tying later, we have three structures that faintly resemble shelters.
We kick furiously with our heavy walking boots, urging ourselves to the other side, where we emerge gasping and soaked.
It would compensate for the lack of camping in my daughter’s life – only someone else would be in charge of erecting the tents.
An instructor forces a knife into the gap between the broken bones and, using it for leverage, tears off the animal’s fur like he is reupholstering a cushion. Here, before we leave, Scott presents us with certificates and tells us about Bear’s harder course on Dartmoor.

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