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Some of the following Consumer Action publications are available in bulk for non-profit or government agencies to distribute for educational purposes. The UK and Middle Easta€™s leading supplier of compliance, work-based learning and apprenticeship training materials. If you would like to speak directly with a Highfield representative please call 0845 2260350.
You must add a MINIMUM of 250 books to your basket in order to qualify for FREE custom covers. The Basic Life Support (BLS) and the Safe use of an Automated External Defibrillator (AED) training presentation, which uses PowerPoint, is an excellent value training resource for the delivery of the Level 2 Award In Basic Life Support and Safe Use of an Automated External Defibrillator qualification.
This product will be provided to customers as a digital download and upon purchase the Highfield sales team will contact you regarding download instructions. The maze is modular in design, which means that the modules (obstacles) can be relocated in the maze to discourage firefighters from attempting to memorize the maze layout. Sponsored Content is made possible by our sponsor; it does not necessarily reflect the views of our editorial staff.
This downloadable packet guides community educators through a 2.5-hour presentation on servicemembersa€™ and veteransa€™ consumer rights, financial services to avoid and the better alternatives that exist, how to avoid scams aimed at veterans, and where to get legal and financial help. This downloadable PowerPoint presentation is designed to be used in conjunction with the a€?Economic survival guide for servicemembers and veteransa€? lesson plan. Job training can be a valuable investment in your futurea€”if the school or program is reputable and fairly priced. This Consumer Action manual, written in Q&A format, is designed to provide background information about evaluating job training schools and choosing and managing student loans for these programs. This backgrounder guide is part of our a€?Money Management 1-2-3a€? financial empowerment educational and training module. The Money Management 1-2-3 Powerpoint training file is available for download in the "Download File" section.
This packet, only available as a PDF file, provides guidance for teachers and team leaders.
Staying adequately insured means reassessing your coverage each year and adjusting it in response to specific life events. It also explains the special consumer finance protections that active duty servicemembers have under the law.

In addition to the lesson plan (to be used in conjunction with the downloadable PowerPoint presentation), the packet includes exercises, resources and a class evaluation form. The slides provide a visual component to the training that will help to engage learners and improve retention. This guide is designed to help anyone considering a job training program or vocational school make an informed choice, avoid excessive or unwarranted student loan debt, and know where to turn if they believe they are a victim of for-profit school fraud. The module also contains three multilingual brochures and a lesson plan with PowerPoint training slides.
This Insurance Checkup fact sheet explains why ita€™s important to revisit your insurance policies regularly, lists specific life events that typically warrant a change in coverage, provides tips and tools for managing your insurance and offers links to resources where you can learn more. We must protect ourselves when responding to and treating people There is no one piece of personal protective equipment that will protect all body parts us against everything.
We must evaluate the practicality of the equipment we are using and identify how it will protect us and how it will effect us in our roles as first responders. Positive pressure air masks will assist in keeping the contaminants out of the mask; however, without a proper seal, this will not be complete.
Facial hair clearly reduces mask seal and the time the air system will last in a positive pressure environment is reduced. The tasks that a person performs while wearing the gear and the operating environment are demanding and can rapidly fatigue the first responder.
Several uses of the same suit can allow for an accumulation of different chemicals that can degrade the garment or contaminate a user later. There are many resources available listing compatibility of the different protective items and chemical agents. This could be your normal uniform or clothing or a paper type of clothing used with some hazardous materials. Tyvek is a brand name and can be coated with many different types of coatings ( Saranex for example).
Both Air Purifying Respirators (APR’s) and Powered Air Purifying Respirators (PAPR’s) are cartridge type respirators. There are a variety of protective canisters that are designed to filter out specific chemicals. They are considered an open circuit unit with the expelled air exhausted into the atmosphere.

Unlike the air purifying respirator, weight and bulkiness cause a significant negative impact. The time rating system was established by sitting a clerical worker with a 30-minute bottle at a desk to breath until the air ran out, it lasted 30 minutes. It allows the user to enter a fire for rescue and is normally associated with aircraft fires. These are non-insulated fire retardant suit worn over chemical protective clothing and is used for escape protection.
It is the same as a Tyvek with a Saranex (rubber) coating, and affords similar protection. The suits may be washed up to six times and or worn for 45 days before the suits are considered expired.
When we examine the bag it should feel hard and look wrinkled, if the package looks inflated and feels soft the suit is considered no longer safe for use. The mask has many different options available and can be deployed in three different respiratory protection modes: Removable filter (standard gas mask) PAPR (powered air purifying respirator) SCBA (self contained breathing apparatus) Slide 43 Mask Limitations The limitations for the mask are primarily based upon the respiratory configuration in which the mask is deployed. If the mask is used in the SCBA mode, the only limitation is how log the air tank will last (30 min. After 12 months, the filter is not guaranteed to protect to the same level as when it was new.
The filter must also be replaced after every exposure to a chemical or biological contaminant. If the filter becomes physically damaged or gets wet, the filter medium will become damaged and fail.
Should this occur, it will no longer filter out chemicals or biological contaminants and it may become so clogged that it will no longer allow air to pass through it.
It fits around the lenses of the mask and provides additional chemical protection for the participant.
When examining the lens look for: Stains in the lens Punctures Signs of separation between the lens and the mask Scratches Cracks Vision impairment from the lens or discoloration.

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