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08.30 Uhr - Treffen mit Kursleiter und anderen Teilnehmer zu einer vorbestimmten Zeit und an einem vorbestimmten Ort. Unser 5-Tage Survival Training Seminar bietet eine umfassende und vertiefte Ausbildung in kanadische Outdoor Survival Kenntnisse. Offering specialist training courses in surfing, skiing, snowboarding, diving, sailing, climbing, coasteering, kayaking & mountain biking.
EBO Adventure runs survival courses and programmes on most weekends in Cornwall or Devon throughout the year. Our survival courses are tailored to give you flexibility in your schedule and allow you to learn the skills while having fun. Whether it's jungle survival techniques, desert survival or just basic survival instruction that might get you out of a tight spot that you are after, we can help you. With this fun-packed course you will practice such skills as making shelters (and sleeping in them), Natural cordage(depending on season) , Finding edible plants and making fires.
You need have no knowledge of survival skills to attend this course.  This is learning through experience.
You will get to make several fires using these skills, including making feather sticks using bow drills. How to identify and use the natural resources around you for food, firelighting and other bushcraft uses.

Wildside Survival School - providing a range of survival skills and bushcraft courses in the Sussex countryside.
Woodland Ways operates fun, practical and realistic bushcraft & Survival training courses throughout the UK.
Woodland Ways Blog - Bushcraft and Survival is proudly powered by WordPressEntries (RSS) and Comments (RSS). This course provides instruction on aircraft egress, cold water survival at sea and the use of survival and rescue equipment, including Helicopter Rescue Hoist, Drag and Disentanglement, Underwater Escape, and use of HEEDS. Der Tag beginnt mit den Grundlagen zum Survival wie Vorsichtsmaßnahmen und unterschiedliche Gefahren zu vermeiden. Wir entdecken auch fortgeschrittenerer Überlebens Themen und machen uns auf die Suche nach Nahrungsquellen. Die Atmosphäre am brennenden Lagerfeuer ist der zentrale Punkt unserer Unternehmungen. Es werden keine vorherigen Outdoorfähigkeiten bei unseren Touren, Trips oder Programmen verlangt.
Our very experienced Survival Specialist will instruct you on all of the basic skills of outdoor survival at various locations around Cornwall or Devon. Our specialists are the best in the business and will challenge you, but at the same time give you the personal attention you need to master the skills at hand.

The instructors will explain and demonstrate but you will get the opportunity to have a go at everything! We provide the meat (rabbit, pigeon) and basic ingredients and teach you the cooking techniques but you have to prepare and cook it.
Our main camps teaching the survival training courses are located in Oxfordshire, Derbyshire, Leicestershire, and Lincolnshire. Unsere Guides zeigen Ihnen die noch unberührte kanadische Wildnis abseits der Touristenattraktionen. Wir hoffen, dass Sie das Outdoorleben begeistert und dass Sie sich darauf freuen, etwas Neues zu lernen.
This course provides instruction on sea survival knowledge and the use of survival and rescue equipment, with the emphasis on cold water survival.

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