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Brand NEW Ultimate Survival Tools - Emergency Gear Combo Pack - Doomsday Prep Package Tools All in ONE ORDER!!! We offer a money back guarantee on the item and will reimburse after we receive the returned item. This warranty applies only to products purchased by the original purchaser and is non-transferable.
This Package will include Mini Butane Camping Stove, Led Lantern, Glow Sticks, Waterproof Cases, Rope, Emergency Fire Starters, Compressed Towels, Magnifying Glass, Survival Whistles, Emergency Blankets, Survival Knives, Emergency Tents, Hand Warmers, and Multi-Function Survival Tools!!!
Please contact us if you have any transaction issues, we will take care of the problem immediately.

The warranty does not apply to products that have been abused, misused, modified, or repaired by anyone. We Sell Each Unit Individually in our store as Well, please check for specifics on each item!! Prior to any refund or replacement you must contact us for a RMA (Return Material Authorization) number. If you feel you haven't received 5 Star level service, please contact us before leaving response.
Akamai Source reserves the right as final authority on whether the products should be refunded or replaced.

Akamai Source makes no other warranty and no implied warranties, including any warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose.
Akamai Source maximum liability hereunder is limited to the purchase price of the products. In no event shall Akamai Source be liable for any consequential, indirect, incidental or special damages of any nature arising from the sale of the product.

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