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As little as 2% dehydration can leave you crankier, less able to concentrate, and feeling more sluggish. Regardless of the type, deserts have a special, magical beauty enticing us with amazing landscapes, curious creatures and plants that are worth seeing at least once in a lifetime. A trip in the desert can be one of the most beautiful trips you’ve ever made in your entire life so don’t be hasty in rejecting the idea.
The first and most important enemy when you’re in a desert survival situation is the environment. Desert surviving requires a period of training and preparedness so you can develop special skills that will help you get at the edge of the desert safe and sound. You’ve finally decided that it’s time to see the desert for the first time and you need to know what items should occupy a special place in your survival gear. Satellite phone – if you’re going deep into the desert you should have a backup for your phone.
A personal beacon locator (PLB) – it may save your life when all communication systems fail.
Water – if you’re traveling with a vehicle (which is recommended) make sure you have enough water for everyone.
Flashlight with a set of extra batteries – it may be bright and sunny when you leave home but nights in the desert are as dark as nights everywhere. Lip gloss – it may sound a bit weird but some lip gloss can save you from cracked and ripped lips. Sunblock – to protect any exposed skin from sunburns.  Don’t think that if your skin doesn’t get sun burns when you go to the beach, the same will apply here.
Firestarters and matches – because the air is always dry you will be able to find dry vegetation to light the fire.
Now, that you put together the basic items of your desert survival gear you need to know a few tips and tricks on how to stay alive in case you get lost in the desert.
The second rule of surviving in the desert is to have the proper vehicle for driving in the desert. Test your vehicle before driving into the desert – there are no auto shops out there and no car services and you don’t want your car breaking down in the middle of a sand storm. If you have to go through a dust storm cover your mouth with a cloth to keep dust particles from getting into your lungs. One final advice that any experience desert adventurer will offer you: respect the desert and understand it before blindly adventuring into it.
Everyone knows that water is a scarce resource in the desert and it’s better to have some with you than to hope for rain or an oasis.
Look for vegetation – there can’t be vegetation without water so if you spot cacti or grass there is definitely some water around.  Also, a hollowed tree root can contain water if there was a recent rain in the area.
Dried beds of rivers and lakes – the heat makes the water stay under the soil but very close to the surface. Still, they may be enough to keep you alive just enough to be found or to reach safety.  Make sure to keep an open eye when looking for water because there are many other dangers lurking in the sand. The final conclusion that we can all take from all these is that the desert is a wonderful place that will test your limits to the maximum but, if you are strong enough to face it, you’ll be astonished by its beauty and grace.

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There are three essential parts to the equation when it comes to helping your child bring his or her A game to school: nourishing food, good hydration and adequate sleep are the secrets to never running on empty.
However, it can be a lot to absorb. See a quick slideshow of the top hydration facts we enjoy sharing with our fans. They usually wear them toRead More   Natural Hair Care TipsTaking care of hair is too necessary for all hair types.
There are over 20 big deserts on our planet and each one of them is different in its own way.
Still, most deserts out there are mostly covered with rocks because the wind blows the small particles away. This explanation comes in case you were wondering why and how you would ever get in a deserted area. Even so, the desert is like a beautiful woman: mysterious, attractive and filled with dangers. We gathered a few tips and tricks about how to survive in the desert and what are the items you should absolutely have with you. The glare from the powerful desert sun may impair your long distance vision and can give you headaches. The ground is usually 30 degrees hotter than the surrounding environment so you wouldn’t want any part of your bare feet touching it. Wear white, large clothes that let your body breathe and keep your head covered at all times.
During the night you will want to make a fire to keep yourself warm which is when the knife will be very important. Make sure to remember them well as they may be the only thing standing between you getting killed in the desert. Let them know your route, the people you travel with, the vehicle you are going to use, what supplies you take, and so on. If you can take extra (safely) then take, but the tank must always be full when you start your trip. Keep your mouth closed, limit your activity, avoid eating as much as possible, don’t drink alcohol and don’t eat or drink anything salty.
The sun can burn your skin even through a thin layer of clothing so make sure you have a few layers to protect it. Once you let your emotions free, you won’t be able to control yourself which can only lead to bad things. Still, if it happens to get caught in the desert without enough water to make it to the edge, there are a few creative ways to find the true gold around here: water. Make sure you know your vegetation so you can tell how far the water is from your location.
Scorpions for example, also like to stay close to water sources and they don’t like to be disturbed. The only recommendation we make regarding the desert is to first learn how to survive in the desert and then take a trip there. It should not be used as a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Os nossos designers e ilustradores fornecem imagens livres de royalties, clip art, clipart graficos e imagens por 1 dolar. A desert is the place where difficult living conditions like lack of water, big temperature differences between day and night, and high or low temperatures during the day, made it into an unfriendly area. It’s pretty scary to find yourself in the middle of a sand ocean and to not know which way to go. During the day a covered head will be protected from the sun and during the night the cover will keep you warm.

It may seem weird to share that much of your trip with another person but when it comes to finding you in the desert, every detail matters.
We know that you love your car and that you like to rely on it with every occasion but if you don’t have the proper car, the desert will not forgive you. All these activities lead to dehydration which automatically leads to your organism asking for more water. Pop your hood and your trunk to signal distress (universal sign that pilots recognize) and point the mirrors to reflect light. For example, you might think that it never rains in the desert and you will be surprised to find out that there are actually flash floods that come and go very fast. Knowing that doves or pigeons can’t survive without water is extremely useful in an arid desert area.
You can use a cloth to collect the dew and then squeeze it into a container (or directly in your mouth). David's responsibility was to protect people in case of any disaster or cataclysm that might occur.
Compre fotografias e receba downloads de arquivos de imagem ou se inscreva no programa de assinatura mensal num valor minimo. Thus we have hot deserts like Sahara and Atacama where the sun shines all day long and can kill and adult, healthy man with its heat and there are cold deserts like Gobi with low temperatures. More and more people discover the magical beauty of the desert and choose to spend their vacation here, exploring an unknown, exotic world. In order to be prepared for a desert survival situation you must understand the environment (it’s very different from what you usually experience) and determine the necessary tactics you have to apply. These temporary floods are very powerful but they happen on a very small area which doesn’t help the environment very much.
One or two sips of water are enough to make your lips moist and stop your thirst for a while. We know it’s frightening to see the sun shining over your head and nothing else but sand around you.
Now he keeps on doing it through teaching others about how to prepare and survive flood, earthquake or even war. Yet in this era of sugar-sweetened beverages, juice drinks, energy drinks and even enhanced waters (many of which contain calories or artificial colors), new evidence from the most recent NHANES data suggests that virtually no demographic of children in the US comes close to satisfying the Institute of Medicine’s recommendations for water.
Use the car seats to sit down (never sit on the ground!) and try to keep your water as hidden from the sun as possible. And with a new science suggesting that drinking soda does more than just pack on the pounds, but may also contribute to negative mood and behavior in young children side stepping sugary beverages makes especially good sense until we know more. Simply put, smart sipping literally means keeping your water bottle on hand for regular drinking throughout the day. Keep in mind that things like higher elevation, temperature and humidity can also increase your fluid needs.
Chill it to drink more. Research suggests that we drink more water if we find it cool and refreshing. Put one one in the car, the backpack, and encourage them to have on their desk during the day so they will be encouraged to drink regularly. In addition to the 3 servings of low-fat milk or enriched non-dairy milk alternatives (like soy, almond, coconut or hemp) that the USDA Guidelines recommend for children each day, be sure to also put water on the tables for meals and snacks. As for sleep, health experts recommend 10-12 hours per night for children ages 3-12, and 8-9 hours per night for children ages 12-18.

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