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The Survival Tactical 7 bridges the line between survival-specific and tactical-specific functionality, giving the user the best for both end uses. An excellent hard use steel, 1095 is a primary choice for camping and larger fixed blade knives for its extreme toughness and ability to hold an edge. Micarta is a compressed layered composite sealed within a thermosetting plastic which creates a strong, attractive material that is impervious to water. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website.
The designer of this knife, Joseph Teti, is a graduate of over 30 formal schools in regards to special operations. Enhanced triggers, ambidextrous controls, striker-fired mechanisms — these pistols have features on top of features to please every shooter. Dubbed as the 'complete sharpening solution for every knife you own,' Work Sharp's Guided Sharpening System lives up to the billing. The fantasy world of Star Wars just got much more real as seven manufacturers recreate the legendary bounty hunter known as Boba Fett. Firefield's Heavy Duty Laser Flashlight Foregrip features an intense Cree Q5 LED 230-lumen bulb, reflector, red filter and a built-in 5mW red laser.
Our round table of military, law enforcement and other industry experts answers the age-old debate between .45 ACP and 9mm ammo.
Less recoil, cheaper ammo, higher capacity — read on to learn why LEOs are going back to the 9mm!
An evolving need for pocket pistols has left the market full of incredible choices for concealed carry enthusiasts everywhere. Rounding up some of the most advanced fighting carbines and combat rifles for the 21st century! Although no longer a “new” design, the .22-caliber AR-7 is still leading-edge modern and fills a compact survival role that no other rifle does. Though Henry rifles were considered “tactical” during the War Between the States, since then, they’ve become classic collector’s rifles. As rifles go, the AR-7 was a special-purpose tool intended primarily as a bailout rifle for foraging and very light defense by downed pilots, and its handiness and overall reliability have kept it a favorite among those who frequent the bush for purposes other than hunting. At less than a yard long assembled and barely more than 16 inches long stowed, the AR-7 is an easy rifle to carry in a hunting pack, under the seat of your plane or ATV, or in the trunk of a patrol vehicle for public-safety issues from street lights to injured or diseased animals.

Few people head for wild country with the certain knowledge they will have to survive with what they are carrying, but next to attitude and training what determines whether they will come back is the quality of their gear.
Not only does the rifle break down fully, but the receiver, barrel and spare magazines fit in the stock for a compact, floating tool just in case.
The salient feature of the AR-7 is that the barrel and action readily come apart and stow in the stock, similar to various European stocked pistol designs. When originally designed in the late 1950s by Eugene Stoner, the AR-7 was one of the first rifles to take advantage of modern materials and manufacturing techniques.
With roots from bygone battles, this upgraded version of a Civil War lever rifle brings a powerful punch to hunters! The hidden handcuff key can be removed multiple times for practice and the attached buckle allows the keys to be easily separated from the keychain if needed.
On day 30 we will charge 50% of the remaining balance, followed by the final payment on day 60. Corrosion resistance is very limited with this steel, most blades come with a coating to prevent premature rusting. Teti is a military combat veteran of the conflicts in Iran and Afghanistan, and he holds the highest top secret clearance level in the U.S.
Successor Henry Repeating Arms has earned their spurs in the gun arena with quality revivals of those rifles you wanted as a kid but didn’t have money for until they had become “collector” guns—mostly lever-action repeaters in pistol calibers—all proudly American-made.
Survival AR-7 rifle is that, like their handy lever-action rifles, it’s another design just too good for Henry’s visionaries to leave out of production. The AR-7 has served ably as a USAF bailout survival rifle, and in a modified form with the Israeli Air Force. As a permanent component of a field pack, its 2.25-pound weight can make you forget it is there. The AR-7’s added benefit is that this stock with the rifle stowed inside will float, and the assembled stock will keep the rifle afloat if you drop it in the drink. The Survival Key Chain is hand Made in the USA and uses only premium internal products that you can truly survive on. The Suunto Clipper Compass offers an illuminating bezel, rotating declination dial and waterproof encasing.
Its blade has a modified tanto point, sharpened upper point edge and a tough saw back spine.

We carefully selected the items to give you a product capable of giving you all the tools you need to survive.
We include an 18″ 45lb Test Snare Wire that comes with a coating making it water resistant.
The handle is outfitted with Rocky Mountain Tread (RMT) black linen Micarta scales for excellent grip. It goes without saying that his skill sets and experiences are highly diverse, and all of his expertise went into designing this fantastic piece of tactical hardware. The handle is outfitted with black linen Micarta scales for excellent grip with the tang extending to reveal both a lanyard hole and a pry bar pommel. The key chain gives you the ability to make fire, catch food, make shelter, make a weapon and escape from illegal restraint. We chose the Suunto Clipper Compass due to its accurate design and ability to set declination for navigation both during the day and night. The Survival Tactical 7 comes with a heavy duty nylon sheath that includes a light stick, fire starter, whistle and sharpener. Now it is steel, with a bonded jacket of ABS and a Teflon coating—not a bad compromise when one considers potential problems with bimetallic corrosion. The attached fire starter is made of ferrocerium which burns at over 3000 degrees to help catch tinder on fire when needed. Comes with black survival whistle, Lansky Pocket® Sharpener with keychain, fire starter, and 12 hour green SnapLight®. The original synthetic stock has been upgraded to ABS, a synthetic that is not only plenty strong for the purpose at hand, but one that also has a tough resilience, making it very impact resistant. Designed by Joseph Teti, a veteran of both US military and US government special operations units.

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