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An emergency plan is easy to create and if practiced, will make facing a difficult situation methodical and less stressful.  It is very important for you and family members to know what to do, how to react, how to contact, where to go and what to bring.
Whether putting together an emergency kit for your car or a 72 hour disaster emergency kit, each has its purpose.  Assessing personal and family needs when piecing together any kit is essential. Designed to support two full-sized adult individuals for as long as 3 days, this kit still maintains portability and readiness.
For large volume orders, feel free to contact us for possible discounts or better shipping rates!
This site requires JavaScript to function properly.Please enable JavaScript in your web browser. The Department of Treasury has put out an ad for survival kits for all of its employees who oversee the federal banking system. Contracts for survival kits are usually made for the military, or law enforcement such as the FBI. The emergency supplies would be for every employee at the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC), which conducts on-site reviews of banks throughout the country.
The government is willing to spend up to $200,000 on the kits, according to the solicitation released on Dec.
The survival kits must come in a fanny-pack or backpack that can fit all of the items, including a 33-piece personal first aid kit with “decongestant tablets,” a variety of bandages, and medicines.
The kits must also include a “reusable solar blanket” 52 by 84 inches long, a 2,400-calorie food bar, “50 water purification tablets,” a “dust mask,” “one-size fits all poncho with hood,” a rechargeable lantern with built-in radio, and an “Air-Aid emergency mask” for protection against airborne viruses. The Emergency Preparedness & Response Specialist is a professional in the field of emergency preparedness. Someone in the decision-making process has a close friend, relative or associate in the survival-kit (or components thereof) business.

Thats right, its like the worthless gear we had in the Air Force that we were forced to use instead of good gear.
Sold in a case of 144 These food bars maximize the physiological efficiency of water usage by including low sodium levels.
This filtration bottle is great for emergencies or to just take with you to enjoy fresh water anywhere!
Emergency Survival Kit Information: This survival kit was designed using advice from experts in the emergency preparedness industry.
Description: This Long Term Food Storage Essentials Kit has all of the food and supplies you will need to keep you safe for an extended period of time. No matter how many times youa€™ve been out hiking or camping or how well you know the terrain, there are always a select number of survival supplies that you should have on hand at all times. Survival EquipmentMake sure youa€™ve got top quality survival equipment for your next trek. I arrived at the superstore and was distraught to find that the antibacterial wipes were empty, you know the ones you wipe down the handle of your cart with.
When I got home I laid everything out on the floor so that I could marvel at my purchases and so that I could take a picture for you all.
Now that I had all of my supplies I had to make a few modifications in order to get them into the Altoids tin, some of which ended up working and some (I later found out) did not. Modifications complete it was time to lay out everything that I had assembled to fit inside the tin. Once the lid and bottom were complete I set about trying to fit everything else inside the tin. I ended up strapping the 550 cord and flashlight to the outside of the kit, in addition to 4 rubber bands  (which I had planned to put there all along).

With double the nutritional provision of the 1 Person 3 Day Kit, blankets and lightsticks for two, and even more comprehensive first aid, the 2 Person kit is the premier kit for small household survival.
There are 44 Long Term Food Storage Meals in this kit that will feed 1 Person for 14 days or 2 People for 1 Week.
Having these supplies with you while you are trekking through the great outdoors will help protect you from potential harm and help you accomplish a very smooth trek. Among the more important survival products that you should look into are those that are designed to help you maintain a healthy core temperature.
Maintaining your core temperature is absolutely vital to your survival when you are away from immediate medical care and also away from a solid structure where you can shack up if the conditions get to be too extreme. Youa€™ll also want to take careful consideration of the different types of footwear that are specially designed for use by survival experts and enthusiasts.
These specialty items feature soles that are hard enough to help comprehensively protect your feet while still maintaining a nice comfortable fit. And by looking into those that have been specifically designed for use hiking through extreme conditions youa€™ll also be sure to get the right type of support you need for your ankles. There are also quite a few different supplies that provide great protection against physical impacts, such as the latest line of lightweight, durable climbing and hiking helmets. You should also consider getting yourself a pair of UV and impact resistant goggles for added safety regardless of the type of hiking you do.

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