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The Glo Survival Bracelet is a heavy duty paracord bracelet, which is perfect for lashings, snares, shoelaces, first - aid the uses are endless in a survival situation!
GLOW-IN-THE-DARK FEATURE: To activate, simply place your bracelet in a well-lit area for 5-20 minutes.
NOTICE: All of our product prices, availability, and specificationsare subject to verification by their respective retailers. Paracord Bracelet Kits make a fantastic activity for reunions, scouts, youth groups and more! Also called "parachute cord","chute cord" or "550 cord", paracord is a compact, flexible, lightweight nylon rope consisting of an outer woven shell and 7 individual interior filaments.
Because of its light weight and incredible strength, American GI's quickly found paracord to be useful for everything from replacing boot strings and repairing gear to building shelter and constructing tripwires and traps.
Since its early days on the battlefields of Western Europe, soldiers, backpackers, outdoorsman and survival specialists have expanded paracord's repertoire to include fire making, procuring food, primitive tool and weapon making, and uses in survival mountaineering.

Our Double Solomon Bracelets are handmade in the USA using the highest quality 550 test military grade paracord.
Our Double Solomon Bracelets are made to your exact specifications, ensuring a perfect style and fit. Same quality and performance as the original survival bracelets-- plus it glows-in-the-dark. As its name implies, paracord was originally designed to serve as suspension lines for the parachutes of America's airborne troops prior to this country's entry into WWII. Medics in every conflict from WWII to Desert Storm and Afghanistan have used paracord to fashion improvised slings, splints and gurneys. The Double Solomon Bracelet is our widest paracord bracelet, containing nearly twice as much paracord as our standard cobra bracelet, making it one of the best ways to carry as much paracord on your wrist as possible.
With nearly limitless color combinations, you're sure to find exactly what you're looking for.

The Survival Bracelet, a heavy- duty paracord bracelet, is perfect for lashings, snares, shoelaces, first aid, the uses are endless. This feature is particularly helpful when trying you find the bracelet (or have others find you) in the instance of a power outage or returning to a dark campsite. The individual filaments contained within paracord have even been used by medics as sutures to close open wounds.
We utilize the highest quality side release buckles on the market, ensuring smooth and reliable closure every time. These also make great housewarming gifts to the hunter, fisherman or outdoorsman in your life.

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