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It might not keep you alive for long, but a Siberian firm is offering survival kits to anyone who fears the end of the world is nigh. The apocalypse kit boasts medication, including heart medicine, soap, some candles and matches, a can of fish, a pack of buckwheat, a bottle of vodka, a notepad and pencil a€“ and a rope (possibly intended for the less optimistic!). It also includes a blank ID card, to be filled in by hand should your existing IDs and cards be a€?demagnetizeda€? during the apocalypse. If you follow Credit Repair Nerds' proven business model, you will succeed and make a great living doing it. If the year 2012 does bring the world to an end, Mexican branding company Menosunocerouno plan to face the apocalypse in style with a survival kit that includes chocolate and hard liqueur. Packaged in yellow and black, the Just in Case kit also includes more practical items like matches, a knife and water, plus a notebook in case they start to feel philosophical or need to light a fire.
Our survival kit re-packages a collection of iconic products from Mexico to enjoy in no particular order.

03 — Simple Knife ® : Clean affordable design, a minimal hunting tool for animals or zombies.
04 — Xtabentun D'aristi ® : Original Mayan liqueur from Casa D'aristi in Yucatan, one of our favorite brands of 2011. Well if we're all going to go, what better way to have an aesthetic moment before the end.
Great Package Design… Like the concept… not so sure it would sustain the tummy! A bottle of vodka, one last delivery pizza and a gun with one (or two) bullets will do me for the end of the world. Loving your sudden lack of confidence RE hitting your own head at point blank range ;-) Really tickled me.
The Prepper Movement: Why Are Millions Of Preppers Preparing Feverishly For The End Of The World As We Know It?

Breaking Surviving a Venomous Snake Bite – What You Need to Know When is it safe to start your garden? HomeNewsThe Prepper Movement: Why Are Millions Of Preppers Preparing Feverishly For The End Of The World As We Know It? And for everyone else, it makes for a fun stocking-filler come Christmas a€“ provided the world hasna€™t ended by then! Expecting a beautiful chaos, MENOSUNOCEROUNO created JUST IN CASE ®, the perfect brand for the end of times.
With more than 70 years in the market, this classic delight will make you feel well under any circumstances.

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