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If you need to flush a toilet while the running water is off at home, here’s how to do it, and what to watch out for.
Although the following tip will work (how-to flush a toilet without running water), there could be a much worse issue (during a major disaster) in that the sewage may begin to back up into people’s homes without proper pumping and drainage of the municipal sewage treatment infrastructure (which requires electricity). Having said that, under temporary water outage conditions, you can easily flush your own toilet. If you have already flushed the toilet once since the running water stopped, the tank will be empty.
This is one of the important reasons why you should ALWAYS keep a supply of emergency water in your home. Be mindful that if the sewer line in the street is filled to capacity, you can’t keep flushing.

IF you have a supply of strong trash bags, one can be prepared, put in the bowl with the extra height rolled down and adjusted to the requirements. You will still need water, but you don’t need running water (as in your house plumbing). For several different reasons; plumbing or electrical problems, a truck knocking down the power pole down the road, etc. I keep an ice cream bucket and several gallon jugs of water behind the toilet to use on these occasions.
It usually takes less than a gallon, but it works better coming out of a bucket instead of a gallon container because you need the extra force of the water.
We pour the water directly into the bowl(from the bucket,not jug), with practice you can do it without splashing any yuckies on yourself, and it takes less water, a LOT less water.

An even funnier idea is to use the rinse water from the washing machine which is quite a work out! I have also used a small portable sump pump to drain bath water into the yard and water plants.

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