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Kate Middleton, Princess Eugenie Wedding Feud: Pippa Middleton Furious Eugenie To Marry Jack Brooksbank? For those of you who don’t know, the show puts celebrities’ survival skills to the test when they accompany an adventurer into remote locations around the world.
On tonight’s episode per the NBC synopsis “in the third-season opener, Nick Jonas joins Bear for a snowy mountain adventure in the Sierra Nevada during blizzard conditions. Tune in tonight at 10PM EST for our Running Wild with Bear Grylls recap and let us know what you think about this cool show. Tonight’s episode of “Running Wild With Bear Grylls” features the host teaming up with singer Nick Jonas to explore the Sierra Nevada Mountains.
The two-day adventure starts with a helicopter ride through a massive snowstorm, landing deep in the heart of the Sierra Nevada Mountains.
The two reach a summit and are forced to dig a trench, bury their skis and use the solidified mass as a base from which to rappel down the summit.
After resting, the two begin to worry about avalanche risks and continue their journey, with Bear in the lead.
Bear cuts some of the down out of his and Nick’s clothing to use as tinder for a fire and has Nick help him remove the bird’s head. Nick Santonasstasso is a guy who goes around doing himself up like a zombie and scaring people in public places. On tonight’s episode in the third-season opener, Nick Jonas joins Bear for a snowy mountain adventure in the Sierra Nevada during blizzard conditions. We’ll be recapping all of the action right here for you, make sure to come back for our Running Wild with Bear Grylls recap.

The two will face extreme cold, record snowfall, avalanche risks, rough terrain, cliffs and wildlife. The two strap on their skies and, after fixing Nick’s ski skins which he attached backwards, the two set off. Bear descends first, and first-timer Nick struggles to stay on his feet as he follows Bear down the steep drop-off. With daylight fading, the duo pick up the pace and turn their focus to food and shelter for the night. The two gut the bird and stuff the grubs inside before skewering it and placing their entree on the fire. He’s in a unique position to pull off such a prank, because he is missing his legs and an arm, which adds to the zombie realism. Nick discusses his diabetes and how that has impacted his health and lifestyle as they ski forward. Half-way down, the two pair up for a series of balance and counter-balance moves around large boulders.
While the bird cooks, the two discuss Nick leaving the Jonas Brothers, his solo career and past relationships.
Before being able to reach their extraction point, Bear tells Nick they have to wade across an ice-cold lake. In this prank video, The Walking Dead‘s zombie makeup guy, Greg Nicotero, and the star of the show, Andrew Lincoln (who plays Rick), team up to help Santonasstasso scare Norman Reedus in a hotel room. At the bottom of the descent, Nick discusses fame at a young age, his normal home life and his Christian beliefs.

The pair dig for grubs to supplement their dinner and Nick bravely pops one into his mouth.
The mountaineers eat the bird and hunker down in their makeshift shelter for the night, snuggling together for body warmth. He knows how to track, how to hunt, how to fix engines, pretty much how to do any manly thing that needs to be done. When Bear’s back is turned, Nick removes the dead bird from his pants and transfers it to his pocket. He’s also killed about 10,000 zombies with his crossbow, with which he is now wildly proficient. Because of his diabetes, Nick’s feet become painful from lack of circulation; Bear puts Nick’s feet in his armpits for warmth until the pain subsides. I don’t want to stereotype, but I find it unlikely that he did much tracking or crossbow hunting out there in the City of Angels. In the show, Reedus’ character has no problem mowing down zombies with his crossbow or with any sharp object that may be around, but some may wonder, how would Reedus react if he encountered a zombie in real life?

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