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Survival training: learning skills to survive in the wilderness, the desert, jungles and freezing locales. Our week-long programme delivers the paddling and campcraft skills you need to get under way with canoe-camping trips. Combined with important safety, rescue and survival techniques, the Expedition Canoeing Skills Course provides an extensive range of know-how for travelling efficiently, safely and in comfort by open canoe. Their aim is for you to have, at the end of this course, the confidence and ability to make multi-day trips on open water, whether it be on lakes or lochs of Britain or wilderness areas further afield. You don’t need to spend lots of money on specialist clothing or equipment for this trip. Food for breakfast, lunch and dinner will be provided but please do bring your own favourite snacks for during the day. If you have special dietary requirements there is the opportunity to tell us about this during the booking process. 100% Money-Back GuaranteeIf you are not completely satisfied with your trip, we’ll give you your money back. If there’s anyone out there trying to decide which company to choose, to either introduce them to, or to further their bushcraft knowledge, then I can wholeheartedly recommend Frontier Bushcraft. Paul’s ability to impart his knowledge, experience and practical skills in such a way so as to make it simple, easy and fun for all, is truly a gift. I just wanted to let you know that we all had an amazing weekend, thanks to your amazing instructors!
Triad CPR Associates - Proudly providing services to:A  Davidson, Davie, Forsyth, Guilford, Randolph, Stokes, Surry and Yadkin Counties. Its looks like a good shelter but with all those tools at youre disposal it took you 4 days whitch is way to long in a survival situation you migth only have a knife and not have 4 days to make it. Tom "Tomahawk" Moore from "Dude You're Screwed" stars in the Discovery Channel reality series. Tom has a military pedigree in the survival game, serving 16 years in the Airborne Infantry as a Pathfinder in the U.S.
Since then, Tom's been a big game hunting guide in New Mexico and Montana, a youth wilderness instructor in Utah, and a security contractor and armorer in Qatar, Kuwait, Kosovo, Afghanistan, Darfur and the Philippines.
Tom is the restless spirit of the bunch, hitchhiking across Southeast Asia whenever he gets the chance and teaching math, science and English to fund a ticket home. Currently, he's a survival instructor at the Jack Mountain Bushcraft School in Masardis, Maine, and runs private survival courses in southern Arizona. How do you prepare for the expected - if you deliberately set out in tough terrain - or the unexpected? While on shore, each day we will share campcraft and cookery skills which can be applied directly. Even in the context of a few days on a course, to some extent we were able to get into the camp routines that would be a key aspect of a canoe journey.

We will ask you for some measurements so that we can provide you with appropriately-sized equipment.
Not only were we able to consolidate and practise some existing skills we also felt we really built on our base skills and extended them to give a much greater foundation for future learning.
You will be very hard pushed to find a better practitioner or instructor in the UK." Mark Hotson. The time spent with friends and children is really very special and the laughter and knowledge lasts a lifetime. I think this one is the easiest and an effective shelter means, if you are on short stays at a place and is not a big dangerous spot too.
I have just one critique however: on your fire pit, make it either a long-fire (what it sounds like), or move it closer to your head. He knows all the old school tricks — everything from trapping game with dental floss snares to starting fires with lipstick. I asked an expert, Scott Heffield, to pass on some tips for survival and self-rescue.Heffield, a professional mountaineer and the lead instructor at the United Kingdom-based Bear Grylls Survival Academy, earned the right to teach survival training. I gained confidence on flat water – being in control of the boat, not the other way round. Learning what things to do, without having to think too much about priorities, means more time to sit back and enjoy the place you’re in. I have spoken to the other guys since the weekend, they all really enjoyed themselves and importantly felt that they got value for money." Barry S.
On our solos whitch where tree days we only had: Knife(dull),Our close on our back ( whitch we could not destroy or use ),2 oranges,1 portion of chicken , 1 potato and a poncho.
Lean them up onto the log in the air and make it wide enough and make sure that it will block most of the rain if it does. Then, optional, you can take more logs and put them on the other side of the log.
Putting it in the middle is a common mistake, as your head doesn't often get heated enough. I plan on posting some shelters I have built too just havent got around to taking any pics of them yet. If not, try and get your bearings by looking out for large and prominent features or try and locate cardinal directions such as North. The other benefits of attending this course were the bushcraft skills, open fire cooking & meeting likeminded people. Thats it and i made an A-frame shelter on a platform about 5 feet by 7-8 feet in about a day since it was raining the whole time i know it was also waterproof and we had a bunch of other task to accomplish.
I would say that if anyone is thinking of taking up canoeing or a new activity then this would be a perfect course. The quality of the training and instruction was excellent and taught in line with the speed of the group. Although the focus of the course is not on kit it was a useful opportunity to see what kit people carry on a canoe journey, to learn what is really necessary and what is not.

You could tell it was born of experience and communicated really well, so was easily understood. This can be the difference between life and death.Next, rescue, find your bearings as above, head for a high point and design a quick, easy and practical method for signaling. There was enough ‘down time’ to allow us to appreciate our surroundings, share stories and experiences and just relax and have some fun with like-minded people.
Perhaps a mirror or fire which produces lots of smoke.Finally, gather water and food where you can. We also ate well (in fact we put on weight!) and Sally was very happy with the vegetarian meal options.
Most things that crawl can be eaten and insects and bugs such as meal worms contain good sources of protein, fats and vitamins.
Foraging and Water purification - You get to drink your own filtered dirty river water and participate in a classic Bear Grylls Gross Eat of live worms!!!!3. Self preservation and environmental awareness training - Children and parents test their reflexes and flinch response out on each other, great fun.5.
Crossing difficult ground by any means, including rivers, lakes, steep ground, dense woodland. All the instructors are professional trainers, with years of experience in survival, mountaineering and working within extreme environments. The five-day Bear Grylls Survival Academy Survival Course is at Alladale Wilderness Reserve in the Scottish Highlands The family courses take place in the Whithorn Estate in Brook, Surrey, in the South East of England about an hour from London, with all the famous sites that has to offer. If it's adventure you want then hit the Jurassic coast line only two hours away and try your hand at rock climbing or abseiling. During his 12 years as a Royal Marine, Scott became an adventurous training instructor teaching canoeing, climbing and mountaineering, which gave him his love of climbing and adventure.He spent a year in Antarctica working with the Royal Navy and British Antarctic Survey, which encompassed glacier travel, mountaineering and working in extreme environments when managing and ensuring the safety of scientists conducting research. He also passed six winters in Norway as an arctic warfare specialist, and military ski and mountain instructor.Next, he joined the police force and eventually became a Police Trainer in officer safety, law, advanced communication skills, and more recently fire arms and Taser instruction.
Through this, he was engaged by the Born Survivor UK TV production company to provide logistics support, equipment and advice for the Bear Grylls TV show.More Tips for Survival and Survival SchoolsThere are many wilderness survival schools where you learn self-rescue tips. Some folks go just because they think it will be challenging and fun, or because they spend a lot of time in the wilderness. A course like this might also help you save your own life, whether lost in the woods, in a car stuck in the snow in an isolated area, or in other dire situations.

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