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JUNEAU - Captain Don Kubley describes himself as "just a fourth generation kid from Ketchikan," but he has a business on his hands that could change the way the world responds to natural disasters. Kubley is the president and CEO of a company called Intershelter, which manufactures dome-shaped portable shelters.
Built to withstand extreme environmental conditions, including Class 4 hurricanes and 8.5 earthquakes, the domes are being marketed as the solution to a range of emergency housing needs - from disaster relief to quarantine shelters to refugee camps. Domes, Kubley said, bridge the gap between permanent housing and the typical portable shelters of tents and trailers. Made out of fiberglass with a gel coat, the domes are assembled from 21 round pieces, each piece weighing less than 55 pounds. A 14-foot SurvivalDome can be assembled by two inexperienced people in less than two hours, using just a ladder, a screwdriver and small socket wrench. Instead of relying on tents and trailers to house thousands of people following natural disasters such as hurricanes, floods and earthquakes, agencies like FEMA could strategically place domes in disaster-prone areas of the country, Kubley said. Kubley, with the support of a number of high-ranking military officials and disaster relief experts, recently submitted a proposal to FEMA recommending the use of the domes for disaster relief. When he first introduced the domes to people outside of Alaska, Kubley said many of them responded with comments along the lines of, "Oh, it's an igloo!" At first he corrected people, but after hearing it enough times, he decided to embrace the igloo image. Call it a dome, an igloo or a shelter - the structures can already be found in 54 countries around the world, and counting.
AT&T Alascom has ordered half a dozen of the domes to be placed at remote towers on mountain tops, Buck said. Several thousand miles south of Juneau, domes were used for 12 years for a medium-term housing community for the homeless called Justiceville. On the Intershelter brochure, Kubley has reprinted a letter Stanley: "As a 32-year career emergency manager we see few opportunities to really make giant leaps in the way we do things in disaster preparedness. The structures meet the residential building codes for Los Angeles and are the only temporary structures that have been approved for migrant worker housing, Kubley said.
Right now, Intershelters's focus is on large-scale projects, but Kubley thinks the domes will be popular for individual consumers as well.
The 14-foot diameter dome, which provides 160 square feet of living space, retails for about $7,000, and the 20-foot diameter dome (320 square feet) for $12,500. Intershelter is currently run by just Kubley, his wife Tracy, and his vice president Shawn Mattoon, but they have a large team of contractors and supporters. As he awaits the growth spurt, for the moment Kubley still has time to sit in one of his domes and admire the design. According to Larry Tanner, who works as a structural engineer at the Wind Engineering Research Center in Texas Tech University, the average US home simply doesn’t stand a chance once it falls into the path of a tornado.

The average wind speed generated by a tornado whips up to between 130mph to 160mph, say the National Weather Service. Winds reaching 90mph are at the very low end of the scale when it comes to tornadoes, according to Tanner. The average US home is reckoned to have a lifespan of around 50 years, and the chances of it being hit by a tornado in that time are incredibly small. One place where building codes are more stringent is in Florida, due to the much bigger chance of them having to withstand a hurricane. In order to make a home “tornado proof”, it would have to be made “missile resistant”, say the folks at the wind research lab. This means that homes would have to be made seven and a half times stronger than they are now. There are some houses that are affordable, energy efficient, and tornado, hurricane, earthquake, and fire proof.
I have seen other countries especially in the Midlle east and Europe that use hollow blocks complete with concrete posts and steel rebars.
They stock up on canned foods, generators, first aid kits and other things that can come in handy if a calamity strikes.
If all goes according to plan, the company's slogan, "We shelter the world," might not be too far off from becoming a reality. The pieces can be stacked "like Pringles potato chips," Kubley said, and will fit in the back of a pickup truck. The domes are known to last at least 15-20 years, and Kubley thinks they are likely to last much longer than that. After disaster strikes, the domes can be easily constructed by families themselves close to what remains of their property. Kubley said he has dealers in 15 countries and receives 100-200 requests for information daily from around the globe. They will be used to house equipment and will be stocked with food and water to be used as survival sheds if necessary. And since the domes can be sealed to product against biohazards, they would also make ideal shelters for quarantines and sheltering the humanitarian aid workers dealing with outbreaks of serious diseases or terrorist attacks.
There are currently 400-500 in existence around the world, but Intershelter is poised to build 15,000-20,000 units in the next year, then double the following year - and then skyrocket, Kubley said. You can get our headlines via email as well, or follow us on Twitter.Just last month, hundreds of people died and thousands of properties across the south were destroyed by the ferocious tornados that wrecked havoc in the area. A telling statistic comes from the Federal Emergency Management Agency, which says that since 1953 57% of all catastrophic losses covered by insurance were due to tornadoes.

According to engineers, it simply isn’t practical to build a brick or wood home that can stand up to a tornado. Poor quality roofing shingles are easily ripped off by strong winds, usually in a matter of seconds, and it is here where a home is weakest.
The units can be connected to each other to form larger homes for families.Photos Courtesy Of IntershelterIntershelter's domes can be customized to the needs of each situation, from sparse emergency shelter to medium-term housing. A student of Fuller's named Craig Chamberlain created a small, economical dome called the OmniSphere. At just 14 feet across, the dome appears pretty unassuming, but the telecommunications company has big plans for the little structures, said Brian Buck of AT&T. Buck himself was once stuck at one of AT&T's remote sites for three days with only a helicopter for shelter and melted snow for water.
At a time when the country is looking for new industries - green industries, especially - Intershelter is it. Once the roof goes, the rest of the home is exposed, and it can easily be blown apart from the inside out. In areas such as Joplin and Tuscaloosa,homes that are grouped together in terms of buildings with hollow bricks, cement and steel beams that are asymmetrical will help people protect themselves.Single detached wood structured homes historically,can’t work there! A personal connection brought Chamberlain, the man with the design, together with Kubley - the man who would market the dome to the world. Having mandatory underground safe proof shelters and disaster proof automotive(s), in these areas can diminished the total loss of lives and property.
A refined version of Chamberlain's original design is now being produced and sold by Intershelter.
The airport covers 53 square miles and is rumored to contain a bunker underneath the buildings that stands above the plain. Although not originally intended to be a survival bunker, place is ranked as one of the most secure places on the planet. Announcements made by the President or FEMA over the Emergency Alert System are most likely to come from here.
The bunkers were never built for use by normal individuals, just those normal yet elite people anyway.

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