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Hundreds of Royal Marines have been learning to survive in the harsh winter climate of northern Norway as part of an annual exercise called Cetus 14. They must ski across the mountains while carrying weapons and 70lb bergens, construct makeshift shelters from brushwood, and build fires to keep warm and cook their dinner. Food is usually chicken, which they must kill themselves, and vegetables which they are taught how to prepare with only basic equipment. Surveillance and Reconnaissance Squadron (SRS) conducting live firing break contact drills on the Setermoen exercise areas, Norway.
Royal Marines constructing shelters, preparing food and building fires as part of the survival phase of the Cold Weather Warfare Course (CWWC).
42 Commando Royal Marines conducting ski training as part of the Cold Weather Warfare Course (CWWC). Royal Marines and attached ranks from the Commando Logistics Regiment (CLR) conducting ice breaking drills as part of the survival phase of the Cold Weather Warfare Course (CWWC).
Royal Marine from the Commando Logistics Regiment (CLR) conducting ice breaking drills as part of the survival phase of the Cold Weather Warfare Course (CWWC). Images captured show Royal Marines and attached ranks from the Commando Logistics Regiment (CLR) conducting ice breaking drills as part of the survival phase of the Cold Weather Warfare Course (CWWC). When they arrive here they hand over their bergens, they will take what they can carry in their pockets like string survival kits, basic first aid kits and a knife - which is the critical tool they will need. Royal Marine Mountain Leader, Sergeant Steve Thomas of Commando Logistics Regiment, said: "When they arrive here they hand over their bergens, they will take what they can carry in their pockets like string survival kits, basic first aid kits and a knife - which is the critical tool they will need.
Royal Marines Warrant Officer Andy Oldham said: "From the Monday morning they have a weapon in their hand. Based at Asegarden Camp in Northern Norway the Marines come every year to hone these specialist skills and are the UK’s only arctic warfare trained military force. This involves each person skiing into an ice hole carrying two poles and a rucksack and then pulling themselves out with all their equipment.
Once out of the ice hole the individual has to recite their Service number and name before asking for permission to leave the ice where they then get into warm dry clothes and have a hot drink. The aim of the challenge is for each person to experience what it would be like if any of them fell through ice during arctic warfare. Leading Hand Kayley Smith, 27, had been waiting two weeks to take on the task as previously the ice was too deep to cut the holes. Ensuring the security of home and international waters is central to the stability and prosperity of Britain and the world economy.
We work with our allies and partners to help cement the relationships that our nation depends on. Safeguarding the high seas trade routes that Britain depends on for 95% of its economic activity. Our ability to overcome adverse conditions means we’re often the first to respond when disaster strikes. Mine hunter ships, frigates, destroyers and assault ships, among others, form the backbone of our naval prowess.

Our fleet of submarines silently patrol the oceans and is responsible for the formidable nuclear deterrent, the Trident missile system. This civilian-manned flotilla provides the Royal Navy with the frontline logistic support that enables operations worldwide.
The Second Sea Lord & Deputy Chief of Naval Staff is responsible for the delivery of the Naval Service’s current and future personnel, equipment and infrastructure.
The Fleet Commander makes sure our ships, aircraft and submarines and Royal Marines are ready for any operations. The UK’s largest maritime youth charity providing life skills through nautical adventure activities. At the heart of our naval prowess is an impressive fleet that includes destroyers, frigates, and aircraft carriers. Silently patrolling the world’s seas is our fleet of submarines – formidable machines responsible for carrying Britain’s nuclear deterrent.
Royal Marines are able to operate across all terrains and environments using an arsenal of highly specialised equipment and weapons. At the heart of our effectiveness, amplifying the impact of our specialist equipment, are people of the highest calibre. Our 30,000 highly skilled men and women work across multiple disciplines to achieve one aim: protect our nation’s interests.
It takes a multi-disciplinary team to meet the needs of our people and equipment, and the demands of the environments we operate in.
If you were looking for a totally indestructible shelter for surviving the approaching 2012-doomsday scenario, a converted nuclear ballistic missile silo could have been a good option, but sadly this particular model is completely SOLD OUT.
If you cannot bear spending the apocalypse without a big flatscreen TV, a washing machine ,and a well-equipped kitchen, Vivos might be your best bet. If  don’t want to spend your last days without any art and culture, then this green-roofed Cold War-era bunker turned cultural center might be the most clever way to spend the world’s end.
If you’ve visited central Europe, you are probably familiar with the abundance of WWII bunkers across the landscape. If you are worried about the world’s end on 12-21-12, you can keep yourself safely locked up and entertained behind a 3,000-pound blast door.
If you want to forget about the Mayans, climate change, nuclear disasters, hurricanes, radiation and politicians, your ideal last days might include drinking, dancing and having fun shaking your bones — while you have some. The Green Patrol Bag is designed to be used in between temperatures between 30 and 50 degrees F. This system includes two half shelter systems that connect together to create a two man pup tent, which was the standard ground troops’ tent for decades.
The shelter is made out ofA  a large metal tube, with dimensions of 32-feet long and 10-feet wide. Equipped to sleep up to four in the collapsible bunk beds, each of which has room for extra storage underneath.If there were four people living in said bunkers, the smell may be a the biggest problem since there is no shower.
Luxuries like a flat screen television - which can be used for entertainment but doubles as the security system - and a leather couch can also be included, though for an additional fee.

As well as trying to master balancing on skies with their weapons and bags, while also looking out for the enemy, all must go through an ice-breaking ritual. If you have been distraught by the hype and rumors of doom and gloom surrounding the 12-21-12 apocalypse, now is time to cut out the anxiety and start looking for an indestructible shelter to save you and your loved ones.
Retailing for just $2 million per apartment, the Survival Condo in Kansas, is a 14-story shelter with enough food to feed 70 people indefinitely. Located beneath the Mojave Desert, these stylish interconnected underground bunkers promise to keep you, your family and animal-friends (these go for free!) safe and comfy for a long-term stay. Located within the Swiss Alps, Angebauter Tarnrucksack by Atelier-f is a solid construction, boasts a green roof and beautiful views of the mountains (we’re not sure how well these will hold post-Apocalypse), and is a true doomsday escape for the most discerning artist. However, this particular bunker in Hamburg, Germany, is being converted into a renewable energy plant — great for staying self-sufficient during the world’s end. One of the many recycled bunkers by company Vivos, this Cold War-era facility in California will provide you and your loved ones with a sprawling underground space measuring 20,000 square-feet. But don’t worry about your brains being a tasty snack for the undead, the folks at Architects Southwest have already thought of this scenario and designed The Zombie Ranch, a self-sustaining vertical farm, with food, trees and an innovative zombie-powered energy system that will put those freaks to good use.
Designed to be used alone or combined with the other components of the USGI Modular Sleep System for extreme cold weather protection.
The high price of $59,900 may be one reason why the company has yet to make a sale, but there have been 'several serious inquiries'.The Atlas corrugated pipe shelter is the latest line from the company, as they also carry tornado and hurricane shelters as well as one designed specifically for hiding out while hunting. From recycled luxury pads under the Mohave Desert to a bunker-nightclub in Moscow, here are 7 eco-shelters to get you through the 2012 apocalypse in comfort and with style! It also comes with a fitness center, a bar, a pool and a movie theatre showing videos of how the Earth looked before it all went down in flames. Impossible to knock down, the Energy Bunker is also building a 3,000 square meter solar array on its roof and on its side.
The Bunker-House comes equipped with medical services, restrooms, kitchens, and a facility to store DNA, seeds, and other samples to help revive the planet after the catastrophic event. Reversible double-pull zipper allows top or bottom ventilation, non-locking slide fastener self repairs if jammed or snagged. He said that the unusual living space is ideal for people who are 'just kind of preparing for something. They can't put a finger on it, whatever may or may not happen,' he told local news site Click Orlando. The shelter, produced by Al's Army Navy Store in Altamonte Springs is built entirely around the idea that it will be fully-functioning at up to depths of 20-feet below ground.

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