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Economy - Survival Nation has a dynamic survival economy that adjusts as the supply and demand of minecraft items change over time. Events - We have multiple multiplayer events that run daily, weekly, monthly, and even a few so big they only occur once! Treasure Quest (Survival Dungeons) - Treasure quest is the end all dungeon survival quest for treasure!
Minecraft Magic - Every survival player has access to magic spells that range from telporting you (server tp) to distant objects, healing yourself, throwing enemies into the air, walking on air, and much more! McMmo - Skills allow users to rank up in certain tasks and earn bonuses when performing certain actions on the server!
Mining World - Every user has access to an entire separate world from survival nation where they can freely, and openly mine! Dragon Battle - The End - Every so often a portal to the end dimension will open and online players can team up to battle the enderdragon. Mob Arena - Every day during a random time a staff member will activate the Server Mob Arena. Server Trophy Tags - Various tags that an online player can wear at the end of there minecraft name can be collected throughout the world of Survival Nation. Server Links - More information about what kind of server survival nation is and what these terms mean can be found at the following pages..

So come along and try the server out, it could be thebest server you have ever been on!The server has only been up two days, so please excuse us if the staff are very busy. We offer tons of amazing features like quests, our town system, magic, mob arena, classes, dungeons, dragon battles, constant new updates and much more. If someone wrongly teleports you, griefs you, spams or harasser's you, etc they will be punished. Currently there are 3 of these minecraft dungeon games that you have to play in order to receive the ultimate prize! Up to 10 times a day online the server will randomly generate a random spell and give all players a hint to its location. The world is large enough to support mining by hundreds of players daily online, and is completely regenerated when ore count is low. Players have a separate inventory in this world and must use resources they collect to craft special minecraft items and equipment to defeat the enderdragon. Some trophy tags are easy to find, other require you to complete hard objectives or be the best at something.
All creations copyright of the creators.Minecraft is copyright Mojang AB and is not affiliated with this site. Our awesome survival community is full of friendly & helpful players all moderated by a responsible staff.

Each class offers 6 levels with a variety of powers and abilities that grow as you rank up in the server.
Each one gets harder in difficulty as you play it, they also get progressively harder from I to III! Users can add multiplayer names to a protection to grant friends access, or password protect a chest. We have an amazing custom town plugin that fits our needs and has better features than towny! Pick between 7 classes all with unique minecraft tools and powers that effect the game in there own way.
Reporting someone is as easy as using our in game mod request system or typing a single command.

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