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You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. My buddy Nikola Mazola gets ran over almost every time I paddle out with him at the Cliffs.
And as for Kalani Chapman and Surfline's Editor's Pick, you both need to read up on your surf history concerning Duke. From a big day at Lennox head doing the boulder dance to dodging seals in Namibia, watching has always served me well. For the record, this was written by Chris Dixon in collaboration with Andrew Nathanson, not Brian Keaulana.
There are SOOOO many surfers in today's lineups where hubris takes the place of knowledge and skill.

Made from sturdy metal, shut with steel clips for extra security, this box is great for carrying first aid, ammo and most importantly, food. Paddle out on Oahu some time and see how many times you will be dropping in behind someone (and if you are smart, straightening off and apologizing afterward).
That 4-6' day at San Miguel would have been near empty if you had kept your 6-8 ill-mannered groms at the nearby breaks where their ability levels indicated they belonged.
I only hope that the hordes of novice surfers read, understand and abide by this great information!!! A few years ago I got swept backwards of a rock ledge I had been jumping off for 20 years, because a little bit of backwash made an incoming wave not dissipate in the way every other wave I had seen for decades dissipated. There is nothing more frustrating (and in a lot of cases dangerous) than beginners surfing the hi performance areas of Trestles!

So a quick change of jumping off directions meant I escaped with a small board ding instead of being slammed against a cliff.
Of course, if you're operating on hubris alone, these lessons will,most likely, be learned from Mother Nature or those who understand them well.
Hone your skills before surfing said places and as posted in Hawaii-When In Doubt Don't Go Out!

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