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A NEW GTA 5 update including the Stunt Race Creator will launch on Xbox One, PS4 and PC this week and is set to be followed by NEW CONTENT later in the month. Having built a hut on the shore of a cove they named Commonwealth Bay, the men of the AAE had wintered over in what was later proven to be the windiest place on Earth (at least at sea level), with gusts up to 200 mph. Setting out in November 1912, Mawson’s sledging party was one of eight three-man teams sent off on journeys in all possible directions.
By the morning of December 14, 35 days out, the trio had reached a point nearly 300 miles from the hut. Now Mawson and Mertz cut away the fragile lip of the open crevasse, roped up, and took turns leaning over the abyss. For three hours, Mawson and Mertz called into the depths, hoping against hope for an answering cry. In the first days of their homeward dash, driven by adrenaline, they made excellent mileage. Navigating with a theodolite and dead reckoning, Mawson steered a homeward course as much as 25 miles south of their outward track, hoping to skirt the worst of the crevasses and the heads of the two big glaciers.
By January 7, the men had covered some 200 miles of their return trek, with 100 still to go. Mawson buried his friend, still in the sleeping bag, beneath a mound of snow blocks atop which he fixed a rude cross made of discarded sledge runners. One day, plowing through deep snow, he broke through a snowbridge covering a hidden crevasse.
It would take him ten days to cover that short distance, as he waited out a prolonged blizzard.
David Roberts is the author of Alone on the Ice, a new book on Mawson’s survival trek. LONDON - Six-time Olympic champion Usain Bolt clocked a season best time of 9.58 seconds to win the men's 100 meters of the Anniversary Games at London's Olympic stadium on Friday. The Jamaican, who retained the 100m, 200m and 4X100m Olympic titles here last year, overcame a shaky start to take a comfortable victory.
Usain Bolt of Jamaica reacts after winning the men's 100m race during the London Diamond League 'Anniversary Games' athletics meeting at the Olympic Stadium, in east London July 26, 2013.
Bolt will also run the men's 4X100m relay on Saturday, when Mo Farah and Jessica Ennis-Hill, two Britons who won gold medals in last year's Olympics, will also show up. Ennis-Hill, who has been troubled with an Achilles injury throughout the season, is set to compete in the long jump and 100m hurdles while Farah will compete in the 3,000m. Thirty years old, already a seasoned explorer, Douglas Mawson was the leader of the Australasian Antarctic Expedition (AAE), a 31-man team pursuing the most ambitious exploration yet of the southern continent. At times, the gales were so strong they knocked the men off their feet and sent them sliding across the ice. For his own Far Eastern Party, he chose 29-year-old Swiss ski champion Xavier Mertz and 25-year-old Belgrave Ninnis, an eager, likeable Englishman serving in the Royal Fusiliers. The men had crossed two major glaciers and scores of hidden crevasses—deep fissures in the ice camouflaged by thin snowbridges. They had far too little rope to lower themselves into the crevasse to search for their companion.
The two men put on their chest-and-hip harnesses and pulled the sledge alongside her, exhausting themselves after only a few miles’ run.

Summoning extraordinary powers, Mawson pulled the terrible load by himself for two and a half miles.
The expedition’s relief ship Aurora was scheduled to arrive at Commonwealth Bay on January 15 to pick up the men and steam toward home in Australia. He rolled over and passed out, waking an hour or two later to find his body covered with a dusting of new-fallen snow. Instead, he and six men deputized to stay on to search for Mawson’s party were condemned to spend another year in the windiest place on Earth. When Mawson finally reached Australia in February 1914, he was greeted as a national hero and knighted by King George V. Welcome, this is the home of the most effective hacks ever created and from now on you are here trying to find Deer Hunter 2016 Cheat right? By using this tool is absolutely easy, you just need to make sure your device, tablet, phone etc is near your computer and the tool will hook up with that device, and then choosing your Cash and Gold means choosing the kind and the quantity of Cash and Gold that you would like transferred to your.
But then Mertz, who had been scouting ahead on skis all morning, stopped and turned in his tracks. On the far side, two separate sledge tracks led up to the hole; on the near side, only one led away. Hoping to connect the unmapped interior with the heights of far-off Oates Land, discovered by Robert Falcon Scott’s party only the year before, Mawson was bent on making the deepest push of all into the unknown.
One hundred fifty feet down, a husky lay moaning on a snow shelf, its back evidently broken. When George, then Johnson, then Mary could no longer pull, they were loaded on the sledge and carried to that night’s camp, where the men shot them with the rifle. Crossing wind-carved ridges of hard snow known as sastrugi as high as three and a half feet, they repeatedly fell down and often capsized the sledge. Too weak to move on January 2, he could manage only five miles the next day before giving up, forcing Mawson to pitch the tent. In his diary that night, he wrote, “If he cannot go on 8 or 10 m[iles] a day, in a day or two we are doomed.
That afternoon, he tried to lift Mertz to a sitting position to drink cocoa and weak beef broth, but the man started raving deliriously and again soiled himself. Three days after Mertz’s death, Mawson discovered to his horror that the soles of his feet had completely detached from the skin beneath them, which spurted pus and blood.
But as the days ticked by, Mawson was still more than 80 miles from the hut, and he was growing weaker by the hour. He dangled free in space, the crevasse walls too far away to reach even with the wild swing of a boot.
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Mawson judged it to be only a minor nuisance, as his sledge glided smoothly across the bridge. Desperate to hoard their tiny supplies of pemmican, biscuits, raisins, and cocoa, the men ate the tough, stringy dog meat, then threw the bones and skin to the remaining huskies, which fought ravenously over every scrap.

In disbelief that his fingers had been frostbitten, Mertz surprised Mawson by biting off the tip of one.
Other experts suggested that Mertz’s collapse was due simply to hypothermia, overexertion, and near starvation. The 14-foot harness rope attaching him to the sledge had held, but now Mawson was sure that his weight would pull the sledge in on top of him. His first thought came as a searing regret that he had not had the chance to eat the last ounces of his food before he died. Even for a fit, healthy man, such a feat would have been barely possible; yet Mawson pulled, rested, and lunged again. He pondered slipping out of the harness to plunge to the bottom of the crevasse, ending things at once rather than by strangling or slowly freezing.
What drove him onward was the hope of leaving his diary, along with Mertz’s, in a place where searchers might eventually find them and learn the story of the doomed Far Eastern Party.
Inside, he found a message from three teammates who had been out searching and a bag of food—blessed food! The first to arrive was Frank Bickerton, a stalwart 24-year-old British engineer who had been in charge of another of the exploring parties. Although he would lead two more Antarctic expeditions, his life’s work became the production of 96 published reports that embodied the scientific results of the AAE. Without written authorization from CDIC, such content shall not be republished or used in any form. Extra Strong, Ultra Strong.The New Cunning Stunts Creator Will allow you to remove existing world props. He called out the usual warning to Ninnis, and, in a last glance back, saw that his teammate had corrected his path to cross the crevasse head-on rather than diagonally. We have created this Deer Hunter 2016 Cheat to impress you by generating a lot of sweet, juicy Cash and Gold that will totally rocket that you the top!
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The featureless plateau of snow and ice stretched into the distance, marked only by the tracks Mawson’s sledge had left. And from the startled look on Bickerton’s face as he beheld the gaunt, ravaged countenance of the man staggering toward him, he knew exactly what Bickerton was thinking: Which one are you? Yes, well those proxies hide your real IP, which is the IP that you use to play the game applying this feature removes any kind of way that could ruin your money, so you happen to be good on that. This Deer Hunter 2016 Cash works for each of the know devices iOS, Android, Windows Phone etc. If you still don’t believe it works, above you’ve got a proof in the Deer Hunter 2016 Hack, this is the way it appears, pretty sweet huh? Our designers are perfect and they put a lot of hard work in each and every cheat we make so it appears friendly and it’s really simple to use for everybody! Anyway as I said before, after generating the Cash and Gold it doesn’t take over 2-3 minutes for that Cash and Gold to look in your bank account.

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