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The Department of Treasury has put out an ad for survival kits for all of its employees who oversee the federal banking system. Contracts for survival kits are usually made for the military, or law enforcement such as the FBI. The emergency supplies would be for every employee at the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC), which conducts on-site reviews of banks throughout the country.
The government is willing to spend up to $200,000 on the kits, according to the solicitation released on Dec.
The survival kits must come in a fanny-pack or backpack that can fit all of the items, including a 33-piece personal first aid kit with “decongestant tablets,” a variety of bandages, and medicines.
The kits must also include a “reusable solar blanket” 52 by 84 inches long, a 2,400-calorie food bar, “50 water purification tablets,” a “dust mask,” “one-size fits all poncho with hood,” a rechargeable lantern with built-in radio, and an “Air-Aid emergency mask” for protection against airborne viruses. The Emergency Preparedness & Response Specialist is a professional in the field of emergency preparedness. Someone in the decision-making process has a close friend, relative or associate in the survival-kit (or components thereof) business.
Thats right, its like the worthless gear we had in the Air Force that we were forced to use instead of good gear. Camping gear costs thousands of dollars for products, that if used enough, are going to fail when you least expect it. I will base this off of a summer loadout that I built in 2009 after I lost my job in the economic collapse. Do build your own frame saw.   A nicely tempered 24 inch Bahco saw blade is much lighter in your survival pack and more efficient than an expensive folding saw that tends to bend and break.
Do Not buy heavy, expensive canteens.   I already touched base on this one, but a cheap billy pot and a Gatorade bottle are every bit as efficient as a heavy and costly metal bottle. Do Not buy expensive custom knives.   A laser sharp Mora in the right hands is pretty hard to beat for $10.
Savings: Savings here are not monetary but the quality of 550 over the quantity of bank line gives us a real peace of mind savings.
Tent stakes you bought at a store and need replaced occasionally = $10 – $20 every few months.
Hopefully you have found something useful here, so maybe if you’re just now planning a low-budget camping backpack, you can save some coin and headache. Currently, I create and execute content- and PR strategies for clients, including thought leadership and messaging. Eli Lilly will reduce its workforce by 13.5% in the next two years, to cut costs when its patents expire. Early Monday, Lilly said that it plans to whittle down its global ranks to 35,000 employees by the end of 2011, a move that should help reduce its cost structure by about $1 billion. In a statement, Lilly attributed the move to the expected loss of market exclusivity for several key products, beginning in 2011. Lilly’s top-selling product, the antipsychotic Zyprexa, is slated to lost patent protection in 2011. As part of the cost-savings initiative, Lilly also said it plans to reorganize the company into five units: oncology, diabetes, established markets, emerging markets and animal healthcare. The problem is though, that science can tell us nothing about values, ethics and how to organise ourselves. Yes, we can vote for different political parties, but because of the party funding system (especially in the US), and because of the lobby industry, corporate ownership of the media and the power of corporate-controlled institutions, it’s not possible to elect a government that will challenge corporate power under this corporate-controlled system. I suggest that fusion will increase economic growth sharply – which means that, largely in the West, where the technology will be introduced first (at least initially), cheap energy will mean a huge increase in spending power, which will mean more consumption, more cars, more roads, more flights, more resorts, airports, mines, factories, second homes, consumer goods etc. You mentioned that America spends ten times as much on pet grooming as it does on fusion research – you know that people will always find more nonsense to spend their money on.

And of course, control of our energy supply will hand more power to corporations, and chip away at our democracy just that little bit more. Brian, I agree with you that humans will continue to explore, and (unless they become extinct) will continue to spread out into the galaxy. For example, after the Iraq war, companies like Monsanto monopolised the supply of seeds, and the US prevented Iraqis from harvesting and using seed from their own plants. Humanity is improving in many ways – the speed of change in my lifetime is incredible. Capitalism is not a natural law; it is a human invention to protect the powerful, and as such it can be changed. Another starting point for this discussion would be what you consider to be an appropriate amount of energy use per person per annum in the UK, the US and globally? I just watched this program on Australian television and I, basically agree with the points above. I had another issue with his connection between energy usage and length of life – and education! Also, my nuclear physics is VERY rusty but surely a full blown fusion reactor will produce elements other than Helium? Yes, scientists tend to be very focused on science, and often miss the political consequences of their work.
Well, the fusion reactions in the centre of stars certainly produce more than helium, and supernovae produce all the heavier elements too. But if we start getting close to supernova conditions, it might be time to start getting worried. Latest CommentsMatty T August 15, 2016 at 11:11 pm on Why Brian Cox is wrong about nuclear fusionKnowledge is not power, it's human growth! Some folks use catfish line, but I’ve tried it and never have found the quantity to trump the quality of paracord.
Of course, they are not indestructible, and you’ll likely be replacing them if you are a hard-use type. And if you’re an experienced camper, I hope this has inspired you to reevaluate your current investment and needs.
I also ghostwrite and produce press releases, white papers, case studies and other collateral. The drugmaker is expected to lose protection for its second best-seller, the antidepressant Cymbalta, around 2013. Lilly has already reduced its workforce by several thousand through attrition over the last several years.
In particular, I think this programme made two huge mistaken assumptions, around democracy and around nuclear fusion.
If we introduce nuclear fusion into a steady-state economy, that’s a different kettle of fish altogether.
You know that corporations (probably the existing energy giants) will own and run the technology the moment it becomes profitable to do so.
They can never get their 10,000-year seed heritage back a€“ the longest seed heritage in the world, as Iraq is where agriculture began.
Parenting is better, we have the internet, mobile communications, therapy, we’re moving in the direction of racial and gender equality, and of course science is telling us much more about the wonders of our universe. If we look after this planet and strive for new technologies we will be infinitely better off. That includes hail storms, damaging winds, a few feet worth of rain, and general drunken stubbornness.
Also slated to lose protection over the next few years are the osteoporosis drug Evista, insulin product Humalog, and lung cancer treatment Alimta.

The City of Indianapolis gave tens of millions of dollars in tax abatement incentives to the company during the administration of Mayor Bart Peterson, who is now a senior vice president with Lilly, based on investment and employment promises made by the company. He has gravitas but you also feel as though you could have a social drink and a chat with him. The programme showed the National Ignition Facility in California, where 192 lasers fire 1000 times the peak power generating capacity of the US at a target 1mm across in a single blast – it’s like bringing a star to earth!
LILI has always focused on two enormous problems facing humantiy – ecological degradation and theA prevention of democracy by corporate power. With our economy managed so that it stays within nature’s limits, the introduction of a limitless, clean energy supply would be a very good thing.
I believe that Monsanto and Cargill attempting to completely control our food supply is a very bad thing, in the same way, I think that it’s a very bad idea for a few large entities to own our energy supply. If the fusion generation will be owned by corporations, and they will reap the profits, why aren’t they paying for the R&D? For one thing, rockets burn too much fuel, and therefore create too much environmental damage. Once we can do that, which I would argue requires better leaders and a better system than the one we have now, then fine – but not until.
Even if all the (massive) hurdles are overcome, I believe that it will be much more expensive than renewables are already.
The cause and effect is that rich countries have good nutrition, sanitation, clean water and good medical systems plus education.
Andrew Rollinson August 15, 2016 at 9:09 am on My experience with a traditional watermill driving a generator to produce electricityVery Interesting.
Besides, with the savings you’ll make from the other tips in this article, you can afford it.
If fusion is introduced into our current economic and political system, I believe that it will make those things less likely.A Let me explain what I mean in an open letter to Brian. In 2013, for the first time, more energy was produced in a fusion reaction than was used in the process of creating the reaction.
The introduction of fusion into an economy whose only purpose seems to be to increase in size could be a very different, and dangerous matter. Instead, we advocate small-scale, local, renewable energy generation – for example solar, wind and hydro. As you say, the Saturn 5 requires more power to lift-off than the peak power generating capacity of the UK.
Let’s solve our ecology and democracy problems first, and not try to export this flawed, undemocratic, ecologically-damaging system into the rest of the galaxy.
Their citizens can, of course afford all the things that use lots of energy and they can afford that to pay for the energy. Then individuals and local communities can own their own energy supply, rather than being dependent on corporations. Eva August 14, 2016 at 9:59 pm on Free straw-bale building internships starting in SeptemberHi there, I'm very interested in this, but I can't work out how to send an email over!
Fuzzy, a trail friend, had a poly tarp last six months and he was every bit as hard on his as I was on mine.
Many stormy nights for him, as well.  I know because I rode out a night filled with rain wrapped twisters with him on more than one occasion, so I can vouch for his tarp.

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