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A short fun video showing how to make your own hillbilly laundry using a windshield wiper motor to take camping or RVing. So I posted a question on a couple of forums, my facebook page and in a couple of facebook groups about which backpack everyone thought was the best bug out bag out there. I’ve been using an old Camelbak BFM on deployments and for traveling for about a decade now. The Camelbak is a nice bag (other than the tiny side pockets of the older version) but I wanted something a bit larger and not so military-looking. But, now that I’m home, and hopefully not going to deploy for a while (hopefully), I wanted something that would fit in better in a civilian environment.
It has lots of useful pockets and straps, and is covered with Molle straps that make it a very useful bag.
The only real negative to this bag as a downrange bag or one for police or search and rescue operations is that if you have a thick neck like I do, the straps fit a bit too tight to be comfortable, but not so much that it’s a deal-breaker. The front admin pouch has all sorts of smaller compartments in it to keep your stuff straight.
The inside is pretty spacious and has a draw-string pouch as well as a large zippered mesh pouch. With a tactical bag, you can expect that you’ll be carrying a lot of gear, with a lot of add-ons like mag holders or whatnot. With a good bug out bag, you need to be able to carry enough gear to get you from point A to point B in a variety of environments, and not draw attention to yourself as you do it.
Considering that you can only carry so much weight in your bug out bag, that doesn’t leave a lot of weight left to carry the gear you really need to survive in some circumstances. I really wanted to like this piece of gear – and I really actually DO like this thing, for a different purpose.
If you want to see what I’ve packed in my new bag, check out How to build the ultimate 25 pound bug out bag. My goal is to help families to understand how to intelligently protect their family and their way of life against real threats, without all the end-of-the-world doomsday crap.
Former Counterintelligence Special Agent, US Army Chief Warrant Officer, and Combat Veteran. My personal go bag contentsThere are a lot of different things you can put on your bug out bag list and there’s not really one list of contents that you should follow. What you need in your bug out bag – a comprehensive lookA bug out bag is critical but what do you put in it? Everyday carry (EDC) gear – what I carrySo what do you really need to carry every day?
How to communicate when the world goes silentSo if cell phones stopped working, how would you communicate? 99 freakin’ awesome ideas for your bug out bagLots of articles tell you the basics of what you need in your bug out bag.
Top 10 best selling prepper gear you should considerOccasionally, I want to let you know which prepper and survival gear is selling better than the rest. If you would like to include a short snapshot of my article (the preview paragraph) by way of RSS feed with a link to the rest of the article, please feel free to do so, and I thank you if you do.
You can adjust the height of the holes to match the amount of water that you want to keep in the pan.  For example, placing the holes closer to the rim will allow you to use pans with shallow walls whereas you can make the holes higher if you are using deeper pans that you want to contain more water.
Ok, so I saw the 5 gallon bucket air conditioner swamp cooler that figjam did a couple years ago and thought it was a fantastic idea. This requires no ice, and will cool your RV or tent down at night while you’re sleeping. A swamp cooler, or evap (evaporative) cooler works because it takes heat to evaporate water. If you think a swamp cooler won’t work, check out these temperature drops for different temps and humidity levels. But no, if you live in 90% humidity, OBVIOUSLY an evap cooler isn’t going to work very well.
To read the chart, find your current air temperature on the left (say 95 degrees) and your humidity (say 20%), this will then theoretically put out 74 degrees. I spent several months dabbling here and there at different designs that involved large garbage cans, automobile air filters, and bunches of other stuff. Because I’m using such a large fan, I needed to have a LOT more intake capability than the 10 holes in a 5 gallon bucket allowed.
I ended up going with the KEEDOX® DC30A-1230 12V Phase CPU Cooling Car Brushless Water Pump.
Roll of bailing wire to cut into sections a few inches long to poke through the padding and keep it in place.
Cut one of those into two pieces and cut an inch of one of those so the total is 12″. Put three 13″ pipes onto the top of the holes in the cross beam pipes as well as one of the short pipes that you cut. For the next part, you need to connect the water pump to the hoses and the hoses to the PVC pipe. Place the pad inside the tower and center it (make sure the long way of the pad is with the long length of the tower or you won’t have any overhang. Once you’ve done all that, all you have to do is put the fan on top and you’re done!
Please share this article with anyone who camps or might want a way to cool down an RV or even a bug out shelter – or who just likes to build cool DIY projects.
This plays on the classic Arabian idea of hanging a wet blanket at the entrance of a tent, so when the air blows in it cools the tent.. You’d need to expand and contract some kind of liquid that has exothermic and endothermic properties in order to do that. I’ve seen somewhere that a guy was keeping his horse stables cool with a wall that did that. Instead of keeping a window open or the door cracked in a camper, maybe you could use a dryer vent with a RaspberryPI monitoring the humidity inside the camper. I really love that raspberrypi but I haven’t had a chance to do anything with it yet. I’ve been working on converting my van to be able to live in it recently and this would be perfect!
I have a small popup camper, so I don’t have room for this unit inside, and it will work better outside in the dry air.
I’m considering installing a poptop roof in my campervan and thinking about how a diy evap cooling setup in the pop top might work.

We also camp in a primitive area and this would be so useful your design looks awesome I really appreciate you posting it. Unfortunately the company vehicle does not have air condition provided I can get quite hot here in Texas while delivering mail all day.
Campers come in many shapes and forms: from static ones to wheeled campers and now one that is an actual boat! This camper can definitely come in handy if you find yourself needing to go out on the lake or if there is a danger of flooding. Quis autem vel eum iure reprehenderit qui in ea voluptate velit esse quam nihil molestiae consequatur, vel illum qui dolorem?Temporibus autem quibusdam et aut officiis debitis aut rerum necessitatibus saepe eveniet. So long that I couldn’t find a good link to the exact model for you but this one is fairly close to it. If you’re one of those guys who has a skinny neck that fits this bag, you need to hit the gym more. The last thing you need is to be bugging out of your area due to some kind of hurricane, riots, or whatever and have someone look over to you and think, “That dude looks like he probably has food and ammo on him.
If you don’t care about OPSEC and are strong enough to carry a lot of weight, this is a great bag. But, I knew better and went ahead and got it because SO MANY people have gotten this backpack as their primary bug out bag. In the right color, and with enough experience that you don’t have to pack it with stuff outside the bag, it actually is a good choice.
Look at what you need to carry find out how much volume that is and then buy a pack that size. If the first one looks in shape, possibly military trained, then I am definitely looking elsewhere.
I grew up in the woods and spent a lifetime in various environments from deserts to jungles to politically-sensitive urban environments, and I'm here to tell you what I know. Each item in your kit will depend on your skill set and what you’re trying to prepare for.
When considering disaster preparedness, keep in mind that what survival gear and emergency supplies you add to your bug out bag and then pack for your survival kit can mean the difference between life and death, or at least affect your level of comfort if SHTF and you had to get outta dodge.
All content on this site is subject to copyright law and cannot be reproduced in part or in its entirety without express permission from the original author. Disclosure: This is a professional review site that sometimes receives free merchandise from the companies whose products we review and recommend.
I won’t bother to put all those failed proofs of concept here but I spent a lot of time and quite a bit of money on this project. I found the bucket cooler wasn’t quite enough to cool my RV but it was putting out cool air, so I needed something bigger. It puts out a whopping 900 cubic feet per minute (which is 6x what the computer fan does) and has fantastic reviews on every camping site that I looked at. As you fill the tub higher, it covers more of the filter so there’s less it can pull, and the opposite for when the water level drops. This will be mostly cut into (18) 13″ sections with one of them cut in the middle again. You could connect a 12v connector so it plugs into a cigarette lighter like the fan does or you could put clamps on it like I have temporarily.
Doesn’t matter exactly where but it should be at least a few inches from one of the ends. If you slide the blue hose over the clear one and tighten it with the hose clamp, it won’t leak.
It’ll probably be curved so make the curve go toward the middle so it ends up pointing out near the closest corner so the pump is pushed that direction.
When it’s done, it should look something like this but the big thing is to make sure the water pump will stay at the bottom and under water. Cut the center of the pad with scissors down a few inches right in the middle where the corner is, on the top and the bottom so you can wrap the top and bottom halves over the pipe without having to stretch it in the center.
Fold the top of the padding over the pipe and back down on itself a few inches below and poke the bailing wire into the padding to keep it in place. That’s a swamp cooler float that allows the water to fill up to a certain point and then automatically stop. The problem is that the taller you go, the harder it is to keep the mats straight so the water doesn’t skip over parts. I actually built something similar to this quite a few years ago, but for a little different purpose.
Then I can hold them on by wrapping straps with velcro around them to hold them on, making it easier to tear down the unit, and also providing a bit more surface area. It looks like it would be fairly tricky to come up with a design that can fold into the roof but possible maybe, will post here if it comes together!
Do you think a smaller compact version of this could be made to fit in the delivery vehicle without ruining paper goods?
This awesome camper can also be used as a boat, so you can have a weekend of adventures right in the heart of nature. The high quality and aesthetics of boat-building are combined with the flexibility of a mobile home. I decided to get my grubby little hands on one to see what the fuss is all about, and to let you know what I thought of the bag everyone’s getting. The one I have has smaller side pockets that that one, which is a big improvement from what I have. The reason I got it in the first place is because I was deploying and needed something other than the god-awful rucksack that the Army gives us. I’ve done enough surveillance detection in the past to know that gray really helps with blending in. You need something that’s rugged, has a lot of pockets, and has a lot of molle things to hang additional gear or pouches on.
That makes the overall weight of just the stuff carrying your stuff as pretty hefty, and will most likely tip the scales at around 6 pounds. If you need a tough bag to keep around the house to toss in your car on the way out of town, this bag works really well too. Now this is only my opinion, and your particular circumstances may be completely different, but I ended up with an Osprey Packs Atmos 65 Backpack in Graphite Gray.
It’s a very well-made bag that will withstand a LOT of abuse and has enough compartments that living out of it is fairly convenient.
One has a kinda-military-looking Rush 72 and one has a (as you say) large hippy-freak Osprey backpack in non-tactical blue.

Spread your gear out over your whole family and use smaller, less tactical packs, then maybe you can do it. Here’s what Graywolf from Graywolf Survival carries and why, as well as some suggestions on how to plan your EDC kit. This is currently the list of the top 10 best-selling prepper and survival gear items, along with an explanation for each.
How to make butter in a jar using with whipping cream also known as heavy cream…great science experiment as well as a good skill to learn and teach!
That’s the biggest issue with having the thing recirculate inside air as I have it at the moment.
It had no problem cooling down my bedroom after a few hours, and I have a very large bedroom.
Since my fan puts out 6 times the airflow that Figjam’s does, I needed at least 6 times the filter area. It’s also super quiet, unlike the 120VAC pump I used from a water feature when I was figuring out how to design the thing.
If your holes are too big the closer ones will drain out before the farther ones get water. The stopper isn’t critical, and you can just stretch out a plastic bag at the top as you fit the next piece and rip off the excess if you want. You may even want to do something like wrap it in a large plastic bag around it all except the fan and poke a hole for air to come in from the inside through a dryer hose. It works but it leaks at the moment so I need to put some goop stuff on it to get it to stop. Other than that, the only way really might be to dig deep and pull the air through the ground underneath to cool it down. That fan is pretty awesome but if you’re going ac, you might be able to find one a little less expensive but this one really gives you a great fan for the money. The windows are often open and i get quite a bit of ventilation but it would be nice to have some cooler air blowing just for personal use, something that could easily be taken in and out of the vehicle on a daily basis.
I’ll be writing a review of it as soon as I repack all my stuff in it and completely redo my bug out bag system (which will be a whole other post), similar to what I wrote about what I have in my go bag, but in more detail.
This is it, in my RV right now running off a car battery jumper until I hook it up to the 12V in the system.
That water evaporates and pulls heat from your body just like it pulls heat from the air in this cooler design.
The last thing you want to do is have it run for hours and get it so humid that the walls heat up your room or tent faster than the cooler can cool it down.
I like that it has 3 speeds because I can crank it up if I want to (which is a lot of air) or put it on low and conserve battery power if I need to, depending on which source I’m using. Any more than that just moves more water (which has a slight cooling effect in itself) but doesn’t cool the air much more at all and costs more power. That gives you 3″ on each side to wrap around the pipe from the inside to the outside. Wherever you see water dripping down instead of flowing through the padding, you need to add some bailing wire to tighten that section. Once I get it to work flawlessly like the swamp cooler, I’ll post the details of it too.
As a bonus, when the vent fan isn’t running, the dryer vent flaps would be closed keeping hot air from coming making its way inside.
The first guy is probably a prepper, who may very well be armed; the second guy is a crunchy backpacker, who is probably a pacifist. It’s also the same science behind the Zeer pot I wrote about before that allows you to keep food or medicine cooler without using electricity. I had considered just running a larger computer fan but for the money and for the cfm you get per amp it takes, this is much better. If you pull the pad tight and adjust it as necessary when you set it up, it keeps the whole pad wet.
You also need to make sure that you don’t have any gap between the pads or air will go through there instead of your padding.
In fact, if you built a shelf in the middle of this system, it would cool food or medicine just the same as the coolgardie cooler I mention in that article.
I was further taught that if you can’t pay your bills you can’t afford to play! I could go on and on but all I am saying is that we could fix it,build it,and grow it because we were taught to take care of ourselves.So sad people think this is not normal, but the government rushing in to to save them is.
Go out into the woods and share what we are losing ( or what is being taken away) My 4th son is only 4 aND KNOWS MORE ABOUT SURVIVING THAN MY ADULT NEIGHBORS.
I have been interested in this sort of topic since I was about eight or nine years old, from when I experienced a major flood in my hometown. Although I wasn’t fully aware of everything, I made emergency kits, and saved cans of soup. I plan ahead in almost everything I do, and try not to allow myself to get distracted by unnecessary things like binge drinking or raving, whatever today’s young adults seem to be into. But I also believe that the internet is a very important asset while it is still available to us.
Think of all the money I wouldn’t have been able to save if I had to buy a book to learn it all!
All bags include the dynamo flashlights (no batteries needed) a 1qt canteen, fishing gear, paracord, tools, first aid kits, maps, compass, whistles, instant reusable heat packs (you boil them after they’ve cooled to turn the crystals back into liquid), mess kits,emergency blankets, multiple ways to make fire (minus baby girls pack), etc.
I am 24 years of age and I really only use the Internet to purchase items and books for cheaper than you can find at a local store or in a catalog if you can even find it there. I am a fan of books and I think that they offer a more tangible grasp of concepts that are more concrete than the freely floating unreferenced information that is on the Internet today.
I would personally rather live in a cabin with my lovely lady in the middle of the woods with as many books as I could pack into it than spend one day in the city with nothing but a laptop to keep me company…. Its good to have a stockade just in case the situation calls for it but if whit hits the fan and you need to bug out then what choice are you really left with. In my mind there is not much difference between the two as far as vocabulary goes, a prepper stocks up to survive.

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