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Known online as Phil801, he is one of the co-owners of The APN and has been a professional software engineer for over 20 years. He was raised in a Preparedness Oriented family and lives a self-sustaining lifestyle as a third generation, LDS, Prepper. Prior to UtahPreppers, he had been actively blogging elsewhere about building his self-sustaining farm and raising his 8 children in a preparedness lifestyle.
In 2011, Phil officially became a partner and Co-Owner of the APN and lead the technical restructing of the company. Also, I recommend carrying a tube of Hand Sanitizer for cleaning as well as an excellent fire starter. Ecellent information,we all need to be ready at a moments notice,all signs point to something big soon and a little prepping is common sense,i see so many people who either dont have a clue or are in denial,the point of being ready should be on evetyones mind.Fact is if we dont make provisions for ourselves no one is going to do it for us,keep on prepping guys let others call us what they want,I have my supplies in order but there is always more to do,survival favors those that prepare and pay attention,good luck all keep on keeping on.
In a Camelback hydration pack with 3 liter bladder I have 9 ramen noodle, 3 Mountain House breakfasts, 2 lbs. That’s about it at the moment but thing get added from time to time as my knowledge base grows. It’s not often when worry is put to rest, especially when it comes from playing in water. On TheBlaze, you might consider him the inventor of the X-Caliber Shutgun Adapter system, which we showed you a few weeks ago and you couldn’t get enough of.
Yes, Ralston has quite a story to tell of how he came to appear on “Doomsday Preppers” and to start the online outdoor survival store Gear Up, based out of Scottsdale, Arizona. Still, he does remember a moment of crisis when he saw his father spring into action and thought to himself that this was the type of person he wanted to become. Coming from a military family, Ralston signed up for the Air Force’s Special Forces ParaRescue division. When sent to test his skills, Ralston conveniently slid into the group of returning instructors instead of the newbies. Within a few weeks, Ralston skied tested proficient and went on to instruct the 3 to 6 year old group for a year. Ralston wanted to follow his passion and entered the survival market, going back to his naturally ingrained prepper roots. It was after this product took off that Ralston began to tailor his Gear Up website to only products he had tested and considered useful as an “inventor prepper.” All products on Gear Up are made in America and often have dual functions. It’s also these survival and self-reliance products he thinks contributed to him landing on “Doomsday Preppers,” which just entered its second season on National Geographic. In addition to the X-Caliber shotgun system, which TheBlaze featured last month, Ralston continues to innovate.
In testing the Adventure Pod by Cacoon at one point, Ralston said “I felt like a big bear burrito,” because it was so low to the ground. He fashioned a new harness out of a pulley system that was used by hunters to dress their kill and was able to lift the hammock safely out of a predator’s potential reach.
Peter Larson and his family relax in their underground bunker, which they use as a weekend getaway.

Television has long been full of "Americans" (American Restoration, American Chopper, American Hoggers) and "Extremes" (Extreme Marksmen, Extreme Makeover, Extreme Couponing) and "Tops" (Top Gear, Top Chef, Top Shot). Last month the National Geographic Channel introduced Doomsday Preppers, a Tuesday night reality series about people who are stockpiling, arming, and otherwise preparing for some kind of apocalypse. Watch either show for a short while and, unless you're a prepper yourself, you might be moderately amused at the absurd excess on display and at what an easy target the prepper worldview is for ridicule. Doomsday Preppers introduces an array of end-of-civilization types who at first seem surprisingly varied. But the people on this show and the customers of Deep Earth Bunker are more alike than diverse. The number of bullets sprayed around in these shows, by adults and even their children, might give Rambo pause. Doomsday Preppers even offers the people it profiles advice on improving their preparations. At their worst the shows don't merely give the prepper universe a pass on difficult questions; they reinforce its ugliest undercurrents.
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The Diva Cup is a reusable menstrual cup, made of high quality silicone to guarantee the best comfort and fit. Goodbye Tampons- Isn’t it nerve-wracking to think about how many tampons you may need if society collapsed? Size- At about 3 inches long, the Diva Cup comes with a nice little discreet pocket for easy storage. Without getting too awkward or personal here, I will admit, it does take some getting used to. The Diva Cup will catch the majority of flow, but leaks can happen, especially in the beginning as you’re getting used to using the cup. There is an entire community devoted to menstrual cups on Livejournal, in case anyone is considering buying one but has questions. A Girl's Prep Guide provides a resource for the needs of women who want to be prepared for any scenario, specifically, camping and survival. I am partof a CERT (Community Emergency Response Team) a Bench made 8 rescue hook with strap cutter,carbide glass breaker and O2 wrench and my altoids survival kit, a butane lighter, a windproof Zippo a K-Bar US Army fighting knife, a Glock 21 with 2 spare mags.
A prime reason I chose my home was because it had a Water Well, a key item in maintaining independence from outside resource. To several million viewers of National Geographic’s “Doomsday Preppers” series, he’s the guy who shot his own finger on the show. On a group trail ride traversing steep terrain, one of the horses fell backward onto a female rider crushing her.
Ralston recounted the head instructor there to teach the group new techniques saying in an Austrian accent how he wanted all the instructors to pretend they had never skied before.
She had an idea for a new product — an automatic makeup pencil sharpener that did a perfect job in one rotation, conserving the pencil and making a like-new point.

The product that really put Ralston on the map — and got him noticed by National Geographic for Doomsday Preppers — was the “Crovel,” a crowbar welded to the head of a shovel. As Ralston’s motto goes, ”pounds equals pain.” Therefore, the more dual uses one item has, the less one would have to carry. Watch a bit longer, though, and amusement might give way to annoyance at how offensively anti-life these shows are, full of contempt for humankind. Who knows how representative these shows are of the prepper universe, but the people they feature are disproportionately white. The most recent Doomsday Preppers included a white family 40 miles from Atlanta that is worried about rioting caused by economic collapse. An expert with a trained attack dog comes by to demonstrate what a properly schooled dog can do. Surviving the end of the world is one thing… surviving the end of the world while on your period is something else. Instead of swapping out pads or tampons every few hours, a menstrual cup offers protection for 10-12 hours – and since it sits inside the vaginal canal, collecting your flow rather than absorbing, it also boasts leak-free protection. And surely you don’t want to return to the Biblical days of just sitting on a hole in the ground!
There are many, many different brands besides the Diva (although that’s what I use too), that provide different fitand flexibility since not everyone is the same size. Or for those who knew Ralston in other parts of his life, perhaps he is thought of as the Air Force veteran, the ski instructor or the fashion photographer. Ralston said the woman was in critical condition, but his father, having military experience, knew what to do to best help the injured woman.
Now, how could a man who had skied once in his life in the sixth grade get a job in Vail as an instructor?
Ralston said he had a stint in modeling, which led him to photography when he realized the pay was significantly better. Its new Doomsday Bunkers, on Wednesday nights, is about Deep Earth Bunker, a company that builds underground getaways for the types of people seen in Doomsday Preppers. Each has a different reason for turning a perfectly adequate home into a canned-food warehouse or building an escape hideaway (or bug-out location, to use the prepper term) in the mountains. Instead of chugging along 40 tampons in your bug-out bag, you can replace it with just one small and reusable Diva Cup. At first, placement can get a little strange and uncomfortable, and although the Diva Cup comes with a recommendation for easiest insertion, but there are alternative methods available on their website. And whatever their religious beliefs might be, something Preppers doesn't generally explore, most of them put their real faith in firearms. Once married and deciding that she might not want him photographing women anymore, Ralston switched to babies.

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