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The Mountain Communities Emergency Preparedness Open House, at Lake Arrowhead Village, begins at 10 a.m .
Lake Arrowhead, CA – An Emergency Preparedness Open House, on Saturday, August 17, at Lake Arrowhead Village, will provide vital information to the public about being ready for wildfires, earthquakes, floods or even personal emergencies. First responders, and other organizations that promote a better quality of life for the mountain communities, will be staffing booths or displays.
The idea behind the event is to encourage local residents and visitors to be ready for an emergency by planning, preparing and protecting homes and businesses.
Knowing how to make an emergency survival shelter can be a useful skill that could one day save your life. If you’re unfortunate enough to find yourself in one of these situations, the first thing to do is try to find some cover by looking for a natural shelter like a cave or rock formation with a large overhang. Now it’s time to cover you shelter with whatever debris is nearby such as dead leaves and grass. Once your shelter is built, you will probably want to create some kind of doorway that will allow you to get in and out of your shelter while also blocking the wind and rain.
The doorway is also a good spot to build a small fire but remember if you are using dry debris to be very careful when lighting a fire near it.
Whenever venturing out into the forest, even for just a hike, you should always bring some basic survival tools and supplies with you that will make life much easier if you ever find yourself in an emergency situation. Information for preppers on all aspects of emergency preparedness, prepping and food storage. While MRE’s are normally used for food, that are several components that do have other uses than their intended ones. Tabasco Sauce – A friend, who spent several tours overseas in special operations, said that they would rub a bit of Tabasco sauce under their eyes to help them stay awake.  He said that the effect would last for 30 to 45 minutes. Coffee package – While pulling security they would chew on the poder to help them stay awake.
As a hand warmer – Fill them full of water and wrap them in something to keep from burning yourself. Make a Fire – The MRE heaters use magnesium powder as one of the ingredients to create their heat.  You can open the bag, extract the powder and use it as tinder to start a fire.
This entry was posted in Operational Secrecy, safety, security, Self sufficiency, survival. MRE Pudding- cocoa pakcet, sugar, non-dairy creamer packet, and very little water mixed together.
A better technique for using the MRE heater as a hand warmer is to only put about a teaspoonful of water in the heater. Muscadine grapes are improved varieties of one species of wild grape native to the New World: Vitis rotundifolia. I’ve been growing muscadine grapes for five years now and have found them ridiculously easy to grow.

Though I’ve experimented with a two-wire grape trellising system and with growing grape vines on fences, my favorite method has become the single-wire method. I concrete in the end posts since they hold a lot of the wire’s tension, then hammer in center posts for support every 12-16 feet or so. Plant your grapes and keep them mulched, weeded and watered carefully until they’re growing happily. Muscadine grapes will benefit from a hit or three of fertilizer during the spring and summer.
Finally, since I’m just a backyard grape grower and not a pro, I interviewed my friend Dave Taylor this last week about growing muscadine grapes. I just bought a muscadine plant at Lowes the other day and I guess I’ll have to go back for another one but different variety.
What happens if you go exploring somewhere remote like a forest and suddenly the weather changes quickly bringing strong winds and rain?
If you happen to find one, you’re in luck because you won’t have to waste energy collecting materials to build a shelter from scratch. Find as many small and medium sized branches as you can and lean them on both sides of the ridgepole creating a frame that looks like a traditional tent. If you happen to be near any pine trees, chopping off some of its branches also works well.
Try building a hole in the ground in your doorway to put the fire in so it sits lower and is less likely to catch fire to your shelter. At the very minimum you should have some extra warm clothes, a knife, some rope and a little food such as some energy bars and some bottled water. As many people discuss what caliber would be most effective in a survival situation or wrol I talk about the various kinds of ammo such as fmj, hollow point, and soft point and their applications and why you should have a variety of different types of ammo for your weapons.Not all ammo is made the same.
Make a pin hole in the lid, crush up the heater element in the bag and pour into the bottle.
You also need to grow muscadine grapes if you want to binge drink away your memory of a Zombie attack have a nice glass of wine during a collapse. Eventually, all succumb to diseases… except for the hearty and easy to grow muscadine varieties.
Most of the grape-growing problems I’ve encountered with my gardening clients is related to having non-muscadine grapes on their homestead. 10-10-10 with minor nutrients is fine, though I’ve fed mine on compost, rabbit manure and compost tea and had them do wonderfully without any chemical fertilizer.
Do this during the winter or very early spring before the grapes wake up and start budding and blooming.
If discussion generates more than a few emails daily your subscription will be paused automatically. The debris acts as an insulator to keep your natural body heat in and the outside cold out.

To avoid keeping the fire going all night, surround the fire with large rocks during the evening and when you are ready to sleep, put the fire out and drag the hot rocks that are around the fire further into your shelter to keep you warm.
You want to make sure you have the right bullets for self defense, and the right ammo for hunting. My favorites are the big gold varieties; however, there are also nice black and bronze muscadine varieties you can grow.
The vines are terrifyingly vigorous and will run a good 20 or more feet down the wires in a season and tangle all together in a profusion. The old cultivars like Carlos and Fry are still great, or you can try newer patented varieties. He has over 15 varieties, including the delicious concord and muscadine hybrid cultivar Southern Home. These are just a couple of examples where knowing how to make an emergency survival shelter in the wilderness could save your life. Before using this type of shelter make sure that the rock structure or cave you come across is structurally sound and that there are no loose pieces that could fall on you. Ideally you want to lean one end up against a tree or rock so that its sits diagonally to the ground creating the top frame of your shelter. Also always tell someone where you are going and when you expect to be back so if you find yourself in trouble there’s at least a good chance that help will be on the way.
You’ll see them sold in the garden centers in later winter and early spring but resist them temptation. He recently passed away at the ripe old age of 100, and had rows and rows and rows of muscadines trellised in his yard in Lake City. If you don’t want to use a tree, you could also cross to large sticks at one end and tie them together where they meet with some rope or a shoelace to create a support structure for your ridgepole. The reason for this part is to make the framework more secure and also give something for the debris to lay on top of. I have an acre and it’s mostly grass and mango trees right now so I’d love to plant lots of other things that we could eat instead of giving our hard earned money to Publix!
Cover the entire inside floor of your shelter with the same debris you used on the outside. He grew them on an arbor at first and my grandma tells stories from when she was a kid about climbing up the arbors and hiding on top before getting fussed at for hurting the vines.

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