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Our goal is to prepare you for all Apocalyptic Scenarios, both plausible and seemingly impossible.
Our Team of Writers and Contributors are dedicated to bringing you accurate and up-to-date information on all the apocalyptic topics that are important to your survival. 1983 Honda XL 8O S ( 5 Speed Flogger ) 50+ MPH 80 MPG & YOU CAN CARRY IT WITH YOUR GEAR FOR SHORT DISTANCE OR THROW IT OVER A FENCE ! It is our belief that knowledge and preparation are the key elements to surviving any and all apocalyptic scenarios.

While the subject matter of certain scenarios may seem impossible, please note that we will try and guide you through all stages of apocalyptic survival without expecting you to have unrealistic resources or super human abilities. Preparing the world for the end of life as we know it is no small task, and our team is always looking for new dedicated members, so if you would like to contribute, please - join us!
Will haul a ton of gear, don't need to find fuel, it eats what it can find and when you get real hungry because you forgot your MRE's, you can eat it. It and many other full size 4x4's that are EVERYWHERE means parts availability, ease of repair, etc.

They aren't the best gas wise but there should be tons of gas in all the stranded cars and carrying extra tanks would be easy.

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Meaning of first aid and cpr


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