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The reasons are obvious: there are no mountains, few (if any) rivers and lakes, and ski hills are all but nonexistent.
There are two options run the course during the day or, for those who really like to punish themselves, run it at night under floodlights.London Urban Adventure 3: Kayaking the ThamesImage by LukrHave you ever dreamed of kayaking in a smoggy city on one of the most polluted rivers in Britain? With over 450 routes and 250 bouldering problems, the Castle has a challenge for every climber.

ParkImage by JB LondonParkour, the art of running awesomely over, across, through, and sometimes spinning around, urban obstacles with has been gaining in popularity quickly in recent years thanks to its adaptation to Hollywood chase scenes, like the epic chase at the beginning of Casino Royale. Now parkour lessons and parkour parks have been springing up in urban centres around the world.
Unlike a skate park, you can’t just show up and start trying to do backflips off of buildings.

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