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The Armalite AR-7 is a semiautomatic .22 LR takedown rifle originally developed from the AR-5 for the USAF as a lightweight survival rifle. The Glaive is a three-edged throwing blade that can be utilized as both a melee weapon and as a thrown weapon. The throwing attack still counts as melee, so it will do bonus damage against unalerted enemies even when thrown. Can hit headshots and other weak spots for damage multipliers on its throw (with more ease than a standard melee swing). The Glaive can be detonated in-flight by pressing the channel button, Or with Power Throw when unequipped.
The user cannot use melee attacks until the Glaive has returned (see notes section), limiting its rapid fire (charge) capability. The explosion caused by channeling the weapon or by Power Throw (which is more random) while the Glaive is in flight can damage the user. A player without the Power Throw mod can use this return path to emulate Power Throw by bouncing the Glaive off the floor, between the legs of enemies to allow the Glaive hit them all on return. When using the slide attack, it is possible to chain a second slide attack, for even more slide range and speed. The Glaive can be thrown under a mining machine so that it ricochets back and forth between ground and the machine for a maximum amount of bounces, sometimes destroying it in a single throw. Against tougher enemies, the Glaive can hit more than once on, the outward throw, by aiming at the inside of their legs so that the first bounce will bounce the Glaive into their other leg. When used up close with a Quick Return mod, the Glaive can be quickly thrown again and again. When equipping the Glaive, the player can throw it and then press the channeling button to detonate the Glaive, dealing high AoE damage and returns to the player immediately.

With Power Throw equipped the Glaive will explode on the last bounce, with the explosion harming the user if it explodes close enough. While the Glaive's slow flight speed is normally a disadvantage when aiming for direct hits, it can be beneficial when using the airburst function, as it allows one to better gauge where the Glaive is in relation to the enemy, allowing for better timing on when to detonate.
Detonating the Glaive beside or above an enemy that is in cover can be an effective strategy for eliminating them without exposing yourself.
However, you can fire and reload whatever weapon you're currently holding during the Glaive's flight.
It should be however noted that finisher attacks can still be executed while the weapon is in the air.
After the throwing animation, the user switches back to their previously used weapon before the Glaive was thrown.
If under the effect of Bullet Attractor or similar abilities the Glaive cannot be thrown; it instantly returns to your hand without harming you.
The Fury module will increase the velocity of the Glaive slightly when thrown, reducing the flight time by half a second.
The Arsenal tooltip may state that the charge-attack does 75 damage, but the charge does in fact do 150. Activating Melee Channeling while the Glaive is in-flight will cause it to explode, dealing damage to nearby objects.
The explosions from both Power Throw and channeling detonation can cause damage to the user.
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The receiver assembly and barrel can be contained in the buttstock and and it is one of the few firearms that will float if put in water, although it is not waterproof. This multi-bladed disc is not only effective for melee combat it can also be thrown like a boomerang to cut down enemies at a distance. If thrown, this weapon will bounce three times before returning to its owner (or after reaching the 30m radius distance limit). All of them can be collected in Orokin Void, Orokin Derelict and Survival missions' rewards. If the Glaive returns too fast, the user will not be able to throw it again until the weapon switch animation has completed.
Reach will not improve the flight range but instead increase the size of the Glaive's hitbox, allowing it to hit enemies in a wider area while in flight. This will also make the Glaive immediately return, even if it has not hit its bounce limit. If an internal link led you here, you may wish to change the link to point directly to the intended article. If Maguire didn't leave the project and I was chosen to make the movie in place of Sam Raimi, this is how it would turn out. Though Henry Repeating Arms currently owns the rights to the gun, other companies have built variations of the weapon under license.

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