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November 20, 2014 by Jim Cobb 51 Comments A common plan tossed around by survivalists and preppers is this idea that in the event of martial law or some other crisis, they are going to head off to the hills, presumably for weeks or months, and just live off the land.  While this sort of plan might appeal to the pioneer and bushcraft spirit, if nothing else, the reality is that for most people, this is just planning to fail. What about fishing?  Okay, not a bad plan but do you really think you’re going to be the only Babe Winkelman out there wetting a line?  Plus, likely as not you’re also going to have at least a small segment of the population who will sit on the sidelines and wait for someone to reel in a good sized bass, then take it from them by hook or by crook. As for wild edibles, that’s something to consider, but you need to know what you’re doing so as to avoid poisonous lookalikes and such.  Plus, consider the fact that the crisis may hit in the dead of winter, when not too many things are growing in abundance. There may be links in the post above that are “affiliate links.” This means if you click on the link and purchase the item, I will receive an affiliate commission, which does not affect the price you pay for the product. I grew up in the country and well remember those harsh winters when my dad would take off with a shotgun to find us a meal. As one example, with proper storage facilities and by planting apples with sequential drop times, one can theoretically eat apples year round. If you try and raise livestock or farm some land it won’t be long before the mob takes that too. If you’re not familiar with permaculture, search out Geoff Lawton who is perhaps the premier permaculture instructor in the world today. All idiocy aside,people better work together and try to prevent the big one from happening,After Lucifers Hammer or Skynet or a big nuclear event,things will get lean quick and guess whose family will get fed?
I live in an area with a deer hunting tradition also, though it has declined over the years.
While I mostly agree, I have to point out that in a survival situation you aren’t just hunting deer and rabbit. I wonder if there are not some who look at google maps scouring the rural areas for leads on gardens, chicken houses and the like.
Instead of occupying Wall Street, how about a few thousand unemployed and angry people occupy the White House, it having been demonstrated how easy it might be to scale the fence and get inside before the Secret Service drops its cellphones and reacts to the barking dog.

The fine people at Kaufmann Mercantile just sent us this Italian Olive Wood Folding Knife (7 inch) and it's beautiful out of the box! These 5.11 Tactical Taclite Pro Pants are made from lightweight poly-cotton ripstop fabric complete with a fully gusseted crotch that allows for full range of movement. We just got the latest Selk'bag 4G Classic Sleeping Bag Suit to review and let me just say we where highly anticipating getting this this fun invention in. The LEAP which stands for living ecological alpine pod is a contemporary mountain shelter designed to leave a minimal environmental footprint. If you've ever gotten lost in the woods, the BackTrack D-tour GPS Personal Location Finder will save your the scary feeling of not knowing where your car is.
Kayaking flotation devices like this Stohlquist Rocker Personal Flotation Device let you hit the rapids with confidence no matter how big they are. The Gerber Bear Grylls Ultimate Survival Kit is "a survival kit built for hostile environments. These pocket hand warmers by Restoration Hardware are chrome-plated handy pocket furnaces beloved from the 1950s to today. Me go kill meat for family.”  That way of thinking will indeed likely result in a death, but probably not of the four-legged variety. His books include Prepper's Home Defense, The Prepper's Complete Book of Disaster Readiness, and Prepper's Long-Term Survival Guide. When you ” get away ” do you ever think that the area you are going to might already be occupied ? He has made many excellent videos about the subject and has made the available to view for free. This Olive wood and stainless steel (grade of 440 on the SAE steel grades system ( set by the SAE International, a U.S. If you're looking for a quality, outdoorsy, guy's-guy type of gift, the Kaufmann Mercantile EDC Kit, which is made in the USA, will work great.

It's almost like the real life version of the Stratus Transportable Mountain Hut Concept we talked about earlier. Each pocket hand warmer is safe and simple to operate, delivers eight to 12 hours of heat on a single fill and comes in a set of two. He has worked with individuals, private groups, and corporations, assisting with disaster planning. Thankfully my mother kept a winter garden, canned food, and knew how to stretch a dollar to feed a family of seven. A man with a food forest and the means with which to inhabit such a place to the exclusion of all others is one resilient individual.
I live in the Sierra Nevada mountains and I am sure that many of the people from the flatland’s think they will be coming up here to do just what you suggest. After that, watch our Preppers and all those with any livestock or gardens because there will be thousands of desperate hungry men, with or without families, with a deer rifle and a box or two of ammo. It requires more skill and knowledge than you imagine and you can forget about throwing some 10-10-10 on the ground . They are not going to be welcome in the least and the local’s WILL defend their area from intruders the same as you would defend your home.
A rabbit will feed 1 or 2 maybe for a day and your best bet is to learn to eat long pig (humans). The game,fish, water ect will be considered OUR’s and a stranger will not be tolerated.
I have a months food and water but I’ll have to fight to keep it – can you fight off hungry people trying to steal your food and kill your family?

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