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Global warming is a phenomenon wherein there occurs a rise in the average temperature of the Earth’s atmosphere and water bodies since the late 19th century and is still an on-going process. Hostilities and conflicts amongst countries are constantly on the rise as nations are competent and ruthless when it comes to acquiring resources. An Increase in greenhouse gases can cause drastic and irreversible changes both in the upper atmosphere and within the planet thus affecting it’s every component including land, water, air etc.
A warmer climate owing to global warming will eventually lead to diminishing water supplies and pathetic  agricultural conditions in turn resulting in crop failures If these water shortages are persistent it  will cause a lot of disruptions in global food production by affecting agriculture and is thus paving a way for situations such as starvation .
The phenomenon of Global warming is bound to increase the degree of severity in terms of storms.
All plants and animals live in regions with extremely specific climate and geological conditions, such as temperature and rainfall patterns, that enable them to survive and reproduce. Warming temperature of water bodies, desertification and deforestation can all contribute to the irreversible impact on natural habitat and thus threaten endangerment and even extinction of plant and animal.
Warm surface temperatures cause glaciers, polar ice shelves and other ice bodies to completely destabilize and melt. The intense heat waves and rising temperatures are becoming more common as greenhouse gases are trapped in the atmosphere.
First before I begin any discussion of firearms, if you are going to own I gun, and I think you should – you also need to get proper training. Now, that having been said, I am constantly asked what are the best prepper weapons for protection and survival? About the only thing that we can agree on is that there is certainly no single gun that could suffice for every single survival situation. Even if you have never fired a shot, you probably know that there are three basic types of Firearms: Rifles, Shotguns and Handguns.
At the bare minimum you should consider owning and learning to use at least one from each category – a long rifle, a shotgun, and a handgun.
It has a greater magazine capacity than most, especially if large magazines for Bushmasters and the like get banned, and it has much better trigger action than most any battle rifle you’d care to name – and jams a heck of a lot less.
Ultimately, to decide what firearms are right for you – you really have to think about what you most likely will be hunting, or defending yourself from. A shotgun is on my list of “ prepper weapons must have’s.” A shotgun is a staple for home defense and survival situations. The Mossberg 500 Shotgun in 12 or 20 Gauge is one of the most economical and versatile shotguns you can buy.
The disadvantage is that a shotgun can be uncomfortable for women or small-framed shooters due to the recoil. Hollywood and the assorted “gang-bangers” out there would have you believe that revolvers somehow became ineffective the day everyone started switching to autos – far from it. While I found your article informational to those that haven’t touched a gun in 30 years, modern semi-auto pistols are quite reliable, are more versatile, and more durable than a revolver. Then there’s the recommendation that a lever action is better than an a more modern assault or combat style rifle. This is a two part series which deals with critical issues associated with planned round-ups of potential resistance leaders and how to recognize when the extractions will happen. The second part of this series will discuss the technology that will be employed to hunt down key resistance figures along with counter-intelligence techniques designed TO evade capture.
In pre-holocaust Germany, Jewish businesses were singled out for physical destruction in an event called Kristallnacht (i.e. When the Holocaust began, in earnest, the Gestapo would target selected neighborhoods, for extraction, and then make their move, in the same general area, on the same night. When the extractions of political dissidents commences, the event will conform to the following pattern. I am a retired Deputy Sheriff but I still have regular contact with many from our department. I have been reading your articles for sometime now and I am convinced that LEO’s will be used as support personnel as “federal of military authorities arrest enemies of the state”. This is what happened, for the most part, in South Carolina and this is precisely what the Gestapo did as they conducted mass arrests. The overwhelming belief among nearly all of is that an economic crash will be the precipitating event. Like Nazi Germany, the planned dissident extractions will take place on a single night in order to prevent foreknowledge and a potential push back. The number one targets will not be very many in the Independent Media as commonly believed.
The number one group that will be targeted by the Special Forces intruders will be individuals with significant military experience who have the ability to turn a militia into a formidable fighting force. The second most targeted group wouldbe  veterans with counter insurgency combat experience from their Iraq and Afghanistan days.
The third most targeted group would be individuals who have either military or agency (e.g.
I am told that the Ron Paul types will be taken into protective custody “for their own good”. With a few exceptions, the run of the mill political dissidents will factor into phase two which will involve relocation, incarceration and worse.
When the economy hits the skids, if you have reason to believe you are on the Red List, you best not be where the authorities can find you.
Finally, I have never seen a time when so many sources and so many people, in general, possess the same information about what is coming and when. Fortunately, most massacres have warning signs for those who have the foresight to critically examine the times that we are living in. Exposing Jade Helm 15 – Internet ‘Kill Switch’ Being Tested For Full Activation When ‘Round-Ups’ Begin?
In a post disaster scenario, or after an economic collapse that can render the dollar worthless, there will be items that you can trade for things you will need. Take a look at this list of top items and skills that could have high trade value when things hit the fan. An important example of this is the genocide in the Darfur region situated in Sudan or the Somalian war with roots in the reduction of its natural resources due to the sole reasons of climate change. Natural disasters such as hurricanes and floods as an effect of the global warming process end up becoming a costly affair for the government in terms of clean-up costs, property damage and rehabilitation costs.
Research states that the drought conditions are said to increase by at least a minimum of 66% by 2020. Warmer temperatures and warmer ocean waters would fuel the intensity of these storms thus leading to a high number of devastating hurricanes.
Changes in weather conditions can lead to health conditions ranging from heat-related heart and respiratory problems to malaria .Droughts, floods and warmer temperatures combine in order to create an apt habitat for insects and creatures such as mosquitoes and other disease-carrying agents. Any change in the climate of the specific habitat can affect the plants and animals that exist there, as well as the overall makeup of the environment.
Eg: the polar bear is considered to be an endangered species whose numbers are falling because of their inability to adapt to the volatile temperature changes in the Polar Regions. This in turn increases the amount of water in the world’s oceans thus contributing to a rise in sea levels.
Experts state that this will become 100 times more likely to occur over the next 4 decades. There is no single answer, because every situation is different and every person’s skill level is different. Now that is not to say that you need to build an arsenal, but you do need to have a selection of at least a few firearms to serve different purposes. Within each of those there are subcategories based on how the ammo is chambered and fired, – single-fire, automatic, semi-automatic, pistol or revolver – and the caliber (size) of the round.

If I had to make a recommendation, I’d go with the Ruger Mini-14 because of its ease or reconfiguration, and many accessories.
They are expensive to buy and maintain, they require a lot of training, and they jam – a lot.
It shoots fast, is accurate and will bring down anything in North America, on four or two legs.
There is an old adage that says if you are hunting, then you need a hunting rifle, it follows therefore that for “Survival” you need a Survival Rifle. Also called “scatter guns” aiming becomes less of a requirement, and they can be fired fast and repeatedly. Here again you are going to see me depart from what you may think is “a given.” I do not recommend a semi-auto pistol like a 9mm.
A properly loaded revolver of quality design and manufacture in the hands of a good shooter can stand and deliver the goods. If you drop, say a Glock, you don’t have to worry about a cylinder going out of time and potentially killing you. The ideas expressed on this site are solely the opinions of the author(s) and do not necessarily represent the opinions of sponsors or firms affiliated with the author(s). This is very valuable information as it will be important to not be where one is expected to be when the extractions commence. If the area was large and exceeded the capacity to extract everyone in a given area, the neighborhoods would be sealed off, with nobody allowed in or out as systematic arrests were carried out.
From the Liberty Brothers to my deep insider sources, the same message and the same Nazi scenario is emerging.
Cell phone service will be blocked so the intended victims cannot warn each other when the event commences. However, it is not likely that the police will be going door to door beside ARSOF personnel, please consider the following. I do not remember seeing that you have written about local law enforcement and their role in what appears to be coming. When it is announced that the banks are “temporarily closed” and the bank bail-ins have commenced, many resistance leaders are living on borrowed time. In order to neutralize this group, the administration would only have to pull the plug on the Internet. These individuals would be very well versed in the use of effective guerrilla warfare tactics and would have both the knowledge and needed experience to successfully employ asymmetrical warfare strategies against the encroaching UN forces, such as the 15,000 UN troops spotted in Texas yesterday.  The occupation forces undoubtedly will be headed by the United Nations.
In the Patriot community, by the end of the week, these facts will soon become common knowledge for those who possess the discernment to know when to listen. For most Americans, they will never know what hit them. However, it is simply impossible to store enough of every item you might need for every crisis scenario for an indefinite period of time. Individuals with these skills are valuable in a community that is trying to rebuild itself after a crisis or disaster. Proposed policy responses to this crisis include mitigation through emissions reduction, adaptation to its effects etc.
It is clearly evident that the increasing number of wars that commence on the foundation of food and water scarcities may lead to uncontrollable levels of aggression, security trouble, regional instability, panic etc. If not becoming extinct , animals and plants move away  to non-native habitats when the very ecosystems that they were adapted to for survival lose its quality or probably even disappear.
On observing the pattern of storms in the past decade it can be noted that the frequency has literally doubled. Diseases like West Nile virus, cholera, Lyme disease and dengue fever which were earlier considered to be confined to tropical areas are now spreading worldwide due to the globally rising temperatures. Biodiversity is a crucial phenomenon for the existence of human beings and a loss of species of flora and fauna would threaten the entire planet. This rise especially threatens populations located in low-lying coastal areas because of their higher vulnerability to flooding.
The energy from the sun which is responsible for the earth’s weather and climate is radiated back into space.
The best gun, or guns to put in the hands of an Ex-Marine, cannot possibly be the same for the average homeowner.
Most importantly, in a survival situation you are most likely to be defending yourself against thugs and marauders, and not heavily armed infantry.
It is commonly chambered for 30-30 Winchester or 35 Remington, and ammunition is plentiful and not too expensive.
It is attractive because of its many available upgrades, and after market accessories such as scopes and extended magazines. Specifically a shotgun is a very flexible in that it can shoot a variety of loads from low powered small-pellet game loads, to heavy buckshot capable of taking down the largest game animals (or intruders). I say for self defense, survival, or home protection, you should always consider a revolver, over an automatic pistol because of the reliability and less likelihood of the revolver to jam. A Glock model 20, with just a barrel and a spring change will shoot, at least five different calibers.
The author may or may not have a financial interest in any company or advertiser referenced. The times may change and the technology may be better, but the same Nazi blueprint would be applied. Some have been told that they will be assisting in the apprehension of key fugitives (aka terrorists).
Jade Helm leadership has also announced that they will be practicing “infiltration techniques”. From this point on, mass extractions, in this modern day version of the Night of the Broken Glass, could commence at any time. However, there are a few in the Independent Media who have contacts who are high priority targets and as such, these media figures would be sought after individuals as well.
Some of these leaders are only pencil pushing administrators and would be of little use in an armed conflict. However, the globalists do not want people roaming society who could be symbols of resistance. However, one has to possess detailed knowledge of the technology which could be used to locate you and what counter-surveillance strategies that you would have at your disposal. Einstein possessed the ability to accurately assess the threat and he was able to move to safety.
National Guard Labels Americans as “Enemy” or “Adversaries!” The Biggest Build up of Military on U.S. Store extra water filters or learn how to make water filters using cloth or activated charcoal. Store extra long-shelf-life foods like freeze dried foods and MREs for personal survival use and bartering.
These will become the only tangible form of currency and they cannot be artificially reproduced or fabricated. Painkillers and antibiotics are meds that are not exactly difficult to procure, doctors hand these out like candy. These will be very good for bartering after the SHTF because many people will be cut off from their access to cigarettes.
Store ammo for your own firearms but it is also a good idea to have extra ammunition especially for common calibers like 38, 9mm and .22 for barter purposes.
Lighters and matches will be in demand especially since many people nowadays don’t know how to build fire the primitive way. People will be needing batteries to power up radios, flashlights and other electronic devices. This will make a very good barter item because it has a lot of uses besides food flavoring and preservation.

We should realize that there is a direct relationship between a geological condition such as global warming and civil unrest.
Similarly , humans will also migrate due to changing weather conditions thus leading to a high demand for limited resources in a particular place.
Looking at the pace of things, it has been predicted that global warming crises could be labelled with a $20 trillion price tag by 2100.
The ability of mankind to react or adapt to the new conditions is completely dependent upon the magnitude and speed of it.
Eg: Some North American animals and plants have moved to the farther north of the region or to higher elevations to meet their requirements. Around 30 % of plant and animal species alive today risk a chance of getting extinct by 2050 if the average temperature rises more than 2 – 11 degrees F.
Scientists speculate that the melting ice from Greenland and Antarctica is capable of rising the sea level to more than 20 feet by 2100.This is a dangerous situation especially because most of the people live in coastal areas there.
While this happens the greenhouse gases (water vapor, carbon dioxide, and other gases) trap some of the outgoing energy and retaining the heat.
Even amongst different branches of the military, Army Rangers debate with Navy SEALs over what’s the “best” gun, and the deadliest ammo! As a survival rifle, it is an excellent choice as it is lightweight, handy and easy to pack. A revolver is inherently safe, and if a round fails, another trigger pull will be instinctive and chamber and fire the next round. And no other weapon is as versatile in as many conditions as a good four or six inch barreled .38 revolver. I put stuff like that in parentheses because it is un-patriotic to accept the parameters of a constitutional right by the very entity that the Constitution was written to limit! Any action taken as a result of information, analysis, or advertisement on this site is ultimately the responsibility of the reader. The ARSOF dissident extractions will take place on the same night and with modern technology, it will be carried out with extreme efficiency. From memos and actual conversations, the job of the department will primarily be to provide a defensive perimeter that will prevent escape in a “nobody in and nobody out” approach. And most know that the job of ARSOF is to extract or assassinate high value targets prior to invasion or occupation. It is under this cloud of chaos that we will see this situation exacerbated by Fifth column attacks of shopping malls, schools and sporting events across all of the United States.
However, some of these men have significant combat experience and administrative organizational abilities which would make them high valued targets for all the obvious reasons.
This kind of experience would be worth its weight in gold because of the ability of certain individuals to inflict mass casualties on occupying UN forces. It is not likely that any harm will come to them because the powers that be do not want to create martyrs. Store a variety of flavors and different kinds of foods because you could be holding something that another person craves for.
Therefore gold and silver will once again become the common medium of exchange that will secure a meaningful localized commerce especially after rebuilding.
Good quality clothing will be hard to come by after the collapse so you might want to invest on tradeable good quality clothing.
The risk of injury will increase after a disaster so having extra antibiotics or painkillers will be handy for trading purposes.
Store cigarettes even if you don’t smoke yourself because these have plenty of barter potential. Alcohol like vodka also has some medicinal uses that can add to its barter value in case of a collapse. Currently efforts as of the early 21st century that  are mainly directed towards  reducing emissions seem to  be quite  inadequate to cope up with  the UNFCCC’s 2 °C target. Production of weapons, the oil industry etc.  is often considered to be the most common reasons for global politics.
Many countries run a huge risk on a daily basis because the national income is dependent on one particular area such as oil, tourism, plantation, etc. The outcome of the scenario will also depend on our ability to recognize such epidemics early, restrict their spread, and effectively provide appropriate treatment so as to effectively cure them and to commit adequate resources, time and energy to prevention and research of other arising and upcoming diseases.
At the same time, nations such as Maldives, is already considering relocation and rehabilitation. I am going to depart a bit, and maybe take some flack from a lot of other survival types, and tell you – you do NOT need an assault rifle for combat, and it may not be your best choice.
A lever action rifle, like my personal favorite, a Marlin Model 336, can fire just about as fast as any semi-auto assault rifle you can name.
Used Marlin Model 336s can be had for as low as $200 and even when new, are quite economical. The attacks will come from  ISIS and MS-13 cells that have been embedded all over the United States.
For those that know what they are doing, these weapons are not terribly difficult to manufacture and distribute.
Today’s interagency operational commanders will suffer the same fate because dead men tell no tales and there is plenty to tell if this intended coup against the United States is carried out.
What we are speaking of here will result in civil war and Red List targets fade in importance with regard to this scenario when the shooting actually begins. Gasoline and oil will become even more valuable commodity after the SHTF and people will literally fight tooth and nail over whatever will be available.
For Eg: warmer temperatures would imply plants would possibly grow and bloom earlier in the spring and survive longer into the fall. The greenhouse effect thus leads to a rise in temperature on, and as it becomes stronger, more heat is trapped within the planet. So relax, and stand by – I am going to tell you a bit about assault rifles, being very familiar with them, and also tell you why you don’t need to worry if they again become banned.
No matter which chambering you select, it is important that you buy a well-made rifle with a robust action.
That said, once one has the basics covered having at least one arm in those outdated calibers is a good idea, just to maximize one’s caliber versatility.
This will be the modern day version of shock and awe all designed to paralyze any potential response from the citizenry. Counterinsurgency and counterintelligence officials from DHS and FEMA would have the knowledge to carry out such an asymmetrical attack. So, for some of you who swore an oath to the Constitution, you might consider looking at historical precedent. So consider filling as many storage cans as possible and keep them stable for longer by adding ‘gas savers.’ You should also consider learning how to distill your own alcohol and corn ethanol based fuels. The presence of globalization can thus create a domino effect which means that if a country is affected , several other countries are bound to get affected too even if they might be on the other end of the globe.
Majority of these greenhouse gases come from the process of burning fossil fuels in order to produce energy, deforestation, industrial processes etc.
Long-time readers of The Common Sense Show may recall that I personally knew of a FEMA official who had experience in counterintelligence regarding biological and chemical weapons. Now, I understand why he and some of his former colleagues prepared a covert, isolated and well-prepared community to retreat to in December of 2012.

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