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The mission to drill into the crater left behind when, 66 million years ago, a dinosaur-killing asteroid plummeted to Earth is set to begin in April. Scientists will be drilling into the Chicxulub crater, the impact site of the dinosaur-killing asteroid, which is located off the coast of the Yucatan in Mexico, CNN reported. The goal is to learn how life recovered after the dinosaur-killing asteroid wiped out most life on the planet. Scientists gear up to drill into #Chicxulub crater – I'm proud to be part of this #IODP team! Drilling into the dinosaur-killing asteroid will be undertaken by the university, the National University of Mexico and the International Ocean Discovery Program, and will take two months to finish. Gulick said he expects to find evidence that of a barren wasteland at first — evidence that the asteroid ended up killing everything in its path, including every single dinosaur. The impact of the dinosaur-killing asteroid generated earthquakes and tsunamis that dumped this debris as far north as Texas and Florida and covered the Yucatan and Caribbean Basic with rocks, sand, gravel, and boulders. Named Chicxulub after for a nearby village, the 125-mile wide crater was caused by a nine-mile wide asteroid; the impact set off forest fires and shot so much debris into the atmosphere it blotted out the sun, the Inquisitr previously reported.
The rocks in the peak rings are porous and may have protected microenvironments of exotic life. So, how does drilling 5,000 feet into the crater of a dinosaur-killing asteroid that wiped out all life millions of years ago help mankind?
Taylor Swift Prepares For New Songs As Tom Hiddleston Breakup Rumors Swirl, Is Taylor Lautner Involved? California’s Coachella Valley where Palm Springs is located is at the transitional point of both the Sonoran and Colorado Deserts.
About one third of the land surface of the earth is desert, including much of the Polar Regions which receive very little precipitation.
Calgary, according to 2013 weather data, receives on average about 16.5 inches of precipitation, but our water supply comes from the mountains in the form of melt water from the glaciers.
The current widespread severe drought impacting California has prompted a re-think of the water policies. The Alberta Urban Municipalities Association (AUMA) recently published a policy paper on water management.

The commercial real estate sector through its BOMA BESt program actively promotes water conservation and reduction. For example, the City of Calgary land use bylaw requires commercial development to incorporate water-intensive landscaping and many non-native plant species some of which have poor survival rates in our semi-arid continental and sub-alpine climate zones. Some BOMA members have developed better monitoring and management systems for their irrigation systems which has in some cases, reduced water use for irrigation by as much as 30% or more in some instances.
Thank you all for coming out and kicking off #Stampede with our 6th Annual Stampede Breakfast! The lessons learned may be helpful for mankind, just in case an asteroid plunges toward Earth again.
We might learn something for the future,” said Research Professor Sean Gulick of University of Texas Institute for Geophysics. This is the first time scientists have been able to study the remains of the dinosaur-killing space rock because the Gulf of Mexico has thus far been blocked by commercial drilling. And then, eventually, the blossom of new life, which then evolved and became more diverse over time. The asteroid also changed the makeup of the Gulf of Mexico, dislodging enough sediment from the gulf to fill Lake Superior 17 times. They’ll analyze these rings, but also search its remains for signs of life, according to Sputnik International.
When a big rock, like an asteroid, hits the planet, the impact is similar to a rock hitting water. The sediments that then filled the crater over millions of years after the dinosaur-killing asteroid hit Earth should contain evidence of the earliest marine life, resurrected after the impact.
Whatever scientists find there could harbor lessons for humanity and help researchers predict what could happen if another asteroid destroys our planet, said exploration geologist Jason Sanford. The Coachella Valley has received virtually no rain since August 2013, and is becoming    increasingly conscious about water use. A desert climate system is classified in several ways, but for the purposes of this article the definition will be confined to the precipitation aspect.
There is substantial data which strongly suggests these glaciers are in a retreating phase.

One of the key recommendations contained in that document is for each Alberta municipality to scribe its own water policy against a template provided by AUMA. As an industry advocacy group we promote the philosophy of conservation when we identify municipal or provincial policies that appear to work against this philosophy of conservation. Not only does that demonstrate a commitment to resource conservation, it also achieves a significant cost saving for that property and its tenants. The event left only birds in its wake and allowed small mammals to get a toehold — humans came next.
At one time the Palm Springs area did receive about 10 inches of rain per year, but with dynamic weather and climate patterns that average is 4.97 inches.
There are incentives in place to remove landscaping that requires high volumes of water and replacing it with xeriscaping and desert landscaping which requires very little water. There is nothing like a huge utility bill to inspire one to think more about what one consumes. Semi-arid regions, of which Calgary is one, typically receive an average of between 250 – 500 mm (10 – 20 inches) of precipitation.
The water supply in this desert community comes from the surrounding San Jacinto, San Bernardino and Santa Rosa mountains. Similarly, initiatives are in place for the 130 or so golf courses in the Palm Springs area to water only the tees, fairways and greens and not the rough. It should be noted that precipitation can be measured so as to include rain, snow, fog and mist. And many golf courses promote the fact that they are using “grey” water for irrigation purposes. Melt supplies the aquifers created by the San Andreas Fault system that provides the valley with its water.

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