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Call: 866-365-3084 _________________________________________________________________________ Hello Guest, Log in! If you’ve read my blog for any amount of time, you may know that I have a good amount of experience with machetes. Indeed, there was a time when I used them routinely, I dare say even more often than I did my laundry!  The result, is that I tend to reach for a machete where most folks would reach for an axe. The Ontario 18in Military Machete is my go to machete for camping trips and such, it is versatile, tough, and best of all, Cheap!
Last but not least, allow me to introduce you to my favorite machete design of all time, the Cold Steel Kopis Machete. Anyway, there are a gazillion other machete designs i could talk about today, but these are some of my favorites. We have single tier stands, two tier stands, three tier stands and four tier stands in stock so have a look around the miscellaneous section of the website for other ways to display your swords, katanas, knives and daggers.

I have done many things with them, clearing fields of 10ft tall elephant grass, felling small trees, even carving field hockey balls. As a matter of fact, I consider machetes a blade that is highly underrated in North America. And what is most amazing about it is that you can get a good machete for a mere fraction of the cost of many of the fancy schmancy designer knives that people all seem to love.
It is not as heavy-duty as the Ontario or Cold Steel Offerings, but is light weight, low fatigue, and has one of the best grip ergonomics I have run into on a machete for a long time. Strong, tough, can be made shaving sharp, and quite versatile, I have both versions, and can say that they are great, especially for the price, being excellent low cost choppers and all around bush whacking blades.
Based on the ancient Greek Kopis sword, the Cold Steel Kopis Machete is a beautiful piece of work, a combination of style, function, strength and beauty that is really hard to come by these days. And hopefully I have demonstrated that Machetes are not just ugly choppers, and that you can have it all; strength, style, beauty and utility… with the Mighty MACHETE!!

This may or may not actually be true, however when people start looking for a medium to heavy-duty chopper, the first thing people seem to reach for is a camp hatchet or axe. In Africa, South America, and many developing nations, it is the hero of large utility blades, and today, I’d like to speak out on behalf of all the poor neglected machetes of ‘Merica!
It also has a saw spine, however its performance is surprisingly disappointing, especially given that they know how to make a good utility saw. You see hunting and survival knives portrayed prominently in movies all the time, like the Rambo movies, The Hunted, etc.
You see throwing knives, in all kinds of First person shooters, ballistic knives in Call of Duty, etc, etc, etc, the list goes on forever!

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