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Survival Knife have a storied pedigree, having emerged in part from the remnants of the legendary ’90s post-hardcore┬áband Unwound. We caught the band on the tail end of a whip through the East Coast, playing a free gig as part of the Brooklyn Night Bazaar.
I recorded this set from inside the soundboard cage at the Brooklyn Night Bazaar, with Schoeps MK41 microphones and a soundboard feed that included the engineer, Kenny’s, mics at either side of the stage.
To celebrate the 30th Olympia Film Festival and over 32 years of Olympia Film Society film, music and art, we offer two great ticket prices that get you into both the Opening Night Film and Concert!
The Olympia Film Society is excited to celebrate 30 years of the Olympia Film Festival with a tribute to fringe programming with an Opening Night Concert! In 1997, while on break from the iconic Olympia punk band Bikini Kill, Kathleen Hanna wrote and produced a solo record under the pseudonym of Julie Ruin.

The Julie Ruin, recently featured on the cover of SPIN Magazine and Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, are on tour to support their new release of Run Fast! Survival Knife has been around for only a couple years now and since their debut show in March 2011, have played several shows around the Pacific Northwest with bands such as Federation X, Metz, Modest Mouse, Mosquito Hawk, Pinback, and Hungry Ghost. While the venue design (not, after all, actually a concert hall) presents some challenges, the sound is overall quite good. The album is considered a classic of subversive pop and has been praised by artists ranging from Kim Gordon to Mykki Blanco.
Band members include Carmine Covelli, Sara Landeau, Kathleen Hanna, Kathi Wilcox, and Kenny Mellman. Survival Knife, based in Olympia, features Justin Trosper and Brandt Sandeno (formerly of Unwound) and Kris and Meg Cunningham, rhythm section.

This group’s strange performance is blended with catchy pop hooks, dissonance and duration and somehow ends up being fun and inclusive. Kathleen had always planned to perform the songs live, so in 1998 she and her friend Johanna Fateman went down in a dingy East Village basement and tried to learn how to play the Julie Ruin record, but instead began writing the first Le Tigre record, a hugely influential album from a band who went on to release three full-length albums and tour extensively until 2006. These ladies mesmerize with subtle deviations that make you want to work past instant gratification.
For those of us that mourned the passing of Unwound, seeing this next project swing into action is all the sweeter.

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