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Martin Bayerle and his estranged son, Grant, return to the wreck that nearly destroyed their family, and begin an expedition which could be their last chance to solve the mystery of the RMS Republic and recover over a billion dollars of treasure.
Additionally, we know that Billion Dollar Wreck will be (at least) an eight-episode series, and that the show documents Martin Bayerle’s second high-profile attempt at salvaging the wreck of the RMS Republic. It helps to remember that History is billing the Billion Dollar Wreck as the adventure that nearly destroyed Martin’s life after he discovered the Republic in 1981.
Now, a generation later, Martin and his son Grant are back to try and pry the ship’s secrets out once and for all. The part of this after seeing the second episode when the diver lost air and almost died, and how Martin Bayerle seems to ignore his condition and acts like this will ruin his attempts to salvage if they have to return to port to get this diver medical attention-REALLY????
As I have been reading sites, blogs etc., about this show after binge watching it last night, I was waiting for someone to mention how absolutely indifferent, callous and unsympathetic Martin was to this poor diver who was suffering and going thru a pretty horrific ordeal!! Don’t know if I will continue watching as he is so obnoxiously self absorbed that its hard to watch. Just saw this, posted my comment and then saw this post, I could not understand why they did not just free flow the pneumo either, commercial diver 101 and in my case as well as yours I am sure, that emergency procedure is practiced so much that it becomes as second nature as breathing itself.
What my question is, maybe someone can answer for me, is how did Martin Bayerle come up with the theory that there was all this gold on board? Yes, I have no doubt that it never happened but I would have thought the show would have made up some bullshit excuse, it may come in handy for a future plot twist.
Thanks , but my question,even if there is a gasket on both sides of the plexiglas port hole,why are the bolts that hold it down in place not in the holes but sitting on the out side rim of the plexiglas port hole. ED, I got to look at it closer and for some reason the port hole is welded around the perimeter and painted white. It’s almost unheard of to have two commercial divers in the water at one time, only for an emergency.
I retired to Costa Rica after working in UK, Asia, South America, Europe and GOM (last 12 years). It seems to me some well placed C4 explosives would take the top layers of the crushed ship off and give better access to the gold storage locker.
The poor content of this show can possibly affect the viewership of future similar productions by this network and production company – the Network and the Production Company should wake up. Send a cable down to the wreck and pull the ship apart in the area where they believe the treasure is save time and money! The network is positioning its newest program as heir to the Curse of Oak Island throne, and part of the fun where shows like these are concerned is the extent to which the network has amped up the likelihood of its presenters striking it rich.
The massive ocean liner was launched with great fanfare on February 26th, 1903; among its many claims to fame was her size–at the time she was one of the ten largest passenger cruisers in the world–and her luxury. The ship was a total loss, and legends about the treasure it may or may not have held at the time have only grown in the ensuing years.
It sounds like Billion Dollar Wreck is going to be a story of redemption for Martin Bayerle as much as it is a search for untold wealth–and so, to that extent, the idea of a Billion Dollar Wreck fake out can only be taken so far.

I am so glad that you noticed, llas I was starting to believe I was over acting but not the case as this guy is a complete and absolute evil egomaniac!!
Am wondering though if because the show delves into his evil past and they have family discuss their experiences with one of hells demons, will they have any of the murder victims’ family members doing the same? I have done this exact same dive numerous times and if his main air supply cut off he could easily reach back and turn on his bail out bottle ( the big bottle on his back) . If you pay attention you see one of the brothers giving the free mason sign and making sure the camera caught it! I’m a non-diver but the 30 minutes of working time on this twisted mass of disintegrating steel looks preposterous.
Nowhere else did I encounter the appalling condition of gear and working environment as in the GOM.
Even a new viewer can be told in 30 seconds rather than a quarter of the air time the same old story.
They are lying sacks of crap but nobody is killing anyone or screwing a family member so far.
The history channel would have never been able to cover up something that big until the show was over!
The first is that the RMS Republic was carrying $3,000,000 worth of something–but that it was actually American Eagle Gold coins, which were a loan to the Russian government and were ultimately bound for Nicholas II’s court. Financial ruin soon followed, and Bayerle gave up the coast for a life on a small West Virginia farm with his in-laws.
Where the hell one dives in IOWA I do not know, but anyway I just called them and they backed what you said 100%.
I am a retired commercial oilfield diver and I can tell you that the only way to dive this wreck, cost effective, is with a saturation dive ship with a DP anchor system. Hell, my best friend is the operation manager for Black Water Divers in Morgan City Louisiana. As a client rep I shut down numerous jobs due to the horrendous state of ancillary equipment and lack of safety standards.
I’ve heard the dollar goes a long way there, but the banking systems are not par with the US. In this case, Odyssey Marine Exploration, actually found a huge cache of gold and silver and it was an entertaining show concerning the technology involved in recovering treasure from a depth of over 1,700 feet and the entire operation was performed by ROVs. The spat between himself, his wife, and her lover turned murderous four years later, and, despite apparent evidence that Robotti had exploited Susan Bayerle sexually, Martin was sentenced to five years in prison. As it was mentioned this show does not convince me that that this is a real salvage to locate lost gold.i am starting to think this is a rehearsed show and the attempt to lure viewers and eventually find nothing.
Second, if that didn’t work for some reason, he could take his pneumo hose ( used to determine his depth ) which is attached to his surface air hose, and shove it up the neck dam of his Superlite 17 dive hat. They have a hit with Oak Island and blundered while trying to re-capitolize on that success with the equivalent of a movie franchise success creating terrible sequels to try and keep running with something that worked.
Now look again and tell me,are the bolts on the glass suppose to be in the holes and tighten down if there is pressure in the chamber?

The stupidity of diving this on gas and limiting your bottom time to 23 minutes is ridiculous !
For you information, I retired from diving at 36 years old due to an accident 220 feet under water where a crane operator swung a crane the wrong way and broke my back causing me to never be able to go into a decompression situation again…which ends your career as a commercial diver.
The only reason I am not still diving is that I was squashed between two 8 inch pipelines while trying to do repairs after a hurricane, and broke my back in 220 feet of water diving AIR. Another theory posits that $3,000,000 in relief for victims of a recent Italian earthquake was the lost booty. Just like Oak Island All the hype and then the last episode shows and questionable object that keeps feeding the flames.
This would give him air until he reached the bell which has 6 redundant bottles of gas attached , which is MORE THAN ENOUGH to complete his in water decompression. Safety has always been secondary here as opposed to North Sea diving and our living conditions are light years behind the industry. I want to get out of here( Lafayette, La.) when my youngest daughter graduated high school in two years and I need to be somewhere warm due to my screwed up back.
If this show was real they wouldn’t have to focus on the drama in his private life, they could save that for a spin-off show. One would truly think that if there had been a discovery on both of these shows it truly would be hard for anyone not to talk about it and it to become real news. The law suits are not large enough to deter the oil companies so they just don’t care and rush divers to get the work done.
No reason to turn it into 3 shows by poor editing (the mission, the private life drama and the obstacles). And yes, it’s horribly tedious as they repeat everything 3 times or more, turning 10 minutes of show into a painfully long hour. Nothing you can’t find in 20 seconds on the internet and then you will regret the wasted time you will never get back when you could have been watching an incestuous family who has no idea how babies are made.
When I first starting watching Discovery, they truly started out as a view honest and straight forward show.
Now they have become a rehearst show of poor actors who just cannot make a story work where you can see straight thru that the show is not real. Shame on Discovery, After seeing this last episode, I’ll move onto a better station this has really become real garbage. Also when recreating the death that occurred (allegedly) where Martins ex-wife talks about this it coincided with the moment that this diver was in distress.
What the HELL are your editiors thinking when the focus at that moment is about this diver and you move to a fight between Martin and a confrontation in his front yard?
I actually like it but Todd is clueless so how has he managed to lose so much money and keep mining and Tony Beets or however his stupid Danish name is spelled is an SOB who screws people over, except that he is so brilliant a teenager got one over on him, and he deserves every bad thing that happens to him.

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