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Find a way to boil the water for about five minutes to kill off harmful organisms and bacteria.
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We did an informal poll on our Facebook page and learned that the majority plan to shelter in place for a variety of reasons ..
Please be aware some of the sites we link you to could have pop ups and that we have no control over them. Take it and see if you can make choices that offer a better chance to survive in a variety of life-threatening situations.

Unless you can avoid the disaster by making a run for it to the hills or woods, then staying put only makes sense especially if you are an urban dweller. However, we will never link you to a site that requires you to make any purchase or join anything to view the article. You could be off to the city for the day and find yourself suddenly in trouble in an urban setting quite easily. The maker or author’s expressed opinion isn’t necessarily that of The Prepared Page or staff. Rather than being a fish out of water during an event learn how to survive within your home environment.

It is up to you to use common sense and your best judgment when using any information contained within the articles or videos.

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